Warframe Dev: PS4 ‘Lets Us Bring Over High End Visuals Without Compromise’

Development on the PS4 is more ‘generalized’.

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warframe ps4

Ever since the reveal of the PlayStation 4, Sony has placed a lot of emphasis on bringing as many games over as they can for their next generation console. One such game is Warframe, a free to play game that is being developed by Digital Extremes, the studio behind 2008’s Dark Sector.

We recently got in touch with Steve Sinclair, the Creative Director of Warframe and asked him a few questions, such as the decision to go with a co-op, free to play game in the first place. As expected it was all related to creative freedom in development.

“Independence! When we pitched the original idea it was too risky for the people we talked to. When we had freed up a few people (almost a decade later!) to work on what was next, we found ourselves coming back to those ideas we had to shelve. Free-to-play was a way we could start small and build something without taking a publishing contract and without losing creative control,” he said.

We then asked him what it was about the PS4, over the PS3, that motivated them to develop Warframe for it, to which he replied:

“PS4 is a powerful console with great connectivity and online features. It lets us bring over our high-end visuals without compromise, with the promise of pushing it even further in the future. The PS3 was a great machine and the SPUs were insanely fast if you customized your code for them – with the PS4 the power increases yet at the same time being more generalized. We got our Warframe engine up and running in just three months on PS4 – it was such a pleasant experience… with Warframe being a ‘new’ franchise, I guess it just made more sense from an intuitive level to look to future platforms,” he added.

Warframe is currently in open beta for the PC and is expected to be released on the PS4 when it’s ready. Stay tuned for our full Warframe interview sometime next week. In the meantime, share your thoughts with us in the comments section below.

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  • spideynut71

    I’ve played Warframe, on PC. Unless they manage to bring “high end” gameplay as well, I’ve got no interest in giving this a 2nd look on my PS4.

    • William Perdomo


    • spideynut71


      I’ve got my PS4 pre-order PAID IN FULL, you ignorant twit. I’m saying this game doesn’t interest me, in it’s current gameplay state, as a PS4 title….BECAUSE IT SUCKS ON PC.

      Children like you should require testing before being allowed on the internet.

    • Izzy Bozz

      Why the hell would you pay in full months before release? I’m not really sure where you preordered your PS4, but in most places you don’t get charged until they’re about to ship the console.

    • spideynut71

      Wellll… not that it’s any of your f’ing business, but…

      I’m always staying on top of pre-order deals, sales, and trade promotions with Amazon, Newegg and Gamestop….as well as using eBay and Craiglist for selling (and occasionally to buy) when I know I can get a bit more $$ from those sources. It’s called being a smart ADULT consumer.
      Anyway, I managed to pay off my PS4 shortly after I pre-ordered it, by utilizing all of those resources to maximum benefit, through various trade promotions and/or sales of various games, accessories, and even some old PC parts left over after my recent build.

      Now, I suppose I could have waited until the release date to pay in full, but when you’re married and have other bills/expenses, “saved” money has a way of finding another “need”, other than it’s original intent. Since I’m not a little kid, I certainly won’t be waiting until I’ve mowed enough lawns, or saved enough “allowance” (which I NEVER got growing up, BTW)…and I can’t just expect mommy to whip out the VISA for it either. Something tells me one of those 2 options fits your current “plan”.

      Any other questions?

    • Izzy Bozz

      All I heard was blah blah blah and no straight answer. I really couldn’t give a shit where you pre-ordered your console; I just like to call people out when they start talking out of their ass. Have a nice day.

    • spideynut71

      So..in other words…you can’t read, and are content to let people assume you are a complete moron. Got it….

    • LupineMP3j

      I chose to use a system that allowed me to pay in full. I preordered at Best Buy and they tried that, they were going to take the money from my debit account when it was ready for pickup, but I REALLY don’t want to hold onto the 400 bucks for the next months until it launches. I’m a college student and don’t constantly have hundreds of dollars just chillin’ in my bank account so I wanted them to take the money and let it be done, and not have problems at launch time.

      So I used Paypal to pay for it. When you use Paypal at BestBuy.com, they take the full amount right away.

    • SwappingFrom360toPS4

      who cares, its free

    • spideynut71

      Of course it is…and if that’s the extent of your criteria for wanting to play a game, there’s no reason for you to wait for the PS4 version. You can download and play that generic crap on PC right now: https://warframe.com/

    • SwappingFrom360toPS4

      i already have it =)
      but a lot of my friends dont, and it will still be something we can play for fun if we have nothing else to do at some stage

  • William Perdomo

    All about PlayStation

    • Guest

      Sure pauper, sure…

    • Lord Akki


  • Escopablobar

    I don’t know. I saw some gameplay footage the other day and some reservations arose. It looked a bit generic. But I will withhold any real judgement until after it releases. I hope it is fun. I bought Dark Sector many years ago for PS3 and I can definitely see the same styling in this game.

    • Dakan45

      Its a coop shooter, you go into spaceships that resemble doom 3/fallout 3 dark corridors and shoot samey enemies with awful gunplay mechanics, then there is a sword mechanic that jumps forward and slashes.

      You keep completing identical missions and you unlock some petty upgrades.

      Thats it. Dark sector was superior in 100 ways with far more budget, better graphics, controls and combat.

    • spideynut71

      EXACTLY. Sadly, idiotic Sony fangirls like ‘William PerDUMBo’ here think that if you have an opinion other than “ZOMFGZ PS4 RULZ !!!!!! I WANT TO SWALLOW CERNY’S BABY JUICE!!!!!”…. then you are somehow anti-Sony/PS4.

    • Dakan45

      Yup ps4 can cure cancer, defeat 4000$ high end pcs and cerny shoots fire out of his arse.

      Stupid fanboys, ps4 is DEFINETLY the console of this gen, but its not the master of all acreation that sony hypes it up. ITs a known fact sony lies and foolsih fanboys fall for it

    • Lord Akki

      your the fuking fanboy, fag. I am not a fan of SONY at all. We are legion and SONY is god. Two very different things right there. All your silly comments are not going to take down Playstation god as the rightful king of consoles and game systems. Our time is now, Greatness Awaits.

    • Dakan45

      They are so great that they had to get amd to build their crap. Stupid japs and their garbage tech.

      Sony= Make believe hype.

    • Dakan45

      you are the biggest fucktard in the whole internet

    • Lord Akki

      yeah look who’s talking, you sicko.

    • Dakan45

      Yes you are the biggest stupid retarded kid that i want to punch in the facce.

  • Dakan45

    Warframe graphics are actually WORSE than dark sector.

    I checked.

    It looks like a 2008 game. There are no high end graphics on warframe. Neither on blacklight retribution.

    Sadly console fanboys fall for this trash.

    Eg planetside 2 developers on a ps4 interview “we can put planetside 2 at the highest settings without a 2000$ PC”

    First of all planetside 2 is unoptimized, it doesnt even use 8 cores, second of all if “next gen” consoles couldnt run a F2P current gen pc games, they they would be trash. Third, you dont even need a 800$ pc to run planetside 2 at the highest settings.

    But most importantly the game will not run on the highest settings, every time a “next gen” console came out, the pc version looked better. Oblivion looked better on pc than the “next gen x360” same case with xbox and morrowind or ps3/x360 games. Needless to point out ps2 games.

    Finally planetside 2 is owned by sony. So there is money talking here rather the truh.

  • dylan

    ps4 is the best

    • Guest

      Ha, hahaha, NO!

    • Lord Akki

      can’t catch your tongue? that’s one damn stupid answer.

  • dylan

    xbox one is awful

    • Guest

      $0ny PauperStation is even worse. PC FTW pauper!

    • Lord Akki

      yeah you butthurt much, son?

    • squall_boy25

      Your insult is worse than the Xbone

    • willhe

      so is the bitch that im replying to

  • XBO FTW!

    It’s gonna look better on XBO!

    • Lord Akki

      In your dreams Xbot. lol that name suits you well.

  • Pemalite

    High-end Visuals without compromise?
    Then I expect the PC to look 100x better by default.

    • Lord Akki

      hah and here comes the PC elitist. Yo douche, ima got an awesome rig that probably trashes yours since I got money 🙂 But, do I talk shit about it? Nope, who the fuk cares. PS4 is the perfect gaming machine. My allegiance to SONY since the past 13 years have rewarded me with all kind of game genres that your PC brag shit can’t even compete with. Now go and run back out to your ‘super pc’.

    • Dakan45

      WTF seriously the retarded brains in pauperstaion fantards is described right here.

      No moron ps4 cannot cure cancer not its the perfect gaming machine, its a pretty good console, that is all. Since the dawn of time, pcs beat the new “next gen” consoles.

      Pc had doom 3, fear ,quake iv, far cry, ps2 had god of war 2, pff pathetic graphics.

      Oh you want to talk genres? Do you know how many inique and diffirent games pc has that your crappy consoles can never hope to have?

      Antichamer, magrunner, slender, mars war logs, dont starve, lone survivor, your consoles cannot compete with pc, because consoles have generic samey shooters in order to sell them to everyone and cover their 100 million developement costs.

      Funny how you morons made fun of f2p games but now praise them since they are on ps4, kill yourselfs.

  • Lord Akki

    All damn good praises for the PS4! Thank you devs, glad to know I’m on the right train 🙂

  • Guest

    Hahaha, look at all the dumb $0ny PauperStation N4Gtards going nuts to defend their PoS again…too F-in funny!

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