Why 60 fps is a must for the PS4 – A Comparison Between 30 fps and 60 fps

60 fps should be the norm for the PS4.

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Here’s a test that will tell you exactly what are the differences between 30 fps and 60 fps with the help of GIFs. One animation is running at 30 fps and the other at 60 fps.

These GIFs are from Dark Souls. The game has one of the best and sophisticated animation system that is not only fluent but also gives a  weighty feeling. However, the game was originally made with 30 fps in mind but some modders manged to unlock a higher framerate and adjust the animation system to take advantage of the higher framerate.

One thing to note is that I am usually a person who can’t find a lot of difference between 30 and 60 fps easily, but this test made me see the error of my ways.

Most developers will most likely go with 30 fps because there isn’t a lot of difference to the naked eye and prefer to do more visual trickery. But this comparison clearly shows that 60 fps can really make a lot of difference. Sluggish animations will be a thing of the past.

Killzone: Shadow Fall is supposed to run at 30 fps, but it’s about time 60 fps is standardized across the board. A higher performance is absolutely vital for a lot of genres and that includes fps. There are of course variable frame rates too and games like God of War 3 and God of War: Ascension utilise that, but standardizing a specific framerate will allow devs to build games with that in mind, and we will never ever see a game with shoddy performance next gen at least on the PS4. Now it is up to you to decide whether you prefer a smooth frame rate or that extra visual oomph. Check out the GIF’s below (Via Tumblr)

Note: Please open the GIFs in a new window/tab to see the difference.

a) GIF 1

Left is higher frame rate 


b) GIF 2

Left is higher frame rate


c) GIF 3

Right is higher frame rate

So there you go. Now you know there are slight differences, mostly minor but noticeable between both types of fps and higher fps is always better in most cases. Which one do you prefer?

Most of the developers will be aiming for 30 fps and 1080P for the PS4 but there is a noticeable difference between the two. We expect that developers will making 60 fps as standard, atleast for certain genres like racing and sports games. Whether this will turn out true for complex genres like role playing or open world games, remains to be seen.

Tell us what you think in the comments section below.

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  • I call Horseshit. I mean the human eye can only perceive like just under 30frames a second. the reason why you think you see better frame rate with 60fps is the frame rate consistency. but if you play a game at 30 frames locked. meaning consistently with no frame skips. speed ups. or loss.. I defy anyone to say they see a difference.

    • Pierre Baudracco

      The common mistake. Human eyes can only perceive _different_ frames or image up to 24 fps. But Seeing a video is not catching individual frames.
      The sleekness of the video is very well noticeable, and the difference between 30fps and 60fps is huge. See a screen scrolling at the cinema at 24 fps, look at the background when the scene moves and not the forefront actors. Reaaly choppy ! Eyes are hurted. 30 fps a little better. 60 fps looks sleek. Even to sell TV with huge screen rates, vendors put aside 50, 100, 200 fps Tv and the diff is clearly visible by the common human.

    • Pierre Baudracco

      And the choice of showing the 30/60 diff in a web browser, with an animated warrior is really a bad choice ! It’s where the diff is least visible. Choose rather a screen scrolling or a background move.
      TV producers spend millions on creating automatic intermediary pictures on TV with great frame rates to enhance visual quality, to transform automatic 24 or 30 fps to at least 60.

  • rxm

    One thing everyone seems to be missing the point on is the fact that the human eye can only see a maximum of 30fps, anything higher will not make a visible difference. The reason why 60 fps is preferred, is due to the fact that even if the frame rate dips below 60 the human eye will not notice any stuttering or slow downs, whereas having a game play at 30 fps, will cause noticeable stutter and slow down when the frame rate dips.

  • Anon

    Whilst the example is admirable, do take note of the fact that animation pose blending in game engines are rarely calculated at 60fps – it’s just unnecessary to do pose calculations at such a high rate. Instead interpolation is generally calculated at a fixed 30fps along with other systems unrelated to rendering. Of course, interpolation itself will still occur in any good game engine for stuff moving in world co-ordinate space, but stuff calculated in local space, like animation poses, will not get the same treatment.

  • lostkiwi

    Initially I couldn’t see any difference, even when opening the images up in a new tab.
    However when covering one image up, and then the other, to view them independently, I was able to notice the higher frame rate.

    But to be honest I wouldn’t lose any sleep over it. Removing screen tearing would be a bigger benefit in my opinion, even if it meant locking the frame rate to a lower value.

  • Innuendo1231

    These gifs are really bad examples. It’s nothing but falsifying propaganda. I can tell confidently because I’m a gamer of multiple platforms, PC and PS3 (earlier ps1 ps2). I often get both ps3 and pc versions of the same game just to see the differences. I can see a HUGE obvious difference between 30 and 60 fps, in fact 30 fps is realy choppy for my eyes, not fluid at all. Yet when looking at these gifs, I can see no obvious difference. Truly, this is falsification. Of course, why would they emphasize the difference? It would be bad for business for sony and microsoft.

    There is a really sad side of this story. PC games have been running at 60fps for more than a decade. Yes, back in the time of the ps2, all mutli-platform games were running at 60fps on pc and 30 fps on the ps2 (or even worse, 25 fps in europe, PAL versions). It was sad. Then came the ps3 and games were still running at 30 fps. Now comes the ps4 and they still do not target 60fps? It is simply absolutely unbeleivably RIDICULOUS that it’s been so many generations of consoles, and it’s the same old bullsh*t all over again. Of course the new consoles have countless lame features comlpetely irrevelant to gaming, they will do your laundry for you, they can do anything and everything EXCEPT what their main purpose should be. Gaming quality at least rivaling that of the PC. (Before anyone mentions WASD+mouse, you can use gamepads wih the PC too. Both x360 and ps3 gamepad, though the latter requires some extra doing.)

  • izayoi

    The biggest difference between 30fps and 60fps is how the game feels, and that difference is HUGE.

    I can’t play at 30fps, I just can’t… it’s way too choppy for my taste. I’d much rather have less effects etc. and smooth as silk, rather than an ultra-pretty slideshow.

  • mattlelders

    try downloading the gifs instead, the difference is definitely noticable.


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