Xbox One eSRAM Hasn’t Affected Wwise Audio Middleware Development, PS4/Xbox Similar From Audio Side

Audiokinetic’s Mike Drummelsmith talks about this generation of consoles being much easier to work with.

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GamingBolt had a chance to speak to Audiokinetic senior sales representative Mike Drummelsmith, whose company has worked on the video game audio development middleware Wwise, used in numerous popular titles. This time, we asked Drummelsmith about the Xbox One’s eSRAM and it’s impact on the development of Wwise tools.

Though the PS4 and Xbox One are very similar in their architecture – both featuring custom AMD CPUs and GPUs – they are distinct in that the former uses 8 GB GDDR5 unified RAM and the latter uses eSRAM. Some developers have pointed out issues with the eSRAM and it’s even been called out for resulting in a lower resolution for some games. What was Drummelsmith’s take on its effects for Wwise?

“As with any new hardware, there are always funky complexities and quirks to work around. Luckily in this particular situation, it hasn’t affected us. As I mentioned above, having the extra audio processor on the Xbox One has had both benefits and detriments for us, but we’ve worked through them.

“Last generation, the situation was reversed, and we had to work hard through the complexity of the PS3. Comparatively, this generation has been much easier to work with. From our perspective on the audio side, the two systems are pretty much the same, though we get the secondary output on PS4 (playing sounds through the controller, like in Resogun), which is a pretty neat feature.”

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  • Vance

    I don’t see why esram would have an effect on the audio. I mean it’s even on a separate block than the esram which have very little to no contact with it.
    once again gamingbolt, I think you’re asking the wrong questions here.

    now look on the xbox one layout and explain to your readers why the esram would affect the audio. thanks.

    • d0x360

      Either they don’t understand how technology works or they do and just want traffic from n4g. They constantly ask these people about esram and api but when you read the interviews it blatantly appears whoever is asking the questions hasn’t got a clue what api even means or how it even works. Then the n4g traffic floods in gaining them ad revenue and fills the comments with crazy fanboy nonsense arguing about specs and calling people idiots.

    • Psionicinversion

      its cus the havnt got a clue.

  • d0x360

    This is a joke right? You need to get someone who understands technology to do these interviews. ESRAM is for the GPU it is not for the CPU nor with DSP chipset which handles audio. Why would audio ever be held in graphic memory?

    Come on guys…I get that these articles about specs and api drive traffic from n4g but its time to move onto quality content. That brings permanent traffic and things like this very misinformed article make me regret being a regular.

  • demfax

    Another positive article about the xbox one. I wish I’d gotten this instead of PS4.

  • rodney patrick

    i see gamingbolt don’t like the truth.stop with the redundant articles

  • Mark

    If one thing about games do not interest me, it’s audio! I wanna read about what’s on screen son.


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