Watch Dogs PC Footage On Ultra Setting Shows Day, Night With Rain, Looks Closer To E3 2012 Footage

But the game does look gorgeous at the end of the day.

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Watch Dogs

It seems that some users have started to get their hands on the PC version of the game and we are able to watch the much touted ultra settings of Watch_Dogs. There is no denying that the game looks gorgeous. Although it does look great in its own right, but it does not look similar to the mind blowing E3 2012 gameplay footage. However it is close, very close!

Ubisoft were touting the future of gaming back then and after seeing the video above, they seem to have slipped back a bit. Of course, our opinion is based on this video and we shall know soon enough since the game is due only a few days from now.

But if this video is anything to go, Ubisoft seems to have done a pretty solid job with the PC port. The videos above show how the game looks in different weather conditions.

For comparison sake we have included the E3 2012 trailer below. Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.




E3 2012 Gameplay Footage:

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  • Psionicinversion

    looks so good

    • Watch dog sack

      Looks like Dog s**t. Watch Dog S**t.

  • ME3X12

    GTAIV on 360 looks as good if not better.

    • Psionicinversion

      wait till your actually in the game first, will prolly be much better

    • Cassu2

      Definitely not. Absolutely not. Are you blind? Jesus Christ, get your eyes checked out or something. You can’t be serious.

  • bobxgamer

    Honestly, this PC footage does not look that much better than the PS4 Watch Dogs footage posted recently.

    Infamous SS open world on PS4 looks much better than this anyways.

    • Turo Orvel

      In some cases it can be but most of the time, it’s not. SS is also much “smaller scale” game and you can see where they had to do compromises to accomodate slower hardware.

    • merri

      Yeah, but that’s what’s expected of multiplats, especially those releasing on many systems (6 platforms, I think?). There’s not much else that will likely “look better” than simply higher resolutions and AA, and/or higher frame rates. Multiplats are usually designed at some sort of mean.

      Models aside, it doesn’t look as good as some GTA4 mods like iCEnhancer, etc.

    • Kate Kane

      Why judge a game based on a ridiculously compressed youtube video that plays at 30 fps?

    • Iramohs

      So what you’re saying is that Ubisoft intentionally scaled back the PC version so it looks comparable to the ps4 one. I wouldn’t be too surprised.

    • Watch dog sack

      GTA V on PS3 looks better then this. And I am not joking. I seriously have no idea why there is hype for this game. It has zero likability to it.

      Lets walk around a city with a phone and hack another phone. YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY sounds like fun. LMFAO

  • You_Are_Flat_Out_Peasant

    As usual. PC wins again. Even if the result is not as good as early footage. But that’s “Next Gen” consoles holding things back.

    • PPXXX

      When a game is made on PC for PC, you get stuff like the first Crysis, whose mind-blowing visuals were the standard for 3-5 years after it came out. That’s what’s possible when a PC-centric studio really pushes the hardware.

    • Watch dog sack

      Yes and 0.0001% of PC players seen Crysis maxed out. At the time. LOL.

    • usrev

      as usualy pc fanboys are fanboys and don’t realize well over 50% of the games sales will be on console. without console versions the games wouldn’t turn profit.

    • Cassu2

      As usual, you console fanboys are too busy to bash on PC (for no apparent reason might I add… Or is that jealousy I’m noticing?) to notice that the sales numbers ARE IRRELEVANT. They really don’t matter, the PC version is superior nonetheless. And that’s a fact.

  • Adam Michael

    A small let down, but it does look insanely gorgeous, especially that last clip! Running this bad boy on an i7 4770k and EVGA DC 780 Ti 😀 Can’t wait!

  • John Marshall

    So it’s GTA but with hacking instead of shooting? meh, more fun to play GTA

  • Joey Grixti Jr

    I am sorry but infamous destroys this. The Witcher 3 will be truly next gen


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