Xbox One Could be Around for as Long as Xbox 360

The Xbox One might live for 9 years or more, according to UK marketing director Harvey Eagle.

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It’s often been said that the PS4 and Xbox One will have longer cycles than the PS3 and Xbox 360, which is really saying something since the latter consoles lasted for almost nine years. Don’t be surprised if the Xbox One goes that long though. UK marketing director Harvey Eagle spoke to Tech Radar about the same and believes that the Xbox One could be around for an equally long time.

“Look I mean the Xbox 360 generation is 9 years old and still going strong. I think [Xbox One] is going to be around for equally long time and if you think about it we’re really at the very start and I am very optimistic about the future.”

Eagle also spoke about the negative response the console was met with before release.”You can’t change things, and we understand the feedback.

“In one sense we’re quite lucky that we have bunch of people that care and want to tell us how we can make it better. I’ve been around the business for 14 or 15 years and we didn’t have the benefit of that insight in the past.

“You didnt get that real time feedback and I think we’re quite lucky and I’m really proud that we listen and act and we’ve done that quickly.”

What are your thoughts on the Xbox One being around for nine years or even more? Let us know below.

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  • GHz

    Microsoft told us 10 yrs from day one. This guy isn’t saying anything new. How is this possible? programmable hardware/software is the thing now and XB1 is prepped and ready. Global network infrastructure. Server farms on every major continent. Out of the big three, MS is 1st in China and wearing a big shoe size at that. MS means business.

  • d0x360

    I really hope not. Neither of these consoles has the muscle to keep up with PC gaming. Last generation lasted because the hardware was all custom designed for maximum performance. This generation was designed for cost cutting. If these consoles last 4 years I’d be shocked and at that point PC gaming should be so far ahead it will be laughable.

    Had these consoles been designed with cutting edge hardware this would be a different story. I could see 6-7 years easy but that’s just not the case.


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