Will Fallout 4 Allow The Ability to Choose Your Own Starting Races?

This week we discuss the ability to chose your own race.

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Bethesda has not yet confirmed Fallout 4 but according to several reports before, we do know that it is under development. Now, it’s not coming out any time soon – much less being revealed unless the publisher decides to – but there are endless choices for what could occur. For instance, how amazing would it be to choose your own race to begin with, especially with the twisted choices the universe offers?

You could have a choice between a Human (an all-round average race), Ghoul (weak but smart and resistant to radiation), Super Mutant (stupid but strong, resistant to radiation) or even a Death Claw (strong, crazy, other Death Claws don’t attack you and actually help you out). It could also be that you chance your class throughout by fulfilling different circumstances, such as grafting Death Claw parts to yourself or even exposing yourself to radiation.

For this to be possible, each of the respective story line needs to be different. For examples, humans can start out in a vault or Fawkes and Ghouls in the underworld. This will avoid inconsistency and will make it easier at a development level but regardless it will be a difficult feature to pull off for Bethesda. But given that Fallout 4 will most likely be a PS4, Xbox One and PC exclusive, it may be possible at a technical level, given the amount of the technical prowess the new consoles bring in.

What are your thoughts on the various races that you could choose to start with in the game? Let us know in the comments below as the wait for Fallout 4 continues.

This article is part of our weekly series on Bethesda’s next big entry into the world of Fallout. Through this series we take a look at the possible new features that Bethesda can add into Fallout 4, based on what they implemented in the previous entries and player feedback.

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  • Matt

    Play as a death claw……? Um, no. I don’t even. Ghoul, sure I guess but that takes the flare away of being a human in a toxic, post-apocalyptic environment. You’re supposed to have the feeling of desperation and survival, what’s the point if you’re already irradiated. What I would like to see is the ability to select a story background a la mass effect instead of being some random mail guy who had his brains blown out. Like why were you a courier, how’d you get the job, where were you born, where did you live/come from, where is/what happened to your family, etc.

    • James McDonald III

      Honestly, the Courier *was* a bad attempt at changing up the protagnist’s story. Certainly it was important, though. As much as we all probably prefer the Vault start to the Courier, it would stagnate the game if it was always a Vault. I think it would be interesting and a nice twist if in the next game you play as an android living life as a human. Of course, that could just end up as a cheesy Shamalan twist…

    • Joel Bhatt

      I think being a ghoul could be more interesting for people who are more interested in being an outcast or minority amongst the humans, as opposed to being afraid of radiation. Feral ghouls tend not to attack their more fortunate brethren either and you wonder if this could be made use of.

  • M

    Uhhh… You already choose your race- Caucasian, African Amercan, Asian etc…. Ghouls aren’t a race, “ghoulification” is a condition that can happen to any race. Might it be cool to play as one? Sure. But a deathclaw? Ok now we’re not making sense. “Welcome to out little town, mr. Deathclaw” …. Need I say more?

    • Josh Weikel

      Dangit, beat me to it!

  • deemyjacks

    The deathclaw idea is a fail in general and I am satisfied with the game as is human now if they mixed in elements from New Vegas hardcore mode with the risk of diseases like in skyrim and made turning into a ghoul a “vampire” or “werewolf” side quest I’d support that. There just aren’t enough races in fallout that are compelling enough and the real work should be in the background of the characters like slave, raider, wastlander, vault born, even alien abductees etc.

    • Iblis

      this isnt actually true. Look at fallout tactics. in multiplayer you were able to create your own character from a series of races which were Human, Ghoul, Super Mutant, Deathclaw (which could talk), and Robots (mostlikely meaning Androids if they game does take place in Boston). Meanwhile there could be new races in boston unheard of throughout the rest of the wasteland such as the Mutant Crocodiles from Fallout Tactics 2 that were set to appear before it was cancelled. and one thing many of the games have in common are the Aliens, maybe we’ll finally get more backstory on them.

  • Dylan

    Becoming a death claw to be honest is a terrible idea. However the concept of being different than others right off the bat, similar to Skyrim, is an interesting idea. Perhaps being able to pick a faction before beginning the game, although it must not limit a person from being able to dabble with other factions later.

  • Plistra

    I think ghoulification should be a problem that can occur after being in radiation for too long. That would be cool.

    • Brandon Harrison

      Or like, Grow extra limbs! 😀

  • Khalkists

    The more extreme mutations, I couldn’t see living as. But as some sort of Ghoul, that faces penalties when outside of an irradiated area, that could be an interesting twist on gameplay.
    Say, for example, you only recovered action points or health when irradiated, and it slowly chewed down your radiation to do so. Extreme levels of radiation could see you going feral or turn into a glowing one…

  • gurrr

    i really dont think that goes well with the fallout universe

  • Van Martinez

    van a estropear el juego igual que resident

    • Brandon Harrison

      Couldn’t have put it better myself? xD

  • Furlong

    Deathclaw would be stupid…. that would be the same as playing as a molerat…. you need to have purpose and intelligence. Goul or Super Mutant would be alright, but still, even that would be a bit off the wall. It would take away the human element and makes the character much less relatable. Sticking to a human but being able to choose factions, NCR, Brotherhood, Raider, the storylines main antagonist group, or the main protagonist group, or just a “lone wanderer”.

  • panicpeach

    Of all the games that could make good use of new playable races, Fallout isn’t very high on my list. But that’s just me. I wouldn’t knock it if they wanted to go that route, but I probably wouldn’t make use of it.

  • Iblis

    i think Bethesda needs to review what data is left from Van Buren and try to implement some of it. after all, in Van Buren, Fort Abandon was supposed to be a buildable, upgradable, Fortress town in which you would also recruit members to like companions essentially building your own faction, essentially becoming a major person of power in the wasteland as well, not just a hero who wanders from place to place. Build alliances, take over plots of land, procure places of importance to help your people grow and make your enemies suffer. It does need a more survival impact too. Diseases would be nice. but also your actions need to have a bigger impact on the world or an impact at all not just people talking about it. we need consequences and rewards. more people to make friends with, a better bartering system, regenerating loot stashes and more plants to make crafting a bigger option. like in skyrim the ability to mine and forge your own weapons not just blades but guns too. Put a little bit of Hearthfire in.

  • Jordan B

    I’d rather just start off as human. Deathclaw makes no sense for several reasons (e.g. unable to communicate, use weapons, etc.) and being a super mutant would be a rather strange concept as well (e.g. fitting through doors, suddenly everyone’s ok with a super mutant walking around?). While I don’t think the option to start off as a ghoul fits in with how Fallout typically operate, I think a better idea would be to allow for ghoulification to be an option in some quest/storyline later on in the game, which would still allow people the choice to be one if they so desired. Personally, I’d be much more happy if they were focus on enhancing the character creation for human characters.

  • Nelson Burge

    Instead of adding new races i think it would be nice if they focused on some long term effects of being irradiated, because it doesn’t make sense to get to 900 rads then be able to go to a doctor and not come back with any effects


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