Vision Game Engine to Support PSP2/NGP

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Trinigy, a 3D game engine provider with offices in Germany, Austin, TX and Seoul, Korea, announced today that upcoming versions of the Vision Game Engine will fully support the next generation portable entertainment system (codename; NGP) from Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. (SCE). The new version, which includes a host offeatures designed to accelerate the development of graphically rich, high-performance game titles for NGP, will be unveiled at the 2011 Game Developers Conference in San Francisco, CA (Mar 2-4) at booth 1810.
Trinigy’s modular Vision Game Engine is available on and optimized for the development of highly immersive games and serious games running on most major platforms. Trinigy is now expanding the capabilities of its Vision Game Engine to enable game developers to more rapidly create high-performance, high-quality games for NGP.Key new features for NGP include an optimized character skinning system, full support for input features such as multi-touch, improved multi-threading, and an optimized renderer that takes full advantage of NGP’s GPU cores.
“SCE is known for producing powerful computer entertainment systems and handheld entertainment systems capable of delivering rich gaming experiences and eye-popping graphics,” said Dag Frommhold, managing director at Trinigy. “With support for NGP, the Vision Game Engine gives developers a flexible, full-featured solution for speeding the creation of graphically superior, high-performance casual and hard-core gamesfor portable entertainment systems.”
Key features designed to speed NGPdevelopment and enhance game and graphic quality include:

• Optimized character skinning system for NGP– allows for efficient rendering of detailed characters with very high polygon and bone counts.
• Full support for cross-platform and platform-specific texture formats– offers a straight forward workflow and easy porting of existing content, while providing high-loading performance and platform-specific content optimizations, where required.
• Multithreading system– takes full advantage of NGP’s CPU cores for animations, mesh deformation, particle simulation, physics, visibility determination, and more.
• Highly efficient rendering– Efficient rendering system minimizes CPU load.
• Optimized shader/shader constant handling– includes full cross-platform compatibility.
• Comprehensive support for NGP’s user interface–includes multi-touch as well as support for dual analog sticks.
• Fully featured graphics technology– includes normal/parallax maps, specular maps, dynamic lighting, post-processing effects and more.
The Vision Game Engine for NGP will be available for customers after GDC, and will be shown at GDC 2011 behind closed doors.

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  • aquaman22

    It sounds like this engine is made SPECIFICALLY for the NGP. I’m excited to see sony getting support from other companies to fully back up its next gen handheld device. This begs the question of whether or not activision will use this engine when creating the so called Call of duty game for the NGP. because this game will be huge to sony, although i probably won’t get it, it will definitely help sony push units out onto the hands of the consumers. Aqua Out!!!!

  • Thatruth86

    Smdh …. any who this new engine will deliver i feel it in my heart and sony always deliver so great engine great support and cant wait to see the NGP up close and personal.

    • aquaman22

      lol I feel it in my heart that you’re full of shh… Sony doesn’t always show support because that’s the number one reason that the PSP Go was such a failure, the LACK of support from sony in the form of software. You can argue peace walker and ghost of sparta but after that, there was virtually nothing that was great. LPB psp edition was not a hit persay so they completely abandoned ship. PSP go was not necessary it was the same crap wrapped in a different plastic. Aqua Out!!!

  • halo200


  • @aquaman22: this engine actually support a ton of platforms (PC, PS3, Xbox360, browsers) and supports games for XBLA, PSN and Wiiware. NGP is their latest offering. And they also just announced support for iOS and Android.


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