Xbox One ESRAM Is A Bottleneck, DirectX 12 Is Not The Solution

‘Microsoft cheaped out on the RAM.’

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Xbox One Without Kinect

One of the issues of the Xbox One so far has been that in terms of pure hardware grunt, it’s outmatched by the PlayStation 4. This has led to multiplats generally being better on Sony’s console, and on the Xbox One, they routinely fail to bit the ‘next gen’ resolution of 1080p. And while a whole host of recent developments- the decoupling of the Kinect from the console, which frees up system resources, a new SDK, and the introduction of DirectX 12 APIs to the console- have fostered the hope that these issues may soon be a thing of the past, apparently, the issue comes from somewhere else entirely, and it’s too fundamental to be fixed.

Stardock’s CEO Brad Wardell, took to his Twitter again to talk about the Xbox One. He explained that Microsoft cheaped out on the RAM, which creates a physical memory bandwidth bottleneck, causing issues for developers trying to reach 1080p. He also said that DirectX 12 wasn’t necessarily helpful- performance boosts will be directly proportional to the number of on screen objects, he said, which should be great for a game like an RTS, but meaningless for something like an FPS. You know, the kinds of games Xbox One will have the most of.

Of course, all said and done, all of this is meaningless- if a game is great, it is great, and specs don’t matter. But at the very least, this shows us why developers seem to prefer the development environment provided by Sony for the PS4 to Microsoft’s erstwhile industry defining Xbox environment.

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  • psowner

    xbox sucks btw

  • YouAreFlatOutWrongisWrong

    Dear oh dear, obvious clickbait article is obvious.

  • FPS. The kind of games the Xbox will have the most of? LOL. They have the same FPS and one additional exclusive shooter each. Halo and Killzone. I’m sorry but this article is rubbish.

  • lubba

    really? So who’s complaining?

  • Overhyped_And_Underpowered

    Being a console is a bottleneck.

    But then no devs want to reveal the dirty secret that the transfer rate is so bad on PS4 that massive comprimises need to be hit for deffered rendering on PS4 including disabling V-Sync and Deffered games will be mainly 30FPS on PS4

    Two crappy bottlenecked consoles. Hilarious. Get a PC if you want REAL gaming.

  • Michael Norris

    We already knew this…

  • Rooster41

    Ok castle Wolfenstien new order, Destiny, Sniper Elite, Forza 5, Forza Horizons, NBA 2K14, 2K15, NBA Live 2014,2015 Madden, FIFA, Alien Isolation, and so many others runs at 1080p natively on Xbox One so obviously developers are achieving 1080p on Xbox One

    • Matt

      You’re such a derp. Everyone knows xbone is weak. So what if they can hit 1080p. There will be some other visual effect they had to sacrifice to hit it. That’s what a hardware limitation is. So, carry on with your derping.


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