Will Fallout 4 Add New NPC Companions?

What kind of vile creatures would you want on your side in the sequel?

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Bethesda Softworks’ Fallout 4 is seemingly heating up, with ZeniMax filing trademarks for Nuka Cola – the popular refreshment of the Fallout universe – and the previous casting call leak which revealed the game to be reportedly taking place in Boston. Until we hear an official confirmation though, we’ll keep discussing potential ideas for the game, which include what kind of NPC companions you should be able to pick up.

This includes Mutants and Deathclaws, the latter which could be trained and fight alongside you. After all, the Deathclaws are the most notorious creatures of New Vegas – why not let them fight for you in Fallout 4? Of course, there could also be robotic companions that could help you out in a pinch. Our money is on having a mutated dog with three heads a la Cerberus. Just because it would be cool.

We would also like to see a return of Goris in Fallout 4 although we are not sure what the lifespan of Deathclaws are, so the possibility of them being alive by the time Fallout 4 takes place is uncertain. Then there is the possibility of also having ghoul companions and with rumours of the game being set in Boston, there is a good chance that the companion could be an android. Or even better an ex-bounty Hunter could just be the icing on the cake.

What are your thoughts on NPC companions for Fallout 4? Let us know in the comments below.

This article is part of our weekly series on Bethesda’s next big entry into the world of Fallout. Through this series we take a look at the possible new features that Bethesda can add into Fallout 4, based on what they implemented in the previous entries and player feedback.

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  • Wodge

    I dunno, but Nexusmods will.

  • 22sceneSmasher

    Dogs were famously unaffected by radiation though… Maybe an FEV dog?

  • matto

    I agree; I think there will be an android after the whole Harkness Hoopla in F3

  • Sir Stewart Wallace

    I hated the companions in the Fallout games. I prefer to just solo it as they always just get themselves killed. Then again, I’m that kind of player that likes to hang out and snipe my enemies before my enemies even see me.

    • Ethan_Greene

      Honestly I used that dog from New Vegas to draw my enemies out so I could do the same. Makes companions a lil helpful to me.

    • Sir Stewart Wallace

      My dog was killed almost immediately. luckily, it’s never been too much of a problem for me to spot the bastards. Though, they’ll occasionally surprise me when I’m in a cave.

  • HumbleKong

    Just to kick a bit of sand…one FNV companion WAS a soopermutant…

  • HumbleKong

    oops…actually, Lily was a Nightkin. sorry. heh,heh…

  • HumbleKong

    …which is a specialized supermutant…with a straw hat…and a plastic flower…and a BIG club…

    • Ethan_Greene

      Lilly was actually a decent NPC to me though.

  • Ethan_Greene

    Personally, in New Vegas I proffered using the man in the dino head he had a great weapon and the ammo was easy to find. Maybe Make a character similar to him, because honestly for my companions to survive I had to keep giving them weapons. The starter ones they came with were pretty bad when you were trying to kill creatures at a high difficulty. So give them a decent gun instead of making me waste my time finding guns for them. Another way is maybe they can level up and as they do they say something like, “Ill be back gotta get new gear.” then they leave you for like 5 hours in game come back with new gear.


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