Xbox One Can Run Windows 8 Games Using Almost the Same Code

Microsoft Japan confirms the same.

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Xbox One UI (2)
Remember when Microsoft was teasing that developers might be able to run Windows 8 games on the Xbox One due to the similarities in their interfaces? Well it turns out that it’s very much a possibility and requires very little extra work, according to Naoyuki Isogai, who is the Director of Xbox Marketing Group in Microsoft Japan.

Speaking to Game Revolution about the ability to turn any Xbox One into a development kit and about how big this would be for Japanese developers, Isogai stated, “Yep, I think it will be pretty big. This is a new system that will attract Japanese independent developers. Because, as I said, users can put something different than games on the right hand side of the screen, and this area not only gaming or video or music, but wide variety of apps could be posted in here. So they can try new things with Xbox One.

“And the apps posted in here are not only here, but could be expanded to full screen as well. It’s using Windows, so the development technology used for that is about the same as Windows 8. Windows apps are basically developed in what’s called Visual Studio. Furthermore, if anyone develops a game for Windows 8, they can take that game with almost the exact same code, to the Xbox One. It’s up to the developer if they want to or not.

When asked the follow-up question if a developer could really create something for Windows 8 and get it running on Xbox One using almost the same code, Isogai responded, “Yeah, almost the same code.”

Given the relatively larger selection of apps across Windows 8, this would give the Xbox One an even bigger edge in the casual market, something aided further by the use of Kinect and other multimedia functions. In fact, if developers create games for Windows 8, it will take virtually nothing to port said titles over to the Xbox One (like Halo Spartan Assault, for example). Will it help push the Xbox One past the PS4 when both consoles release this November? Stay tuned.

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  • Axe99

    Microsoft’s been working towards Windows in the living room for a long time, and the Xbox One is their living room play. I’m not sure if Windows is a huge draw for casuals though, I only know a handful of people that are really keen on it (particularly Windows 8). It’s not necessarily a bad thing, but I’d say that some of the reason for them launching the Xbox One so off-target with gamers was due to the focus on ‘winning’ the living room.

  • Angelo Ryū Tepes

    wow, pick up a x86 fusion chip with a BARELY modest GPU, build a mediocre shell around it, slap windows 8 on and sell it for 500$? KEEP IT…

    Ubuntu’s convergence is worth noting and admiring.. THIS however… is retarded..

    I’ll admit MS have done something the day they have PHONES capable of running the same game without a hiccup because a bunch of guys selling a FREE OS just did.

    • HalfBlackCanadian

      Yeah, pretty sure it’s not JUST Windows 8 under the hood, but thanks for playing.
      Also, phone compatibility is down to app developers knowing how to use the software. Unfortunately for MS devs have had years to play around with IOS and Android to have them (generally) down and if they even decide to port it’s usually last thought (has been anyway)

  • Sheldon Prescott

    Even more justification for the price difference. I’m interested in the system because of how gaming isn’t the SOLE purpose. I almost stopped gaming a while ago. I have other interests now. With this system, I think I’ll stay in the market.

  • Junior

    I know it sounds silly… Since its based on Windows 8… what about virus?? Is the X1 having a anti-virus?? LoL

  • c l

    The catch is that if you program for windows 8, you must use a managed language like c#, or that weird version of c++ that really is more like c# than c++ and they never call it managed but instead say ” It’s native code, that runs in an environment.”

    Most professional games are wrote in standard c++, you can’t write standard c++ code in the windows 8 style apps.


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