Xbox One Dev: ‘We Have Just As Many Pre-order Numbers As PS4’, Details Snapping Feature

A million and maybe more? Yep.

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Remember how Sony boasted about having excellent pre-order numbers for the PlayStation 4, boasting roughly 1 million pre-orders before launch? Till now, we haven’t learnt too much about how the pre-order numbers for the Xbox One are looking…until an Xbox One developer talked about the same recently on Reddit.

As per this reply, the dev stated, “When I saw reports of Sony having a million or 1.5 million pre-orders for the PS4, I didn’t even think twice about it. We’re not disclosing pre-order numbers at the moment for accounting reasons but I know for a fact we have just as many. Don’t be bogged by published statistics. At the end of all this, what matters is the games you want to play.

“Which games will people go back to over and over. Go with that. Look at the list of exclusive launch titles for each console. I’m quite curious how Microsoft will put consoles on shelves at launch day given that almost every console we made and will make until launch are accounted for.”

Xbox One Snap
The developer also talked about the Xbox One’s Snap Mode, and how it will work. “Snapping can be done in two ways. One is via the controller by selecting the ‘Snap an app’ button on the Home screen. This will show a list of apps that are snap capable. The other is via voice commands. ‘Xbox, snap X.’

“The majority of the apps that come at launch can be snapped, though not all. Some apps are by design only to run in snapped mode. As more apps will be developed in the future by third parties, they can choose whether an app can be snapped based on what kind of experience the app will provide. Game titles do not have the option be to snap enabled (shrunken to 1/4 size) even if the developer wants to.

“What MajorNelson confirmed is that once you have an app snapped, it will by default have focus. You can then press the center button twice to switch focus back to your original app/game. E.g You are playing a game. You say ‘Xbox snap Internet Explorer.’ Your controller is now controlling the browser and not the game. Tap the center button twice to switch back to the game.”

The Xbox One will be launching on November 22nd across 13 territories. Are you excited about it? Let us know in the comments below.

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  • Guest

    Of course they are going to get better numbers in the end. The Xbox One has more functionality appealing to a much wider target audience than just pauper gamers with low IQ that are the only ones that buy a PoS4.

    • You are flat out wrong

      Xbone: the ultimate cancer containment console.

    • Rosendo Campos

      Japboy….fuck you very much.

    • You are flat out wrong

      Hi, dumb Rosendo. What happened to your old account? Why didn’t the marketer who posted that make another fake name?

    • Rosendo Campos

      Simple. Cuz you act like a crying japboy who needs attention.

    • You are flat out wrong

      So why didn’t you just log back into your old account, Retardo Campsite? Did you get flustered and forget it?

    • Rosendo Campos

      GO back to japan, POS

    • You are flat out wrong

      Crawl back to your Youtube account, Zaire.

  • You are flat out wrong

    Just think, Xbox Mafia. This is the generation where Microsoft finally gets kicked out of the console industry! Valve will then step in to fill the void and we’ll finally have the Valve/Sony/Nintendo master alliance we deserve.

    • Rosendo Campos

      GO back to japan, POS liar

    • You are flat out wrong

      Awwww, poor Retardo. You sound upset.

      Xbone lost. :'(

    • Rosendo Campos

      Hey Japdick, You are flat out gay

    • You are flat out wrong

      Wow, Retardo Campsite! You sure got me there!

      Shot in the heart /
      And you’re to blame /
      Xbox One has no games!

    • Rosendo Campos

      You are flat out turd/
      Go back to japan with your PoS4/

    • You are flat out wrong

      Mmmmm, your bitter Xdrone tears, so good!

    • Rosendo Campos

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    • You are flat out wrong

      The Xbone’s going down and all drones can do is cry bitterly! ^_^

    • Rosendo Campos

      Shu is a bitter crying girl/
      goodbye pauper girl/
      USA won’t miss you!

    • You are flat out wrong

      Wow, looks like Retardo Campsite is Zaire Johnson! What a twist!

    • Rosendo Campos

      GO back to japan Shu, from now on,u can talk freely with my hand

    • You are flat out wrong

      Why not make another Youtube video, Zaire, so we call laugh at that too! ^_^

  • Tony

    Hopefully soon the financially troubled Sony Corporation will go bankrupt in a few years and they will leave the console market for good. And Microsoft as usual will be declared the king (as they usually are). Enjoy the “PISS 4” while u still can fanboys !

    • You are flat out wrong

      Microsoft has been flopping in every hardware attempt it’s made for the last decade. Xbox has made a continual loss since the start. Won’t be long before the stockholders finally break and jettison that crap brand. It’s gonna be a lovely day! ^_^

    • GameonAll

      Sony sold the Ps3 hardware at a loss and in fact only Nintendo has made money on console sales over the last gen – due only to their use of inferior hardware – so good luck with that prediction – The windows pcs that most of the world still uses makes up for any windfall in xbox sales check the reports

    • You are flat out wrong

      I’m aware of that. I’m also aware that Sony’s life insurance and banking subsidiaries pick up the slack for Playstation and that MS has never turned a profit on Xbox unlike Sony who did so with the PS1 and PS2. Pity the PS3 managed to destroy that, but that’s Mad Ken Katuragi for you.

  • jake

    Anyone who believes this is a fool… if they had just as many, they would mention numbers. Anyone believe this “accounting” bullshit. Sony had no trouble telling numbers.

    • Dakan45

      Sony has no trouble lying in your faces for years.

  • tech

    Wow. Things looking worse and worse for DelayStation4.

  • Billy

    Ok this is what everyone should be reading it has specs for the Xbox One and talks about some of both systems.

  • Billy

    Here is a quote for you all “They also report that Call of Duty: Ghosts is the top pre-ordered game for both consoles with 298,000 for the PS4 and 330,000 on the Xbox One” Looks like Xbox One is in the lead if you go by the top selling game and the only one that knows how many pre-orders MS has for Xbox One is still MS. We will see in a month maybe, because they may not release the actual numbers until weeks after. Here is the link I got the quote from.

  • Steven Solidarios

    PS1, PS2, PS3, PSP, VITA, PS4, GAIKAI VS. XBOX 1, XBOX 360, XBONE (SOMEONE FORGOT HOW TO FUCKING COUNT!) Who really won the current generation of consoles…..the Wii. Cheaper system always wins. WiiU has barely any developers so I guess that leaves it to the PS4. Sony has their shit in order this time. Easy to program for, tons of power and bandwidth, awesome games (even if they are not available at launch), caters to the indie developers hard, doesn’t charge for rechargeable batteries for the controllers, $100 less than xbone, has Gaikai which will stream back catalog of games and potentially games that were never on the playstation brand (PC, NeoGeo, Arcade, etc.), mandates that all games on Ps4 be 1080p, cheaper online alternative to live on a yearly basis, doesn’t force you to buy a camera that no one really needs, doesn’t try to make you watch tv through them so they can see your interests and push ads to you, just basically treats you like a gamer that wants a great deal on great games! Oh and BTW, I’m not a “fanboy”. I’ve had every major games system from my uncles Magnavox Odyssey 2 to the current Wii/360×2/Ps3x2 inceptions. If you can’t already tell my distain for xbone comes from the fact that they are trying to pull a 3DO. Doing too much and trying to charge for it. Sony did the same thing with Ps3 and it seams they have learned from it. Sony was originally going to launch the Ps3 with no graphics card. It was going to allocate everything to the cell processor. Thats why they were selling that portion of the system so hard. In the end the developers knew it would be a programming nightmare to go that route and Sony was forced to shoehorn the nvidia chip inside. You were paying for an awesome cpu, an ok graphics chip, Ps2, and Ps1 hardware, plus a brand spanking new Blu Ray drive. With the price being so high, 360 priced lower and released a year earlier, Microsoft got a foot in on the market. Ps3 was quite expensive. I still have a day one Ps3 and never had any problems with it. The 360’s however have been replaced 2 times from light gaming. As in 3 hour weekend sessions for 4 months. Not exactly the stress test for “next gen” systems right? I felt ripped off by Microsoft as they rushed to get their systems out to beat Sony’s. Forgive but don’t forget! The tide is changing. Sony has the upper hand this time and if you don’t believe it, you will see it. I love my games. I always will. No matter the system. Honest! But I refuse to be ripped off again and have already decided in PS4 and if they get any games….the WiiU. Oh and PC but that shit gets expensive and addicting fast! Hope you make the right decision…….. Rant finished.

    • Kelvin Roy Leek

      two reasons the ps3 sold so many 1.was cheep way to get Blu-ray 2.was free online multi player. funny how after all sonys past lies you suddenly trust everything they say.

    • Steven Solidarios

      Because having multiple 360’s fail on me is SO easy to forget! Typically when I purchase something, I like for it to work even in the few times I actually get to use it. Blu Ray is awesome if you have the right setup. If you are just watching on a 40″ with no surround sound, well, it doesn’t seem that exciting. Free multiplayer is a great value if you think about how much money you can save after all these years. But Sony still gave a choice with Playstation Plus. The most guilty thing Sony did was trying to force Microsoft out of the game by making Ps3 so difficult to develop for, they wouldn’t have time to develop for the 360. They originally were just going to have a cell only system. One problem. Too hard to develop for. So they caved and shoe horned a nvidia gpu in and charged a ton for the first 2 years o the systems’ life! But I still purchased that day one system and its still running without having any problems. All my friends have all three current gen consoles right now. The only one we are ever on is Ps3 because the 360’s were never reliable.

    • Kelvin Roy Leek

      lol but you see even with the problems early 360s had, all you had to do was take it back to the shop purchased and get a new one with another 12 months warranty from the shop. yes there were problems but they were delt with very well by ms ,

    • Kelvin Roy Leek

      only the first 360 had reliability problems non with the slims

    • Steven Solidarios

      Problems were caused by the fact Microsoft didn’t care about putting out a system they knew had problems. All they were concerened with was getting their foot in the market by releasing shit a year early. And some didn’t fail the first 12 months because they didn’t use the system heavily. You know why they sold so many systems? Because people had to go buy replacements for all the systems that were RROD & E74 outside of the warranty window. Yeah, they handled it real well for Microsofts profits!

  • Steven Solidarios
  • Jack Slater

    For the guy above with the picture about Tflops punching Sony, and all the others,

    Since you just finished your degree at Harvard, section ‘clown’, can you tell us, among +-120-150million xbox360 and ps3 players, how many can play and experience games like uncharted 3, the last of us, halo 4 or gears of war, and have the exact same quality.
    Correct me please, I counted between 120 and 150 million gamers.

    Now, tell us, with your infinite knowledge, how many PC gamers in the world, and I mean really power demanding games, not a cut the rope or angry birds games, can play a cry sis 3, battlefield 4, BioShock infinite, metro, witcher 2 or 3, etc, at

    3840*2160@+60fps@very high——???
    3840*2160@+30fps@very high——???
    ———-maybe 1 gamer out of 10’000——–

    2560*1600@+60fps@very high——???
    ———-maybe 100 gamers out of 10’000——–

    2560*1600@+30fps@very high——???
    ———-maybe 250 gamers out of 10’000——–

    1920*1080@+60fps@very high——???
    ———-maybe 500 gamers out of 10’000——–

    1920*1080@+30fps@above medium—–???
    1650*900@30-60fps@low to high—–??.
    ———-maybe 9000 gamers out of 10’000——-

    It’s just insane how many billion pc guys like you dare comparing, stating,affirming, bragging, bashing consoles, trying to show the world how many times PCs are much more powerful than consoles, with gazilions teraflops ready to shit trillions^billions of triangles.
    Damn, if with all the super computers and projects like folding@home, with all that power, we can’t even cure cancer, or hair loss, or much smaller things, for curing stupidity, even all the planets and systems of mass effect , with salarians, protheans and asaris, all together,wouldn’t be powerful enough for curing stupidity, or at least, reduce it.

    With all these resolutions, I just want to show to the few guys that are capable of thinking that NOT everybody has titan cards spread all over the house. Most gamers have really modest specs, and playing in ultra, very high or high, only in their dreams. Do you think everybody has 30″ monitors, or even 27″ that can do 2560*1440 pixels? Even the 27″ is 400-500$.

    So please, guys, stop trying to prove something to anybody. Next gen consoles being able to do 1080p60fps, you just hate it. But accept it or not, many many many PC gamers can’t even touch those specs and graphics, with their modest PCs.

    Who do you try to fool? Most geeks, or hardcore PC gamers are still students, and are like 13-18-20yo, living with their parents. Do you think we will believe they, or their parents, will buy 27-30″ monitors at 500-1000$, 300-500$ CPUs, 400-700$ graphic cards, 300-400$ for 16gb of ddr3 @2400-2800, 300$ motherboards, and 200-500$ for cases, bluray player, big Noctua fans, 1200w gold PSU, etc etc.?

    Come on, guys, stop looking like spoiled idiot kids, and be realistic, for 10 minutes. A minority has that kind of rigs. Maybe 1-2%. All the others have from high-average setups to really weak systems, bought at electronics stores, like HP, Acer, Packard bell, bundled with printers,antivirus and office.

    Once again, please stop. We know PCs are much more powerful than a ps4, for example. But no ALL PCs. Is it hard to understand? Why you guys fell so insecure to the point you feel the need to always show this or prove that. When we have nothing to fear, we are cool, peace of mind.

    What is a pity is all those teraflops on those cards, all those CPUs, ram, etc, and games aren’t absolutely not optimized.
    A direct x11.1 game, in 2013, at ultra, should be using at least 40-50 gigas of HD space for giant ultra high def textures, should use 100% of each CPU core, all the time, and should be using 95% of the available system ram. If the guy has 32gb of ram, the game should be using 95% of it. If only they were optimized.

    Thankfully, next gen consoles, 1st party devs will be maxing out the systems, and if there are 6.45gb of ram, an uncharted 4 will use 6.45gb of ram ALL the time.

    If PC guys already hate next gen, because they can do 1080pat 60fps, whether its ultra or high or medium, prepare yourself to cry, when, in 2 years or less, the ps4 start using all the power + those 8*8=64 command paths, where on PCs there are only 2, still today. The first pics of a god of war or uncharted, using 4-5-6 GB of ram, it’s gonna hurt, I promise you.



  • DelsinRowe

    LMFAO what a load of bullshit. Talk about desperate.


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