Vanquish 2: 10 Things That Need To Change

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Last year’s Vanquish was a breath of fresh air that was sadly overlooked. With cool sliding mechanics and a exceptional sense of pace, Vanquish was a sorely overlooked modernisation of the arcade shooters of old. It wasn’t without its faults though so, if Platinum Games were to make a sequel, here are ten changes we’d like to see made.

A new protagonist

Power suit aside, this guy doesn't really have much going for him

As far as protagonists go, Sam Gideon wasn’t exactly my cup of tea. Paper thin, generic and generally boring, Gideon needs to go. There just wasn’t anything engaging or interesting about his demeanour or back-story and, with a new protagonist, we could hopefully get a bit more of a solid story and narrative out of Vanquish.

A more even gender representation

One of the few female characters in the game and she's relegated to a desk job

Quite a lot of modern action games seem to be very male orientated. I can understand the logic, with the average gamer being male, but there is definitely a large female audience that is being neglected by the lack of strong female characters in games like Vanquish. Throughout the game the only major female presence is Elena Ivanova and the US president in small doses, and even then these characters only serve in supporting roles. No other female characters are present who fight on the front lines, making for a very two dimensional representation of genders in the game.

Better voice acting

The voice acting really accentuates just how corny some of the dialogue is

The dialogue in Vanquish, in conjunction with some quite corny delivery, made for a rather hollow narrative. The voice acting, particularly Sam Gideon’s vocals just seemed to gruff and macho. It all felt too pig-headed, leaving little to the imagination. This is one area where a more subtle touch may benefit the game’s storytelling.

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  • i agree with all the things you said.

    Co-oP is a must!

  • MMO? maybe a survival mode? Bring Vanquish to a new level!

  • Okay, in some points I agree with you, in some others I disagree (maybe because I’m a big big fan^^) but in some points, xou’re just wrong!

    1. New Protagonist: Beacause of the speed in this game its very good to have a thin protagonist and I liked him with his dry and cool character. I want to have the sam(e) again! And his Story seems unimportant because theres no focus on story in this game!

    2. New Woman: Yes, she’s very “unimportant” and could be a computer voice, too. They can change her or let her be in this place, no matter to me. I dont want any other female character and i’m not homosexual XD

    3. New Voices: The voices HAVE to be so rough and macho-like. The game is very overpowered with this male-parts but this is good! Some things just don’t need women (others no men, but thats an other story)

    4. Co-Op: Good idea with Co-Op. Vanquish is cool in singleplayer but with multiplayer it would make fun, too. Dont missed it but nothing contra^^

    5. New ARS: Yes, but not more then one or two. It’s very good like now and they should better do some “power-ups” for the boost, slow-motion and hits. The hit p.ex. shouldnt clear the whole ars.

    6. New Story: Yes, they could make it more original. Its hard because military stories have almost never good stories^^ but no contra here, too.

    7. NO!? You have VERY much alternatives to kill with shoots! Especialy in the hard-mode you MUST be crative! The game gives you VERY much more options! And you have much alternative game-parts like the trail, the bosses, the sniper-part, the laserbeam, the defense, the protections, the forest…
    dont understand your problem here.

    8. Okay, the colours are very… grey^^ i like this for the hard ambience but i dont want it like in halo. no woods, no sea, no beach. You need this machinery-ambience in vanquish. when they put very much machienery in the seas okay^^

    9. More creative wepons? you HAVE creative weapons!!! yes they should put new weapons in but this is normal for 2nd game. but eeehm. a weapon wich shoots big bubbles, saws or emps are very creative^^ and the targetlaser too^^ okay machine guns are normal in this games but i dont wanna have pistols or lasers. Anti-armory? think some seconds. FOR WHAT!? you have only roboters and mechas in the game XD no sorry bad argument^^

    10. okay a longer campaign is good. i found it good already and i played it just 10 times^^ more is better but only a good more. and dont forget the achievements and bonus-quests!!

    My point: New modes, like firefights in halo. or bossfight mode, and a gallery for this very cool mechas!! and in a coop the option to choose own arnors etc…

  • Due to lackluster sales there will probably not be a Vanquish 2, which is damn shame. I found the overall campaign to be short, but every so satisfying. Fortunately I purchased the game for $25 and I must say it is worth every penny.

  • 1. New Protagonist: Not going to add much, they can flesh out Sam instead and build upon what little we know from Vansquish .. if needed.

    2. New Woman: For a Macho game it is natural that men are on the battlefront fighting and women are managing communication and politics behind desks .. it fits with the overarching theme that game was going for .. i don’t mind giving Elena a bigger role in Vanquish 2 or adding one or two new female characters .. just don’t expect them to be strolling in powersuits smacking robots besides Sam .. it doesn’t fit with the game Macho spirit .. want powerful female leads .. you have Bayonetta .. a game made by the same company with some kick ass females.

    3. New Voices: Nope .. just no .. that’s the appeal of the game .. the campy corny dialog and voice acting are really enjoyable and fit with the Macho theme of the game i talked about before .. it is part of the what the makes the game fun and over-the-top … it never takes itself too seriously.

    4. Co-Op: Nope .. that would ruin the slow-mo or alter it drastically .. i’d rather it stays a single palyer game with leaderboards .. not all games need Co-op or MP to be fun.

    5. New ARS: Agree .. more ARS powers would be interesting.

    6. New Story: Many fun games don’t have good stories … it isn’t the focus here no … body should expect any more from Vanquish 2 story than what we got from the first.

    7. More Varied objectives: I think the objectives have nice variety already .. and there are many sections that change rules of engagement making even regular combat feel fresh .. wouldn’t mind more scenarios like the sniper sneaking mission, the train chase, fighting up-hill to destroy the jammer .. etc

    8. More varied Textures: Well .. maybe .. but it had more colors than many recent game i played .. while it was entirely set on a single space station it still managed to include lush forests and differently flavored districts .. a little more variety wouldn’t hurt.

    9. More creative wepons? there are many creative weapons in the game .. first being the suit itself .. every single weapon you have gives it a different melee attack .. and each melee attack has it’s own unique perk .. some can be charged for max damage .. some can allow you to pummel big enemies to death in a single combo .. some allow you to send enemies in the air and follow them up . and finish them with slow-mo gun shooting in mid-air (damn .. gun ballet at its best XD) .. that of course and the bubble weapon .. the lock-on laser .. the disk gun launcher .. the game even has some DLC weapons including a focus beam gun (i plan to buy them before i attempt God Hard mode XD)

    10. Longer Campaign: No .. it doesn’t need to overstay its welcome .. the campaign length is just perfect … all the complainers are probably casual gamers who play a game+challenges once and never touch it again .. Vanquish is different .. it is old school .. it is the type of game meant to be played over and over and on all difficulties .. its the type of game meant for speed runs and numerous replays .. and it is very replayable XD

    • Kezwar

      I loved Vanquish, but it was most definitely too short. I agree it has replay value but an additional 5 hours would have been more than welcome. And no, I’m not a casual gamer.

  • Celiria Rose

    Congratulations. You completely missed the point of the game. The story, voice acting, and everything else other than gameplay are not supposed to be high quality. THEY ARE SUPPOSED TO BE CHEESY.

    Why are there mostly men. To have that cheesy hoorah marine stereotype. Why are the voices mediocre and over done. For cheesiness.

    Your points show that you don’t have a clue about what the point behind vanquish was. More objectives. ITS A SHOOT EM UP GAME. It isn’t supposed to be deep, it isn’t supposed to be serious, it isn’t supposed to have this amazing generation changing narrative. It is supposed to be cheesy, over the top shooting action.

    And the reason it was short is because the vast majority of people are not going to play a game like this for long periods. It is designed for high adrenalin fast paced action. Drag that to long and people get tired of it. It is a short game designed to be replayed on higher difficulties not some 15-20 hour sci fi story. If you want that play mass effect. If you want shooting action at its finest play vanquish. But to try to add top line storytelling, serious voice acting and most of the other stuff you are requesting would only serve to ruin the beauty of what vanquish is. A short and sweet, pick up and play, simple, shoot em up.

    And to those saying it should have co op. No just no. Co op would not work for this game without removing everything that makes the combat fun. You can’t have slow time in multiplayer without nerfing the benefits of it and annoying other players by constantly slowing them down as well at times when they may not want to slow down. The boost mechanic would also not work because players would constantly be colliding with each other. Co op would not work with this game without removing the boosting and bullet time and turning it into a standard third person shooter.

  • Collin

    How about a female main character? Somebody along the lines of Major Kusenagi meets Samus perhaps. The weapons could be improved. New game+ where you can retain your weapon upgrades and upgrade your suit even. Cooling, boost, and melee upgrades for your suit would be a huge plus. I really hope for a sequel fro this game. If games like Lost Planet can get a sequel (especially since it was identical to the first game) then surely a game like this should have a shot. They could easily add in multiplayer. Not sure why people think this game wouldn’t translate well to it. Just eliminate the ability to slow down time and add something like melee combos in it’s place. You could even create another multiplayer mode where it’s conventional soldiers vs. the enemies from campaign. Once you get a large enough kill streak you gain Gideon’s armor and can boost around and have it’s perks. Add vehicles in there on a large enough map and you have quite the warzone. Just a thought.

  • chris

    i agree with some thing and not others..getting mad about a slim protagonist, retarded. why? make up some bullshit reason about the suits performance. and for sam gideon? ill agree that he could use a different voice actor since he sounded to much like burns. Woman characters? maybe a few placed in the militia would be kool, but i didnt really spend much time focused on the 6 major characters, so not really important. A coop would be a dream come true, but the bullet time wouldnt work properly, granted with an extra person u wouldnt need it, thereby ruining the some of the game experience by rendering the heightened reflexes in fight or flight mode. im content with the ars system. honestly, my only complaint was encountering 2 other suits that could fly and didnt overheat. so the overheat problem could have been looked into. there really wasnt much story, so yes they could have worked a bit harder on it, but they did leave the game open for a sequel soooo…there was plenty of creative attacks and finishers, its not the developers fault u discover them..its a space station…asking for more colour is hard to do. i could understand if there was a planet side mission and u were complaining..but a prototype suit in a technological superweapon space center? youre lucky when u saw trees. the weapon were awesome, and i only ask for more because i wanna see how creative they can be with weapon designs. Everyone wants longer storyline..but im glad it ended when it did. overall though, i still say the game is awesome as it is and i will agree that it is a sorely overlooked title, however i wont say there are ten things wrong with it, seeing as how mainstream title like halo and gears of war are running around without anywhere as much creativity in them (not hating halo:reach is awesome still need to play gears 3, wanna know what happens) but this game has unique concepts that are totally worth keeping without change

  • Rubbish71

    Keep this writer away from any vanquish 2 concepts… sounds crap already.

  • Peter

    Well… I like the Vanquish original. The sequel is going to be amazing!!! Recently platiniumgames told if many people want a sequel, they will do it!!!!! Lay it!!!

  • John Johnson

    You’re just nitpicking you little entitled turd.
    The game was linear on the story and it was perfect.
    The witty one liners and purposely cheesy dialogue was part of the whole game’s fun atmosphere. The fact that you didn’t like the characters “wah bad character not deep enough for me abloo abloo waaahhh” just shows how ignorant you are.
    The game’s story is just fine and the only thing that justifies this shit list is that the game might have needed a longer campaign yet not so long that it feels like a drag. You probably just wanted to make a “10 list” so you shoehorned all the unneeded shit in there and that’s just bad journalism. You sound like the kind of turd who likes artsy games with 80% cinematics and a 2deep4u story.

    • John Johnson

      And you probably played on easy automatic since you think was so easy and that you had an edge over your opponents.
      The fact that you even want forced multiplayer is idiotic at best.
      Vanquish is a single player titles that should stay that way. Just because you want a shitty co-op mode that wouldn’t work with the bullet time and the rocket slide doesn’t mean that it’s something the game should have. The game is perfectly fine aside from some minor problems with the weapon variety and the unvaried environments. This game is what the market lacked (and still lacks): a great, fun SINGLE player title that doesn’t have forced multiplayer and cut content.

  • Mike H.

    I agree. This game is just plain awesome. I completely enjoy every aspect of it, and long for a sequel. Multiplayer would be an issue with the slowing down of time. and power slides, but I do like it as a single player. Those challenge modes are quite difficult, however they have made me a rather adept player. Hopefully out wishes for more will be answered!!


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