Xbox One Backwards Compatibility Used By Small Percentage of Players – Report

Ars Technica analyses 930K active players over five months.

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In light of Sony’s Jim Ryan commenting on players hardly using backwards compatibility in current gen consoles, Ars Technica has reported that about 1.5 percent of Xbox One usage from its sample pool uses the function.

Using a third party API which randomly samples usage data from 930,000 active Gamertags on Xbox One over five months, beginning from September 26th 2016 to February 12th 2017, the site analyzed more than 1.65 billion minutes of usage time. As noted, only 1.5 percent of that was spent on the backwards compatible Xbox 360 titles, which means 23.9 minutes per user during the period.

Individual games aren’t much better – Call of Duty: Black Ops was played by 3-4 of every 1000 active users with other titles not doing much better. Interestingly enough, none of the other backwards compatible games is even among the top 100 most popular Xbox One apps with regards to unique users.

It’s worth noting that this study doesn’t take into account the number of Xbox One users who pick up the system with backwards compatibility as a sort of secondary feature in mind. As Ars Technica notes, however, the figure would line up pretty well with Microsoft’s own reports. What are your thoughts on all this? Let us know below.

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  • Luke Skywalker

    I don’t really care how much people use it but all I can say is banjo and Kazooie is my little nephew’s favorite game. So thanks to backwards Compatibility he has turned into quite the gamer. I need to get a smaller wheel for him though because he wants to play forza horizon so bad but the controller isn’t really working for him.

  • Brenda Truex

    A lot of my friends play backward compatible games as do several family members. I play several different ones weekly. Don’t know who you tested but I think you are slightly off in numbers….

  • Ocelot forgot his meds

    More pony sites trying to damage control sony’s idiotic comments. The guy Ryan is an embarrassment and Sony won’t get a dime from me….

    No true 4k games (some as low as 720p on the pro with no PC textures or assets), no back compat, a $500 PSVR lie, inferior multiplats, no upgrade to shader model 6 textures, no improvements on 1080p TVs, no EA access, gimped mod support, no 4k 60fps game capture, no dedicated servers, no game pass downloading service, no 4k bluray, no digital refunds….and NO MULTIPLAYER GAMES as good as Xbox’s.

    • Holeybartender

      You poor deluted Xbox fanboy still trying to hold bc over PlayStation owner’s heads because we don’t have it. When will you learn we don’t and never had cared enough about it to begin with. We didn’t want it on PS3 so Sony took it out of the PS3 Slim,we didn’t want it when Sony asked us what we wanted in the PS4 and we still don’t want it just because Xbox has it.

  • Gamez Rule

    Like I posted on “Xbox Executive Responds To Sony’s Jim Ryan’s Comments About Backward Compatibility” when sharing his thoughts that he disagreed with Sony.

    “The most popular backward-compatible title in our sample, Call of Duty: Black Ops, was played by three or four out of every 1,000 active Xbox Live users, which is actually competitive with some of the most popular Xbox One titles”…..Shows BC is not used that much and what Sony stated is correct ( shown by these figures too )

  • stopbeingafanboy

    I’ve only used a few times to play Dead space 3 because I never played it before(damn you EA for mucking up the 3rd). It’s a great feature to have, but when I fire up the X1 or Ps4..I want to play NEW games!

  • Frank Miller

    The biggest issue to backwards compatibility are the titles. I’m not going to buy a 360 game to play on my Xbox One. I want to play the 360 games I already own. They may not be super popular and most of them have not been made available for compatibility, so I have to take this with a grain of salt.

    If the entire library of 360 games were available for compatibility, I believe the usage numbers would go up. Let’s face it, the first or second time you pop in a 360 title and it doesn’t work, you’re pretty much going to give up trying (I’m speaking about the average player & not someone who’s reading the compatibility lists).

  • Starman

    Using some bogus program to create an algorithm to track (very inaccurately , i might add)xbl users(if it were only that easy …all this right b4 E3 , They’re so transparent . this has been out how long now , and you come out with this now …e3 lmao .. gtfo.

  • The sample size in this is ridiculous and inaccurate. Less than 1M active users compared to the 50-70M XBL users, and 30M+ XB1’s sold? Give me a break…

  • Ocelot forgot his meds

    So this “survey” shows that Sony’s $800 million dollar investment in PSnow is a complete waste.

    Funny how Sony supports paid back compat with PSnow but not free back compat like on Xbox. Dumbest generation of gamers and media there has ever been.

  • crazy_black_man- ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

    The Xbox brand is a joke.

  • Riggybro

    I loved the response they gave:

    “Roughly 50% of xbox one owners have played, over 508 million hrs of gaming enjoyed”.

    So read between the lines – 50% of XB1 owners have used BC at least once (not 50% of XB1 users currently use BC).

    508 million hours. So in perspective over 18 months that’s 32 hours in total each (when divided evenly into 15 million XB1 BC users). Important to note here COD is #1 BC game.

  • Mr Xrat

    Yep. Just like their mediocre games they gloat about, when it comes to the crunch something else they’re smug about goes ignored. Xbox executives can spin and damage control it all they want.

  • Holeybartender

    NONE of it is bc,PS Now OR Xbox “bc”. Neither is bc because you’re just playing a digital version of the game. If it were really bc then the console would read and play off the disc. PS Now is streaming a digital game and Xbox “bc” is downloading a digital game to the system. No,Xbox One can’t do bc,it’s all a Microsoft lie. All you’re doing is using the Xbox disc to unlock a digital version of the game and playing the digital version off your harddrive,it is not backward compatibility.

    • Ocelot forgot his meds

      Take those meds on your way to the hospital fruitcake


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