Watch_Dogs Uses Custom SMAA For PS4 And Xbox One Versions, Frame Rate Important to Gameplay

Ubisoft’s Francis Boivin and Dominic Guay discuss the game’s visual presentation.

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Watch_Dogs (4)

Ubisoft Montreal’s Watch Dogs will finally be out in May, culminating in more than six months worth of controversies including a delay and accusations of visual downgrade. It will be worth the wait in terms of visuals at least, as team lead programmer Francis Boivin confirmed that it would use enhanced subpixel morphological anti-aliasing (SMAA) for both the Xbox One and PS4 versions.

After the Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag introduced a new custom anti-aliasing solution for the PS4 and PC versions, GamingBolt asked Boivin what kind of anti-aliasing the next gen versions of Watch Dogs would have. Boivin said, “Watch_Dogs uses the same post-process anti-aliasing solution on both Xbox One and PS4. Each frame, a custom SMAA filter is applied on the image. On top of that, we smooth the image even more by using a temporal solution; that is, by re-projecting each pixel to its position in the previous frame and by letting each go through a set of heuristics tailored for the game, we’re able to further reduce visible aliasing.”

For comparison’s sake, it’s important to note that the PC version uses TXAA or temporal anti-aliasing, an Nvidia-exclusive feature. While SMAA is inferior to the same, it’s still one of the best anti-aliasing solutions available today.

Though other third party developers faced frame rate issues developing on the Xbox One, Ubisoft hasn’t faced any real issues with the same. We asked senior producer Dominic Guay whether Watch Dogs would see the same solid frame rate as previous Ubisoft titles along with whether resolution or frame rate was more important for gameplay.

Guay said, “Frame rate is very important to the gameplay, to the controls. It’s not something you want to compromise on.”

Stay tuned for our complete interview with several developers from Ubisoft Montreal. Watch Dogs will be out on Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS3, PS4 and PC on May 27th.

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  • Kevin Kirby


    • Bryce S.

      C’mon now. I own an Xbox One. But you and I both know this is going to fuel a long reply of spec comparison. Be sure to add “In my opinion” after saying something like this.

    • Tyler Durden

      You do realize the Xbox One is physically inferior to the PS4, right?

    • kiba

      well it is a large VHS player, so yeah Xbone is inferior physically. xD

    • Bryce S.

      Did I say something that inferred the X1 has superior hardware?

    • Bruno Vale

      Funniest thing I ever read. Its like saying Hyundai is greater then Ferrari. Are you very or just slightly high lol? Every comparison, frame rate, resolution is weaker then the ps4.

    • liam quane

      wouldn’t say the ps4 is a ferrari. To be more realistic its more like the xbox is a focus against a focus RS.

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      Another delusional xbot. Another dissatisfied customer! Keep being an immature manchild, loser!

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      That makes me feel like a fool. Good link!

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    • Michael Norris

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  • Tyler Durden

    The Xbox One version will not receive SMAA, and if it does, its resolution will be severely hampered in comparison to the PS4 version.

    • Ben Brocka

      Isn’t SMAA pretty cheap, at least compared to MSAA? Xbox is almost certainly looking at a downres, but I assume it’ll have the same AA. FXAA/NoAA vs SMAA is probably going to be a lot more noticable than 900 or even 720p vs 1080p to a lot of people. FX is nasty.

  • Awesome!

  • mad games

    Oh man, not interested any more from those Liars,fu!@#$%k them all.

  • incendy

    Definitely getting this one on the PC.

  • Kold

    X1 experienced no frame rate problems during development??? That means the ps4 version could be running at 1080/60 right now but it’s being held back… HOW MANG TIMES MUST THIS CONTINUE TO HAPPEN MAN?!??

    • Johnny

      Not likely, oh yeah this happened alot. Hahaha hahaha

    • kiba

      they’re just trying to cover up for Microsoft.

  • Failz

    PC >X1/PS4 Its very simple. TXAA > SMAA which makes this game a day one purchase for PC.

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  • jojo

    For many person like me, SMAA > TXAA. The problem with TXAA is that it blurs the image a lot because of its special temporal AA technique.

    I like the sharpness, clarity of SMAA. Just look at how good AC4 or Infamous on PS4 look.


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