Why Metal Gear Solid Rising is actually Hideo Kojima’s surprise

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Ok, I know a lot of you will actually disagree with me, but we at GamingBolt are huge Metal Gear Solid fans and just like any other MGS fan we too want a fifth game even though we would ideally want MGS4: Guns of the Patriots to be the last game in the saga.

Now what I am going to tell you is not a speculation but a presentation of hard facts which will almost prove that Kojima’s next game is indeed Metal Gear Solid: Rising and not actually PS3 Peace Walker or Metal Gear Solid 5 or for the matter of fact, a new game.

1. Talks about Metal Gear Solid 5

When MGS4 was released more than two years ago, Ryan Payton the then Assistant Producer at Kojima Productions revealed a few interesting things about the MGS franchise. He revealed in an interview with Kotaku, “It’ll be hard not being involved in MGS5, but I’ve got the utmost confidence that Hideo Kojima, Ken Imaizumi, and our amazing team will put together another blockbuster game. I’ll be cheering from the sidelines.”

Ok, that much confirmed the existence of Metal Gear Solid 5. But what platforms and what story arc the game will follow remained a mystery. Ryan Payton also shed some light to 1UP during MGS4’s release. MGS4 assistant producer Ryan Payton said there is “still a lot of room for filling in the gaps as far as Big Boss is concerned. There are some misunderstandings that this is the final Metal Gear game. But it’s really the final chapter of the Solid Snake story. That’s all.”

And that’s what happened in 2009. Hideo Kojima announced Peace Walker in 2009 for the PSP which had Big Boss a.k.a Naked Snake featured. Now a fact that many MGS fans don’t know is that Peace Walker actually had a chronological number. It was named Metal Gear Solid 5: Peace Walker. See the image below.

This is the real MGS5

As far as Hideo Kojima was concerned he has confirmed on numerous occasions that Peace Walker is the true successor of MGS4, which gave everyone a big hint that Peace Walker is indeed the 5th although due to some reason the retail versions don’t have that number.

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  • He was also getting death threats after he announced he wasn’t going to be doing MGS3, i also heard that this was set between MGS 2 and MGS 4, and that they were going to tell the whereabouts of Raiden and why he became a cyborg ninja so i don’t really think that’s a tease…

    • i meant after he announced he wasn’t going to have anything to do with MGS 4

  • it tells you in mgs4 that he has accelerated ageing due to major zero needing a replacement for big boss as the figurehead of the patriots as quickly as possible, thats why they grew up so quickly and now why he is still ageing rapidly, he was designed that way during the cloning process

  • “Chronologically speaking Rising takes place after Sons of Liberty and before Guns of the Patriots. If you remember at the ending of Sons of Liberty, Snake states to Raiden that he going after Liquid and his Ray and is going to find Sunny, Olga’s child. But in MGS4 it is revealed that Raiden is the one that actually saves Sunny from the Patriots and not Snake. In order to explain that Snake has to be present in Rising in some form. Hideo Kojima has states before that Snake is his baby and he won’t let anyone else handle the character except him, which further solidifies my claim that Snake is back and Kojima IS actively involved with Rising.”

    Logical fallacy, anyone? How about a little circular reasoning on the side?

    This is the stupidest fucking paragraph I have ever read in my entire life. I AM NOT exaggerating. Observe:

    1. You offer no proof that Snake is a playable character in Rising.
    2. Kojima states that he is NOT working on Rising.
    3. You make the claim that Snake is a playable character in Rising.
    4. Kojima claims that no one besides himself will work with Snake.
    5. Therefore, Snake must be a playable character in Rising because YOU SAY SO, and thus, Kojima is actually working on Rising.

    I have lamented the quality of gaming journalism in the past, but this is beyond horrible. You should get together with Stephen Hawking and discuss theology, logical missteps can be your ice breaker.

  • Uhh… about Snake’s aging, they did give a cause. It was explained that since he is a clone of Big Boss, that the scientists had to make sure that his genetic material could not fall into enemy hands. They prevented this by designing him to be sterile and fast-aging.

  • Oops! As I was checking to see if anyone had replied to my comment, I realized that I made a mistake in saying that the author claimed Snake would be a *playable* character.

    It still doesn’t remove the nonsense found in his statement.

  • Also, if I read this properly, Snake and Otacon are the ones who did the actual rescue of Sunny, which is why she lives in the Nomad. Raiden most likely plays a helping hand in the rescue, giving them the opportunity to preform the rescue. At least that is what I could pull from the synopsis in the “MGS4 Complete Official Guide”.

  • Bob

    Kojima is the biggest troll ever. No one can be sure whats next from him.

  • He will always surprise us, he is the king of teasers, and king of surprises.

  • nice content ……………….

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  • theres something fishy bout this sudden delay of the release date of MGS RISING and I think its something to do with the new PLAYSTATION move feature because the sword game on sport champions proper reminded me of RISING well I hope so anyway it would be wicked 8)

  • strong argument, but 1 thing that i find doubtful and something that was not mentioned in the article, is the title. im sure this was discussed before but it sill bothers me. the solid in the franchise surly stood for solid snake.

    could they not title it metal gear raiden rising or ninja rising or some shit like that? they did a pretty good job changing the tagline into lighting bolt action. if snake really does not play a role in this 1, than they should have changed the title.


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