Xbox Execs: Microsoft Will Have A Big Impact Across The Globe In 2017, Excited To Share State of Decay 2 Info

The year of Scorpio continues.

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xbox scorpio

You know how we reported that Microsoft executives have already started hyping up 2017 as the year of the Scorpio? They aren’t stopping, either. In a bunch of new tweets, Josh Stein and Mark Ybarra of Xbox pumped up 2017 as the year that ‘Microsoft will have a big impact across the globe.’

That sentence is actually encouraging to me, because it suggests that Microsoft may be working on new things and perhaps designing the Xbox Scorpio with the global market in mind, as opposed to their traditional USA/UK/Canada centric view when designing their home consoles. Microsoft executives also seemed to be big into hyping up the upcoming State of Decay 2 this year, promising more information over the year.

The Xbox Scorpio is due to launch in Holiday season this year; it will be Microsoft’s new console, with a 6TFLOPs GPU, the most powerful home console ever made. That said, Microsoft have explicitly stated that they will aim for full intercompatiblity between Scorpio and Xbox One.

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  • Riggybro

    It’s always good to hear when these small business look to expand from their tiny multi-billion dollar base.

  • Code Geass Season3!!

    I’m already exited for the Scorpio and the games coming ou but if Microsoft can in some way add more to that then I welcome it.

    • Mark

      They have full 360 back compat coming on it, I believe. But u know, Mike Ybarra may have just meant Microsoft having a big impact, on a company-wide scale, not just Xbox and Scorpio….that’s how I read it

  • Michael

    Bad news for fans of that other console that doesn’t do native 4k

    • Riggybro


    • jp

      nah, the Pro, the Xbox One S upscales real 4K, not like the Pro with subpar resolutions… suclker

    • Riggybro

      Must be “subpar” then for the 20 million Xboxone customers who don’t have an S or a Scorpio then I guess.

  • Mr Xrat

    Slimy Mikey “We won’t make you pay for the same game twice! BTW p-please pre-order Rare Replay!” Ybarra. Another nasty goon MS brings out for the chimps to holler at.

    Can’t wait to see what garbage MS pioneer next.

    • Nintengods #SWITCHDOMINATION
    • Psionicinversion

      yeah because games they made 20-30 years ago are going to be on your system lol. cant wait for the PS5 where they will block you from playing all ps4 games and will dish of remasters again for you to buy. wonder what youll say then

    • Vondawcotton

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    • jp


    • Luke Skywalker

      I think sony is going to have ps4 bc for the ps5, any other way and they would just be shooting themselves in the foot especially when the competition will have it.

    • Psionicinversion

      Well it should just work anyway but they could always block it

  • crazy_black_man-

    Oh geeze…another small article based on some tweets. Slow news day.


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