Uncharted 4 May Use New Graphics Rendering Tech, Dev Working On Tools & New Gameplay Features

Naughty Dog are planning to implement new gameplay mechanics and graphics tech in Uncharted 4.

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Uncharted 4 A Thief's End

Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End is shaping up to be a spectacular looking title and even though there is quite a bit work ahead for Naughty Dog to achieve the standards set by the E3 2014 teaser, we can be rest assured that Naughty Dog will be pushing their hardest to achieve maximum fidelity on PS4.

Job Listings on game companies give us a fair idea on what game developers are trying to achieve and it seems that Naughty Dog are planning to push Uncharted 4 with industry defining visuals. One job listing on Naughty Dog’s official site states that they are looking for a programmer who will “develop and implement new and existing rendering techniques” and “implement efficient and stunning industry defining visuals.”

Furthermore, they are also looking to improve performance of their game development tools for which they are looking for “artists and designers  to ensure tools are functioning properly.” It seems that graphics is not the only department Naughty Dog will be pushing for as they are looking for a Gameplay Programmer that will “bring ideas and new gameplay features into the game by programming content like player movement, animation, AI, weapons and scripting.”

Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End will release exclusively on the PlayStation 4 in 2015.

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  • Psionicinversion

    Industry defining visuals?? Yeah sorry but that title goes to star citizen it’s mind blowing. The newest stuff out of there camp blows my face of with awesomeness everytime

    • John Doe


      Building ships is much different from sculpting 3D cloth physics and human faces and human animations.

    • Psionicinversion

      Yeah but star citizen is having that to, well maybe not the cloth but full muscle rigging etc animations, faces… Uncharted got nothing on SC. Star citizen is going make uncharted look like a game some kids made in his basement when he was bored one afternoon.

    • Orion Wolf

      “Yeah but star citizen is having that to, well maybe not the cloth”

      It does =)


    • Psionicinversion

      mean like if it reacts to wind and all that stuff. The models are looking proper boss atm. You had a look at the new flight suite in AC 😀 at least it seems different in the pilots seat

    • Orion Wolf



      “clothing will probably be a combination of cloth physics and traditional bone/ enveloping. depending on logistics and

      It’s amazing what they’re doing.

      Roberts keeps on saying that they’re going to push the boundaries even more.

      And yet UC4 is the game with “Industry defining visuals” and not the game with 8k resolution support.



      I wonder if they might drop CE3/4 in favor of UE4 – considering Roberts claiming that they’ll keep pushing the visuals every time new and better hardware is released (his words).

    • Psionicinversion

      No they’ve bought a license to use cry engine indefinately and have spent a long time converting it to 64bit. Also there’s nothing unreal can do that cry engine can’t. Crytek help them to implement new technologies to. SC does look stunning already. I was on broken moon for a bit today its so awesome to have the planet reflecting off the space helmet.
      That’s good about the cloth simulation stuff, it’s going to own. Pegasus escort carrier looks insane, I want it hahaha

    • Orion Wolf

      I’ve been a CE fanboy, but haven’t heard anything from them for a while coupled with all those financial issues they were heaving I thought they weren’t doing as much as they did before.

      But you’re rightit’s still Crytek were talking about =)

      “Pegasus escort carrier looks insane, I want it hahaha”

      You and me both mate =)

    • Psionicinversion

      I think Unreal is doing better in terms of sales and being used than cryengine. Not sure if cryengine is a bit more complicated to use but Unreals blueprint system where you can build your game pretty much without knowing a line of code but for a AAA dev theyll modify the engine anyways and that wont affect them. I said to someone i hope CE implements vxgi or GI forget which i said and they said CE already got there own implementation.

      Im not really sure what CE is upto these days, theyve seemed to have gone dark but licensing the engine is a start. Unreal licensing agreement is $20 per month + 5% of games earnings over $3000 every 3 months. think its dollars might be euros pends where they are. Not sure what CE’s is. So if the game flops your not really out of pocket if the game is massive success Unreal gets a nice amount of money.

      Also the main reason they wont be switching to Unreal is because alot of there staff have all used cryengine before and are used to it so that cuts out alot of learning time 😀 theyve also got a few cryengine graphics programmers.

      Im currently getting through the 4 1/2 hour live stream from friday. This is the type of stuff you have never seen in any other games development… Pegasus escort carrier is currently 900 meters i think they said and the Bengal is sitting at 1100 meters, the idris is at 240 meters, last i heard about that it was 180, its going to be MENTAL 😀

      Most of the people i know are just console peasants, there is one guy whose a big PC guy always talking about tech but dont think hes interested in the game or he just doesnt know enough about it although im going get him to join up. Hes got plenty of a money so can try get him to spend some on the game hahahah.

      Sucks ive got no one to talk to about it :(:(:(:( Just on the internet defending it from all the haters, there all scared of it all the sony cry babies are so scared because they keep saying there games look the best, UC4 going to be industry defining… i think UC4 will get delayed into 2016 and then it really is going up against SC… they were talking about the character models in the live streaming and theyve only just started on the models 😀 they going to improve the faces for example etc etc to bring it inline with the fidelity of the ships, imaginarium going to bring in some hyper realistic animation,

      Look at The Order 1886 gameplay aside looking at it technically the movement and stuff is fluid quite realistic but the main thing i see that massively lets the game down is the facial animations. The faces look like there loaded up with botox, frozen in time, the mouth moves but nothing else does really.

      Hmmm longish post but seriously its the ONLY game im super hyped for. ED is actually alot like eve, its eve in first person really. Grey goo is going be good, GTA5 im going love and been waiting for ages. Witcher 3 because i want to see it in max detail rocking a new GPU 😀 think thats it for next year well apart from the SC stuff. wish doctor who would come along in his tardis and transport me 2 years in the future and give me a credit card loaded up with cash to buy everything for it D:

      sorry if it came through to you a few times, gamingbolts approval thing didnt lik a few words its a pain

    • Orion Wolf

      No worries mate, it’s been a while since I’ve seen a long post I’ve fully agreed with and apologies for writing an equally if not longer post.



      Hopefully that will help.

      What people fail to realize is that I don’t have an issue consoles, but claiming nonsense like UC4 being industry defining… well it must be a joke.

      Let’s take Ryse for example.

      The game is the product of CE4 (physically based shading, Simple raytracing etc.) done on limited hardware.

      Now imagine Ryse with basically no hardware restrictions (and dx12) – true path/ray tracing, data driven procedural environments, DMM (digital molecular matter), particle waves, AI particles, procedural gpgpu weather etc. on a scale current (xb1/ps4) consoles won’t ever be able to achieve.

      The same could be said for the Oder and UC4 – nothing against the games.

      Roberts said that that the game will be playable on budget PCs, but they are building the game to take advantage of the
      ubber rigs.

      And with the coming dx12, PC development will be more console like i.e. better/easier to code for. Not to mention the impact on gaming itself – old GPUs that have dx12 support will see substantial fps gains.

      Roberts mentioned that current minimum/recommended
      specs will change with the advent of new hardware and them making use of said hardware.

      So … AMDs 390x, AMDs Zen architecture, NVidia’s
      Pascal (1TB/s bandwidth), Intel Skylake, Cannonlake (skymont) etc.

      And yet here we have people who get mad when we state the truth, which is that SC is the most heavily anticipated (and true) PC game, the likes we haven’t seen since the first Crysis game.

      With no pressure, deadlines and no restrictions from a publisher coupled with an insane budget – especially if we consider it’s a crowdfunded project and that, imho, has much to do with the community being sick that most of today’s games are mediocre console ports (at the very best) – its easily and understandably the most hyped game for the PC community and, imho, a benchmark for every other “next gen” game.

      Yep there is a good chance of UC4 being delayed to 2016.

      I have yet to watch the livestream, but as it seems it’s going to be fun =)

      I’ve guessed as much about the character models and seriously the first thing they should do (and did) is concentrate on making the game bug free – unless people would rather have AC Unity, Driveclub, HMCC etc. level of problems and more considering the scope of the game.

      The pic I posted is indeed concept art, but that’s one of the many possibilities.

      It’s like people have suddenly forgotten Crysis 3 and Ryse character models and how amazing they looked.

      I could see quite a few reasons for SC not being talked about that much.

      It’s not console war material – it being a PC exclusive; most people on articles like this own only one next gen console
      as that’s all they could afford, so a PC is out of the question – coupled with the notion that you need an ubber PC to play SC well they can do nothing but throw insults.

      Then there’s the “a space sim/MMO is not for everyone” argument, but what’s funny is that “everyone” (ps fanboys) can’t wait for No Mans Sky, but that’s only because its exclusive, which tells me these people don’t care about the games they just want to have an argument to use in their console war.

      GTA 5 (not as much as the others), W3 the next TES, fallout 4, Cyberpunk 2077, Doom 4 (id tech 6) are the games I can’t wait for besides SC.

    • Psionicinversion

      With Pascal it goes much deeper than 1TB/s which is only possible with 8+GB cards, AMD will have the same bandwidth because they both will be using HBM except AMD using HBM on 390x and 380x 2015 not stacked on the GPU core itself though NV and AMD will have stacked HBM in 2016. Pascal will have a virtual unified memory where the CPU has direct access to GPU ram and GPU has direct access to system ram, this also means windows needs to written differently to adapt to how the new page tables need to be read/written etc and i think the CPU needs to support it and pretty sure windows 10 is putting it in. I think the CPU needs to support it or that could be for NVLINK and im sure ive read something recently that AMD GPU’s will have a similar functionality now that could possibly be part of the dx12 API to… which will give big boosts as data doesnt need to be copied between ram anymore it just directly writes/reads to whatever.

      Onto Ryse… crytek did a brilliant job put tons of effort into creating the whole lighting system based on tile based rendering of the lighting and running it through 1 shader. 1 f’ing shader, how insane is that. Batching it up and rendering it. They maybe in financial trouble but damn they got some insane talent and CIG have snapped up the people that are probably being let go or feel that there job isnt to safe anymore so more power or the people that just think its the BDSSE 😛

      Alot of AAA developers see the PC as we can make a port, code it good enough then if it doesnt run as well as we thought they can always upgrade there hardware. With CIG theyll be doing some major optimisations as its the only platform there working on. The more optimisations they do it uses lesser resources and power meaning they can crank up the visuals even more 😀

      Tbh with UC4 i really dont think they will be able to achieve 60fps at the visuals they want if they do more power to them but industry defining it is not. I do believe Drake may look pretty good and have his chest hair blowing in the wind and if his jeans fall down his naughty hair will look thick and move realistically in the wind BUT its an extremely linear game.

      Now then with AC Unity i havnt played it im waiting till cdkey site has it for less than £15 because we cant support that game because its so broke but from the looks of it, its a massive upgrade to AC4 you can compare AC4 as Elite Dangerous to AC Unity as Star Citizen. AC4/ED it looks decent from the outside but AC U/SC also has the interiors all able to walkaround etc which has to double the work load at very least. Id say AC Unity is better than UC4 already just because of the sheer size and complexity…. of course though if you hovered the pegasus escort carrier over AC Unity city it would take up about 2/3rds of it most likely 😛 but there you go 😀

      With Cryengines licensing ive think theyve really missed a trick they could just wanted 2.5% of revenues and that would of give them a constant source of income, as an SC backer kind of glad they dont as 2.5% of what they earn after release could be sizeable chunk of change but hey could of also drawn a contract to buy the license indefinately royalty free.

      I think out of anything SQ42 may goto the PS4/X1 but because its offline there is going to be alot of physics crunching and i dont care how “good” the PS4’s compute power it aint going to be enough, well it might be if they release the load off the GPU like 720p 30fps or someat!!!

      What i plan on doing is errrr when i get my beast PC, leaving it till near the end of 2016 because AMD Zen (see how it performs), Pascal/AMD offering, nvlink (see how that does) DDR4 will be quite cheap then as itll become mainstream by then, 1+TB sata express SSD’s at reasonable prices… thats the year to do a full upgrade, all the latest tech that actually makes a big difference oh and freesync/gsync 4K monitors plenty about cheaper offering and higher quality and then….

      Record some 4K max settings rock solid 60fps footage and ram it down the console guys throats….. see if ND can create visuals better than that on your 1.84TFLOP gpu.

      TBH i actually feel sorry for ND despite what we think about sony they are a good developer its just a shame there majorly held back by the hardware theyve got now and they cant escape because they are owned by sony.

    • Sobekflakmonkey

      dude…I’m pretty sure that screen is concept art…zoom in on the image, that’s not an in-game character model…

    • Orion Wolf
    • Jecht_Sin

      You could at least post a better shot. That one is blurry. It looks of the same quality of Dark Souls on PS3…

    • Orion Wolf

      That’s the first one I found with a trench-coat i.e. cloth physics.

      Btw talking about ps3 looking games


    • Nathan Drake

      lol you put an image with low quality, keep telling yourself that you PC master race trolls, nobody care about your opinions and every time I see an article about PS4 or xbox one exclusives I see bunch of trolls calling themselves PC master race ! get over yourself and deal with it 🙂


    • ImOnaDrugCalledSheen

      If you’re going to try and make an argument at least have the balls to show an actual true quality image instead of this low res mess you found in order to bolster your argument, it just comes off as lame and makes you look like a fool. People have seen the game play trailer they know the game doesn’t look like that so stop being an idiot.

    • Psionicinversion

      thats just a rough idea of what it will be like. They made alot of different stuff and its basically part of the NPC types youll see i.e. when the economy on the planet is down therell be less security, itll attract more nefarious types, buildings will look more run down etc when its doing really well everything will be clean, lots of security and everything in between. These models will probably improve by 5-10x better than there at right now

    • TheWayItsMeantToBePlayed

      You mean what Star Citizen is also doing?

      That makes it even more impressive since it’s double the work Naughty Dog is doing. Cloud Imperium confirmed for greatest developers on the planet.

    • Hussain Naseem

      star citizen needs to work on their AA solution. those jaggies are horrendous

    • Psionicinversion

      There is no AA in the game atm because they’ve got bigger things to do like building the game. More noticeable in the hanger but once your out in arena commander there isn’t any really

  • W-R-N-33

    perfect , 2015 Uncharted 4 GOTY

    • Psionicinversion

      2016… can guarantee it will get delayed

    • ImOnaDrugCalledSheen

      Except you cant guarantee it, nice try though.

    • Psionicinversion

      why not every other game has except KZ

    • W-R-N-33

      no , no , 2015 😉

  • andy

    I think this is a given as most other games since Drake’s Fortune have yet to match the incredible ingame animations of that title and that’s without even talking about Uncharted 2 or 3.
    Nathan Drake’s walking cycle alone in ANY Uncharted game beats the static stuff we have seen in games the past 7 years.

    But yeah Star Citizen has incredible human like features brought to games for the first time lol.

  • PcRules

    Cant wait, thats why I like about Sony, their exclusives blows everything out of the water!
    A Playstation console have allways been a perfect companion to the the almighty Pc 😉

    Pc for best graphics/ mechanics / Key-Mouse whatever you want in multiplatform titles and a Playstation for their wonderfull exclusives!

    Nuff said thats the deal and of course a Nintendo console also but that goes without saying dont it 😉

    And Btw, MS heh, they can go F*CK themself for all I care!

    • Psionicinversion

      Star Citizen is going to destroy everything that will ever come out for the PS4 so you may as well squash your hopes now because its not going to blow anything away D:

      Although that next gen grass in UC4 does look pretty epic though, looks like what you would actually see in that setting if you went there in RL

  • GHz

    OpenGL stepping it up a notch. I cant wait for them to discuss in more detail 😀

  • Jecht_Sin

    And why should these job openings be for Uncharted 4? Which also should be quite ahead in the development? Especially by the time they new people will be hired and will become productive. Nope, my money is on the new AAA game from ND which may have started as a project.

    • Psionicinversion

      unfortunately the visuals will never be industry defining whilst working with garbage hardware


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