Uncharted 4’s Trailer Was A Part of An Actual Level In The Game, Was All In-Engine

Naughty Dog reveals a few interesting details to GamingBolt.

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Uncharted 4 A Thief's End

While we were going hands on with The Order 1886 at E3 2014, GamingBolt’s Leonid Melikov bumped into Naughty Dog’s Studio Coordinator Rodney Reece and Lead FX Artist Keith Guerrette. Although we were not able to conduct a full fledged interview with them, the duo were able to confirm a few interesting points about the trailer for Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End.

They confirmed to us that the Uncharted 4 trailer showcased during Sony’s E3 2014 press conference was a part of an actual level in game. Secondly, they also confirmed that the entire trailer was running in real time on the PlayStation 4 and it was all in-engine.

Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End does not have a release date yet but it’s confirmed for a 2015 launch. The game will be available exclusively for the PlayStation 4.

On a side note, stay tuned for our interview with Ready At Dawn for more information about The Order 1886. Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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  • pterois

    Amazing!!! This game will be breathtaking.

  • Liamario

    In engine, is not the same as in game. We still don’t know if what we saw was actual gameplay footage and not just a cutscene.

    • GameDev345

      It is the same essentially as the engine is used to run the game, and it ran directly from the PS4.

      Also note that Uncharted series uses in game cutscenes, not pre rendered, so it is definitely in game

      Don’t try and argue against the people who actually made the game

    • Kamille

      their games have a combination of in-game and pre-rendered depending in the situation. Pre-rendered for loading and in-game for seamless transitions to gameplay. ND are masters at hiding stuff to make everything look like it’s just one long piece.

    • GameDev345

      When have ND ever hidden stuff to make it not look like what it is??

      Play Uncharted games, they don’t have pre rendered cutscenes, same in game models

      This cinematic teaser might not fully end up in game, but it will be very similar to it

    • albatrosMyster

      They did not hide it for Uncharted and The Last of Us, it was shown in one of the making of videos…

      Mind you the difference is not jarring, and I assume that the PS4 will make it even harder to distinguish them, however this video has way too good AA to be real-time (it looks like a downsampled video from a much higher resolution)… Obviously the PS4 can generate it, maybe not at 60fps.

    • mike
    • Michael Norris

      I see what you are saying but ND keeps on saying it on a Ps4.

    • albatrosMyster

      They likely mean it in the same way that the The Last of Us and Uncharted series had their cut scenes running on PS3s… the actual scene is rendered using the same engine, at higher quality settings with better textures… then saved to a video file (because rendering each frame takes more time than it would with the same quality on the actual machine) after the video file is generated it plays on your PS3.

      The game will certainly be close to this (Uncharted 3 game vs Uncharted 3 cutscenes is not a jarring difference, but it’s definitely not the same)… but I can only assume it will have a few more jaggies in the forest by example, this video looks over sampled quite a lot, I don’t think this is realistic to expect the PS4 to do this at 60fps… but hey, hopefully I am wrong and the game will be exactly like this!

    • KahRiss

      You obviously don’t understand what this means. Of course it was a cutscene, as in you’re not able to control him during the scene. In-engine means it’s how the game actually looks and it’s just animations running off the engine. CGI is where the cutscene is basically just a separate video that cuts into the game.

    • Dadrixx

      The first The Order: 1886 trailer was in-engine. And the final game looks just like the trailer, if not better.

      The only difference between in-engine and in-game is that you don’t control the character. That’s literally all.

      Just look at the reveal trailer of TLOU. It was running in-engine as well. And we all know how the final game looked.

    • Manoj Varughese

      Well you should take for instance GOW 3 when it released in 2010. Santa Monica clearly mentioned there are no CGI cutscenes, everything will be in-engine and how that turned out was amazing. This would pretty be a similar situation.

    • mike

      I completely forgot about that! If that could be done on ps3… this truly should be doable on ps4.

    • Manoj Varughese

      GOW 3 final build on PS3 turned out to be better than its E3 version surprisingly!

    • Manoj Varughese

      Such real time graphics both in-engine and in-game are ideally expected to look identical with current gen hardware and ND looks like they will pretty much pull off this feat easily.

    • Section8

      The cut scenes are from the in-game assets which equals game play.

  • Trim Dose

    well considering the visuals of Infamous SS and KZ SF look so damn stunning this early on the PS4, I would say is very possible, but damn it looks freaking amazing, not even right now theres a game on PC that could match those visual.

    • Dadrixx

      The most incredible part is not how the game looks (even though it’s damn amazing). It’s the fact that they are planning to make it run in 1080p and at 60fps.

    • RyuNoHadouken

      You obviously dont game on PC.

    • Trim Dose

      steam ID: radamantysx23, you were saying ?

    • RyuNoHadouken

      funny you say that…I just bought an XFX R9 280x DD BOOST and I wanted to see how it did with Crysis 3. Ultra settings @1080p, I averaged 60fps. i recorded a video a few hours ago and uploaded it to my Facebook. my gamer buddies thought it looked real nice. But, to answer your reply, there really isnt too many jaw dropping PC games. Consoles are holding PC game development back though. Arma 3 looks photo realistic when cranked all the way up. Battlefield 4 looks great. As well as Tomb Raider and Metro Last Light. In the near future, I predict The Division will be the new graphical benchmark for PCs. And dont sleep on The Witcher 3. That game looks amazing!!!!

  • Kamille

    where’s the quote about being “real-time”? Because to my knowledge they never said that, they only said it was in-engine.

    • GameDev345

      they also confirmed that the entire trailer was running in “real time” on the PlayStation 4 and it was all in-engine.

      It is running real time as it is part of the game’s actual level and as I keep on saying in engine is pretty much the same as in game. The game was running directly off the PS4.

    • Psionicinversion

      in engine means its using game assets in engine but you can make it look better than actual gameplay cus its not got physics and AI running to bog the system down so youll have to wait and see to see if it is actually real or not. Sonys first party devs have a history of bending the truth this gen. KZ SF, true 1080p mulitplayer gameplay was a lie, Infamous SS camera effect as an art direction was a lie as they came out and admitted it was solely for performance reasons after they sold over a million, the orders 1920×800 will be for performance reasons to despite what they say… so youll have see what cr@p they come with for this

  • Guest

    The trailer was probably pre-rendered like most of Naughty Dog’s game cutscenes.

    • Kaniebas

      What part of “real-time” don’t you understand?

    • mike

      I don’t blame people for not believing this…Truly a spectacular achievement. Like that first time in Uncharted 2 hanging from the train…waiting 20 seconds before I realized I had control!

  • assistedSUICIDE
  • Thank you Naughty GODS

  • Jimmy DoneGood

    Well find out once its released to see if they are lying. Doubt its real time. Videos of the last of us looked better than actual gameplay.

    • Arthur_Caprioli

      let me guess, pc gamer?

    • mike

      Ya but did they ever specifically say those videos were running real time on a ps3? Find me a quote!

    • superkarma

      I guess you don’t need to doubt anymore…


      It must suck to assume things and then get slapped with reality.

    • Kaiser X

      Another lies!

  • doom guy

    This makes me think, what ND can do if they made a PC exclusive title O_O

  • Bezki


  • Section8

    Paolo @ZirpPop

    @Corrinne So, hum, could you shed some light on this whole “It’s real-time!” “No its prerendered!” thing about the #U4 trailer?

    Corrinne Yu @CorrinneFollow

    @ZirpPop Our U4 trailer is an in engine real game level running on a real PS4,Paolo.Our trailer doesn’t look good enough to be prerender CGI

    8:48 PM – 11 Jun 2014


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