Xbox One Exclusive Gears of War 4 Targeting 60fps, Promises To Be A ‘Graphical Showcase’

Rod Fergusson wants this game to be as much of a game changer on the Xbox One as the original was on the Xbox 360.

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Gears of War 4

It seems like it’s been a little while since we’ve heard a whole lot about Gears of War 4. That dry spell looks to be over, thanks to an interview with Rod Fergusson by the Official Xbox Magazine. In that interview, Fegusson talked about not only the content of the game, but also what the development team wants as far as  what it will look like when all is said and done.

Referring to Gears of War Ultimate Edition, he said “delivering the first 60fps multiplayer experience in franchise history really taught us a lot about what it means to have a 60fps culture on the team and we’re leveraging that experience for Gears of War 4.” . The studio head said that the original Gears of War was a “graphical showcase” on the Xbox 360, and they are  attempting to deliver the same kind of experience for the Xbox One.

It must be noted that Fegusson is possibly pointing towards 60fps support for multiplayer as the Ultimate Edition’s campaign ran at 30fps. Considering that there have been a number of games released on the Xbox One that have certainly been a graphical showcase, it doesn’t seem like his goal is that unrealistic. Even the ultimate edition version of Gears of War is a pretty nice looking game. The in game screenshots that have been released to go along with the gameplay footage certainly look pretty darn good. We’ll likely get to see whether or not Fergusson was able to achieve his goal as Gears of War 4 is due to release later this year.

Via: Nerdleaks.

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  • Fweds

    Looks like it’s going to be a great game.

  • One With Shadows

    Anyone notice how MS killed BOTH of these franchise’s? I mean, 2 great original IPs and now they’re 3rd party imitators. Sad really.

    • Reclaimer13

      Almost as sad as how Sony killed SF.

    • One With Shadows


    • Amyekaiser

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    • Reclaimer13

      Street Fighter

    • One With Shadows

      Oh I thought you were talking about a real game. Lol.

    • Rodney Patrick


    • One With Shadows

      Hey everybody, its Homie the Clown again!! No stereotypical “momma” “jokes” today?

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