Watch Dogs Challenges GTA 5, Says “Two Months Are Enough to Visit Los Santos”

Shots fired indeed.

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Watch Dogs_GTA 5

You just had to figure that one or the other open world game developers would have something to say on the day of Grand Theft Auto 5’s release. We’ve already seen Volition stating that the “GAT V” DLC is now available for PC, and now Ubisoft is stepping up to the plate in preparation for the November release of Watch_Dogs. The picture above, posted on Ubisoft Nordic’s Facebook page, says it all really.

But are two months really enough in Los Santos? That remains to be seen. As it stands, Watch_Dogs will take a completely different approach, allowing you to hack into various aspects of Chicago’s CtOS system in order to bend the system to your will. This means stopping trains, setting up road blocks, hacking back accounts and generally being the literal super man from the machine that you can be.

Watch_Dogs will be releasing for PS4, PS3, Xbox 360, PC and Wii U on November 19th in North America and to the Xbox One on November 22nd worldwide. Stay tuned for more.

Via: Reddit

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  • John Ken

    It’s nice to see friendly jabs from companies.
    Looking forward to both games.

    • Bruno Espirito Santo

      Same here… I’m exited for both. Even tho its for difrent reasons.

      But Ubi is being kinda cute… 2 months?? They realy think 2 months is enough? hahaha

    • John Ken

      It’s unlikely that Watchdogs will reach the level of GTA V, but it still looks like it’ll be an awesome game.
      One thing about Ubisoft is that they very rarely make bad games, not everything they do is “awesome” but it’s almost always at least “good”.

  • KuchikiSentou

    Of course, the use of the word “challenges” paints this message in a whole different light.
    No shots fired at all. It was the same thing with Killzone Mercenary and the release date. Just lighthearted Jest.

  • Gamehard

    GTA V is superior to Watch_Dogs. It has a terrible frame rate, pop ins and pop ups and has been reviewed with perfect scores. Watch_Dogs can’t compete unless they are able to provide an open world experience that its playability = useless.

    I only pay full retail price for games that work like a piece of shit.

    • Dakan45

      GTA is just overrated.

      If you lead the industry on open world games, you gotta innovate, gta v is a infeior san andreads. The missions are good, but most of the freeplay crap are filler like say yoga and other crap. It would seem the map in gta v is huge but its empty, most of the map is plains and hills with just one city in the center, where is san fierro? Where is las venturas? Where are the vigilante missions? Also it has few areas that you can actually enter, most buildings are inncessable.

      Watch dogs will have more interaction with the city and you willl be to use diffirent tactics. One thing is certain, the graphics animations are super as far as pc and next gen versions are concerned. Unlike gta v, the story wont be written by that moron Dan Houser that continiously tries to parody the USA culture with parodic characters and wont be another gang based game. It has a serious storyline and it focuses on cyberwarfare.

      People wont agree with this, but gta just get sales and rating for being gta rather actually that good. Eg people hit a kid to get the copy he just bought.

      Pathetic blind fanatisism.

    • gtasucks44

      watchdogs has a point to it though you are not just selling dope and killing cops like in gta

  • MullyMagic

    Being a 30 something gamer I am more excited for Watchdogs on my PS4 and couldn’t care if GTA5 comes to it or not. GTA production values are amazing but I just wan’t something different after 4 previous GTA’s.

  • gigantor21

    More like 6 months now, LOL.

    • Anonymous GX



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