Xbox Live Engagement Reached An All Time High Of 3.9 Billion Hours In 2016, Microsoft Says

Microsoft appear to have had a good year last year.

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While Microsoft still won’t share console sales numbers for Xbox, they are pretty open and transparent with sharing numbers for metrics that they do care about. One of those numbers happens to be user engagement on Xbox Live, which, Microsoft announced, reached an all time high in 2016, with 3.9 billion hours logged in by users over the year.

This was a 23% growth over last year, which Microsoft attributes to the launch of the highly successful Xbox One S, as well as the launch of all the new games for Xbox over the last year. While Microsoft didn’t say it, the more ready availability of Xbox Live on Windows 10 PCs surely has something to do with this growth as well.

That’s not all, either- Xbox One owners spent 265 million hours playing Xbox 360 games in 2016 via Xbox One Backward Compatibility, meaning Microsoft’s backwards compatibility initiative for their newest system is indisputably a hit. Meanwhile, Windows 10 users spent 2.5 billion hours playing games in November 2016 alone, which represents a 127% increase over November 2015.

Going forward, with Microsoft promising more games, hardware, and services for 2017, it will be exciting to see how Microsoft can continue to keep users engaged this year. It will also be interesting to see if their sales finally pick up to the point that they start reporting them again.

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  • This just tells me more online only games are being played. Destiny, The Division, Overwatch etc.

  • crazy_black_man-

    Because thats all they can brag about. No consoles sales goals. (PS4 sales at 54 million) No game sales goals. (Uncharted 4 sales at 8 million)

    “Xbox Live engagement” at an all time high. Dang, it sure is too bad Netflix ain’t still behind that Paywall huh? Hilariousness!

    • quantum

      So your showing off about less than a 1/5 of PS owners actually buying Sony’s biggest exclusive?…. and 1 million of them sales were actually bundled with the console? hmmmm
      You’re actually trolling yourself LMAO

    • Gamez Rule

      The Uncharted 4 Bundle was only available in NA with the PS4 Slim, so still showing great sales overall.

    • quantum

      It was good sales and I was one of them, considering the user base it should of easliy cleared 10m IMO. I was having a dig at that moron for twisting every bit of gaming news into an xbox bashing exercise.

    • Nintengods #SWITCHDOMINATION

      Wow. Movie sales. $onycucks really have nothing this year. They know Boreizon Zero Yawn is already trash and they are cucked by the superior version of Nier Automata on PC

      Six days till $onycucks are forever BTFO 🙂

    • Michael

      No, it’s embarrassing when your console can’t stay online long enough to get stats. #fixmybrokennetwork

  • Mr Xrat

    Duff statistics for a duff console.

    • Michael

      Sony’s Co sole can’t stay online long enough to get any stats…lol Psnotwork.

    • Michael

      Sony’s console can’t stay online long enough to get any stats…lol Psnotwork.

    • Tomaterrrx

      Duff upvotes for a duff person

  • Gamez Rule

    “Xbox One owners spent 265 million hours playing Xbox 360 games in 2016 via Xbox One Backward Compatibility,” That’s really good. But why play old games on a new system when newer games are on the shelves.. But that’s just my views. Better to have a choice than no choice at all I guess.

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