Video: Analysis of PS3 and Xbox 360 in depth

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Watch this amazing video which analyzes the PlayStation 3 and the Xbox 360 in depth.

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  • gunnar2906

    Missed in Round One – additional carger or special cable needed to charge 360’s controller. Also charging times.
    “Loosy” sticks in Dualshock 3 is explained with the higher range of sensivity in comparison with 360’s controller. While DS3 has 256 total positions of stick, its rival is limited only with 16 ones. In other words you can control any movements in games much better on PS3 but it needs more practice.
    Missed in Round 3 – PS3 has 1Gb ethernet while 360 has only 100Mb. It is the crusial difference when using devices as an enterntainment hub in your home network. With DNLA server support PS3 is capable to work much smoother with heavy loaded HD media content within local LANs.

  • Dave

    You are forgetting one thing about the triggers on the xbox controllers, although they may “seem” more like real triggers, they are actually far from it, most ps3 games use Rl, which is really close to the controller, just like a real gun, xboxs is about .5 in away from the controller, which is very unrealistic, triggers are really close to the gun in real life. I have fired rifles and shotguns. Thats why I would know.

  • Luillo

    Great VS video 😛

  • Mike

    Not that I can hear the video, because I’m currently in class, but why did you choose to use the Fat PS3 instead of the slim? LOL maybe you mentioned it, but I like making my own narratives since I’m sitting in class bored out of my mind! Stupid lecture class 🙁

  • Tim Larkin

    Impressive work on the controllers. My guess is that Sony couldn’t afford a new controller design due to the cost of the PS3.

  • Tim Larkin

    For Round 2, Sony did a good job with the input/outputs and WiFi. You can never have too many ways to hook up stuff.

  • chulonyc

    Please the ps3 controllers are perfect the way they are. Why fix something that isn’t broken that was there thinking im assuming when they created the ps3. In my opinion the xbiox controllers are too clunky and just feels funny to me. I wouldnt change the ps3 design for anything it feels so natural to play with it.

  • KRis

    The launch 20gb ps3 is backwards compatible with PS2 and PS1.


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