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Fair warning, tech-ish jargon lies ahead,

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Mel Kirk, the Vice President of Publishing over at Zen Studios, the folks that brought you Pinball FX 2 on the Xbox One recently mentioned that the Xbox One’s eSRAM caused no issues when they were developing their game. Since the developer has already worked on PS4, PC and Xbox One, we asked about his thoughts on the Xbox One’s API and whether it holds itself well against the ones present on PC and PS4.

Mel was not able to reveal anything about the API but he stated that working on the Xbox One has no issues. “Due to confidentiality restrictions, I am not able to answer this question in detail, but I will say that working with Xbox One is easy for an experienced dev team, there are no challenges out of the ordinary, and the code is solid,” he said to GamingBolt.

And whether the team faced any issues due to the Xbox One’s eSRAM? “No, we haven’t had any issues. Pinball FX2 is a big game with a lot of DLC content, and we have seen no issues.”

Despite Kirk’s team not running into any problems, many other developers have called out Microsoft on the issue, Stardock CEO Brad Wardell even went so far as to say they cheaped out on the ram.

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  • Kamille

    it’s hard to tell who is saying the truth or just PR. Ever says has a completely different opinion about the xbone’s hw.

    • jacksjus

      The Truth

  • andy

    These pinball games by Zen Studio looked and played pretty awesome on PS3 and 360 too. It would be quite worrying if a simple idea like this could not translate over to Xbox One with ease.
    The game doesn’t exactly have a massive open world with human character models that have to look and move like real people in reality though. That is certainly where the the console does show its problems, even in the hands of the best. Metal Gear Solid GZ at 720p anyone?

  • Jason Mounce

    Esram proved no trouble……to the people who make PINBALL ARCADE GAMES.

    Cause, these people clearly are at the frontlines of pushing hardware to its limit or making use of every ounce that the hardware is capable of. You know, of the Pinball games that they keep making that haven’t improved since Windows 95’s 3D Pinball Space Cadet game.

    Seriously, these devs cannot talk about these things, is this a subtle form of damage control? How can this be taken seriously? The only ones who can speak about this subject are the ones who USE THE SPECS. Their games could operate on 256MB of RAM and a 1GHz Pentium 3 processor. CMON!

    • Eagles83

      I agree with you on this one except for the damage control part. They don’t work for Microsoft so the damage control aspect doesn’t apply.

    • Jason Mounce

      Is why I said indirectly, not so much directly. Just a whiff of it being a ‘chance’. Could be wrong, likely am. Still has that ‘scent’ to it that a person who maybe wrote the article wants to try deny the thought patterns that ESRAM ‘Does not infact’ cause bottlenecks or issues for most devs. etc etc. I’m not taking myself seriously when I make that kind of comment :L

    • Vious

      I understand what you’re saying by maybe you should also check the devs that have complained about it. hint, indie devs also.

    • Jason Mounce

      Indies can easily trump the game(s) that Zen make. That’s not an achievement. xD

    • AndrewLB

      Many developers who create FAR more demanding games have publicly stated that PS4 is still the harder system to develop for due to the way it uses memory as well as their API which is based on OpenGL. One developer that comes to mind is CD Projekt Red, who makes The Witcher 3.
      Anyone who has made PC games in the past is well versed in the use of Direct3d API, making programming for the Xbone very easy. People seem to forget that most PC game developers PAY Microsoft to use Direct3d as the games API even though they can use OpenGL free of charge. There is a good reason for this. It’s because Direct3d is a more efficient API (50-100% faster in Heaven Benchmark), it’s SDK and available tools are FAR superior, and it’s the industry standard. If OpenGL was so good in it’s current form, developers would be adopting it in droves and save the money required to use Direct3d.

    • Michael Norris

      Only a few developers said it was harder to program for.Don’t twist it,and act like Ps4 is as hard to develop for as Ps2/Ps3.The fact is Sony is always improving the SDK and API,developers will get better access to Gpgpu and the unified memory.Developers will always have to deal with the 32mb bottleneck that is Esram.So please stop defending a company that forgot to make a gaming console.You are wrong about DX,one benchmark soes not make it the better API.

    • naibutafly

      They didn’t forget to make a game console. They made an entertainment console to cater to all needs. Their delivery of the system was wrong but it’s still a great system.

      Oh and you don’t seem to know much about the Xbox one hardware while your trying to defend a system that is only a games system. The esram setup is misconstrued by lazy developers. Like Kirk said; it poses no problem to an experienced developer. When developers stop being lazy they achieve proper results and that was proven recently.

      I wonder how much money Sony spent bribing developers to slander Microsoft and Xbox?

    • Dirkster_Dude

      Jason Mounce takes contrary positions just to argue. You will not be able to win an argument because he will keep coming up with something else to keep an argument going. You look at his comments and he has no concept except from an end-user perspective of how the console hardware works. You either agree with him or he eventually calls you an idiot.

    • DLConspiracy//

      Everything is gonna be alright. Everything is gonna be alright. :p

    • Jason Mounce


    • DLConspiracy//

      *perks up* 🙂

    • Failz

      One of the best graphical next gen games in Ryse proved no problem for the devs. So now you have an Arcade pinball game and one of the best looking next gen games claiming the same thing. Take your pick.

      ESram is not a problem.

    • Jason Mounce

      Proved no problem? at 900p, 30FPS? Lol By all means, it is a pretty game, Crytek though has their engine and know how to operate it, I’m sure they can make any game on their engine look good. However.

      Any dev that worked with Microsoft early-in cannot be believed to be speaking of their own accord 100%. It’s PR-talk to stay in friendship with Microsoft, if it weren’t a problem – No devs would be saying they have a problem. Developers aren’t just going to outright go and shame Xbox One and Microsoft in public and say “ESRAM Sucks and is a bottleneck” without obviously knowing they’re biting their tongue off and causing problems. Like a news embargo, but of peoples own will that they can fabricate the truth a bit to help someone else. Developers at this early stage do not yet likely understand how to make use of ESRAM, just as no one had a grasp on how to use PS3’s Cell processor so early. What happened though? EVERYONE said the Cell was still great even though the result of multiplatform games were all inferior at the beginning of the last-gen until later on in the race. This is the same thing, but the only difference is X1 doesn’t have as great of specs in the long-run to be able to pull ahead in the visual department even with more ‘Theoretical / on-Paper’ RAM. Their GPU will hold X1 back for the most part for the end of the race.

      Relative to both skill in the developers capability but as well as the result of their games on the system. Diablo 3 itself struggled on Xbox One, barely managed to reach 1080p and Diablo 3 is not a visually intensive game, I’d not be one to say Blizzard are bad at coding or bad at making games on consoles, but it’s clear something caused them a hindrance and it wasn’t the hardware overall as both current-gen consoles should clearly have enough juice in total to run the game. Using this logic, it should be obvious something is holding back X1’s hardware back, it’d not be the CPU, it’d not be the GPU (For this situation) and it’s not the DDR3 RAM – So, what’s left? ESRAM.

      Allow me to illustrate it with an image that I grabbed online.

    • JuniorSophitia

      I take issue with your comments regarding Blizzard and Diablo III on XB1.
      Diablo III runs at 1080p@60fps on both consoles. Granted it is locked on the PS4, with the XB1 dropping on “rare occasions” according to Digital Foundry to 52fps, but mostly 60pfs. Link

      “…Most drops tend to be imperceptible, and in the end, we resorted to scanning hours of footage to track most shifts downwards from the 60fps mark. A screen filled with effects-spewing creatures isn’t necessarily the ticket to a frame-rate drop – even at its extremes the Xbox One holds up well save for a few choice moments….”
      According to the face-off at no point is the XB1 “…struggling..” at 1080p.

    • Jason Mounce

      It’s because I knew that Diablo 3 was 900p and was going to stick there until Phil Spencer went to them and said “No, this is not good”, which such a story can be found anywhere.

      Which is why my comment holds true and you shouldn’t have an issue with my post. It was going to infact be 900p and Blizzard was having issues, the very fact that Phil had to come in and tell them he was unsatisfied and that Blizzard infact ran into hurdles with a game as visually-lacking as Diablo 3 is my point. Yes, it came out fine in the end, I’m not saying it’s not 1080 or implying the FPS takes massive dips – but it’s the part of ‘They did struggle’ – and even a game like D3 almost was 900p. Similar with Xbox Ones’ ‘Trials Fusion’ being 900p and it’s just a side-scrolling dirtbike game.

    • Failz

      The Order runs at 800p at 30 frames.. lol and you blame Ryse? Also Killzone Multiplayer runs with less pixels then the X1’s Titanfall. I smell a sheep.

    • Jason Mounce

      I smell a fail post by Failz – What else is new. Way to +Thumb your own comment, not that I expect anything from you. I smell a sheep indeed, you should apply deodorant so you don’t reek so bad.

    • Failz

      Typical sheep that believes anything on the net. Ill be waiting for actual figures before claiming. Did you forget how they trick you with Killzone SF? How do you explain that little dilemma?

    • Jason Mounce

      “Typical sheep that believes anything on the net”

      You DO know that that means you’re calling yourself a sheep too, right? You already did quote something from the internet ‘before actual figures’ as you chimed in 800p from Somewhere….

      As for KZ? I’d agree that it felt deceptive – as I am not blind nor a fanboy. However, there’s no need to jump to nonsensical conclusions and pair One Example as if it clumps to Every example of similar events in resolution misconceptions or differences.

  • Guest

    More PR nonsense, did anybody really expect this game to struggle on the X1? And doesnt just really show the state the X1 is in? When games that should automatically be 1080p are used as some sort of accomplishment? Anyways, all these devs are diplomatic PR men

  • crizz1066

    Come on, this could probably run on my zx spectrum. Wonder how much m$ paid him to say that.


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