Xbox One Exec: New IPs And Bigger Games Expected In 2016, Halo 5 Will “Define A Generation”

‘Halo’s success is good for the industry.’

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Gears of War 4

Microsoft has done an incredible job of pulling themselves back together- after spending five years with a slim catalog of exclusives and only a few first party studios and games, they have spent the last few years working on building up an enviable portfolio of Xbox exclusive games, via internal first party studios and partnerships with second party developers. It is starting to show and Microsoft plans on continuing with this in 2016, and beyond, with more new IPs, and more games other than the ones we know of, like Gears of War 4, Crackdown 3 and Quantum Break.

“Yeah, absolutely [you can expect more new games and IPs in 2016]!” Anshu Mor, head of Xbox operations in India, said to GamingBolt. “I think you know – I can safely tell you – Xbox fans can always look forward to more exclusives, more new IPs and you know bigger and bigger games. There is no doubt about it.”

That sounded nice and everything, but we wanted to be sure if we could expect more new IPs going forward, beyond just the reliance on the traditional Halo/Gears/Forza cycle. So we asked him, point blank, if Xbox is invested in creating and cultivating new IPs, to which he replied, in no uncertain terms, that they are “deeply invested, yeah.”

It’s nice to have the assurance of new franchises- especially since Microsoft has been known to cultivate and grow franchises into veritable phenomena. The best instance of this we have is Halo, which is still the Xbox’s signature franchise, and which gets its fifth installment later this month. We asked Mr. Mor whether the pressure was on on Halo 5 to deliver.

“Yeah, you know , the Halo franchise is a cult franchise for us, there’s no doubt about it, so a lot of the people are, you know, Halo fans… and all the big games that I could think of are launching. It’s like, you know, I don’t know, when we will get time to play them entirely? But again, this is very huge, Halo is very big, Forza is very big, then obviously, FIFA and all, which are third party games, are very big, right? So it’s like a gaming festival which is going to happen in the next two or three months right now. The success of Halo always is big for the category and I think it’s big for the industry as well. It’s one of the games which defines a generation, really.”

It’s easy to see that Microsoft feels comfortable right now, with them entering the approaching holiday season with an extremely strong lineup of exclusives, as well as all the big blockbuster multiplatform games as well. They have done their part well- now it remains to be seen how the market will respond to their efforts.

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  • Fweds

    Great time to have an Xbox One especially with all the new incoming changes, backward compatibility ,Windows 10 OS, PC integration, cloud computing with Crackdown etc and amazing AAA games like Forza 6, Halo Guardians, Rise of tomb raider, Rare replay, Fallout 4 with Mods day one and a FREE copy of Fallout 3 all being available this year.

    • Fweds

      Reserved to keep subject on topic from the Sony Lapdogs, “XbotMK1” etc.

    • Herald of Gaben

      How about those AA batteries in the Xbox One controller and the broken buggy UI and garbage network it launched with?

    • JoinTheRest

      Id rather batteries than 3 hours of gametime before the ps controller dies. Xbox windows 10 ui demolishes ps4 ui and psn is the most garbage network ever lmao you must be upset having nothing but anime and indie games

    • kreator


    • Sloth

      I don’t see what is wrong with the current UI, it works for me just fine. Although the new one looks pretty sweet.

    • kreator

      Those same AA batteries last twice as long as the PS3.5 controllers!

    • Cenarl

      Speaking as a PC gamer who uses 360 controllers. Rechargeable AA batteries with long life i can swap out when needed vs having to plug in to cord? Is this a trick question?

    • Rockz

      Seriously, whose bot/alt accounts are all of those?

  • XbotMK1

    It’s a good thing for the industry that the Xbox One failed from the start. Xbox fanboys like Fweds, GamerJudge, Terminator, and their dupe accounts are the only ones still defending it with their hypocrisy. The people in the media who’ve been l*cking Microsoft’s b*tt and supporting the Xbox One since launch are also to blame. People seem to forget all the lies Microsoft made and the way they were abusing consumers for their own anticompetitive greedy goals. People seem to forget how Microsoft fked everyone on the Xbox 360.

    The same people who have been trying to downplay the PS4 since day one and defended the Xbox One’s garbage broken UI since launch are the same people who now get excited for the new Xbox One UI which was inspired by the PS4 UI.

    The same people who defended the Xbox Live paywall last generation even though Microsoft didn’t really improve their network for the duration of the Xbox 360 are the same people who now boast about getting free games on Xbox Live, a feature stolen from Sony who offered a free network.

    The same fanboys who defended the Xbox Live paywall last gen are the same people who now beg for free multiplayer simply because Microsoft made them look dumb when they announced Xbox Live would be free on PC and now that PSN has upped it’s game and is more popular than Xbox Live.

    The same fanboys who defend their Xbox plastic over PC, are now the same fanboys who think integration with Windows 10 PCs is “da bomb”, even though it proves Microsoft doesn’t really care about consoles and just wants to transition back to PC to lock you down to their operating system where they can fk you without resistance.

    The same fanboys who touted Ryse, Titanfall, and Dead Rising 3 as Xbox One exclusives are the same fanboys who think FF14, Planetside 2, and DCUO shouldn’t count as PS4 exclusives.

    The same fanboys who say Sony is broke and can’t afford 3rd party exclusives, and bragged about Ryse, Titanfall, Dead Rising 3, Sunset Overdrive, and Tomb Raider are now the same fanboys who praise Phil Spencer when he announced that they’re dropping 3rd party exclusives in favor of first party exclusives, which is something Sony has been doing since the late PS2 era.

    The same fanboys who say Sony is broke and can’t afford AAA exclusives, are the same fanboys who praise Phil Spencer for droping 3rd party exclusives, when the PS4 has more AAA “first party” exclusives than the Xbox One.

    The same fanboys who say Sony is broke and Microsoft has huge cash reserves, are the same fanboys who ignore how Phil Spencer recently stated, “I’m not focusing on catching PS4 sales, I’m just trying to make Xbox profitable because if it’s not, I can’t guarantee it will exist in the future”.

    Without a doubt, the Xbox community is the most hypocritical, delusional, and pathetic of them all. Everything they downplay on PC and PS4, they praise when it is applicable to the Xbox brand.

    These “Xbox fanboys” aren’t really “Xbox fanboys”. They’re really “Microsoft fanboys”. There is a difference. They don’t really like their console, they just want a PS4 with a Microsoft logo. They don’t really like their console, they just follow and praise whatever Microsoft does because they think Microsoft is some sort of god that does things for the sole purpose of pleasing those that are loyal. That is why they praise whatever Phil Spencer says even though he is a corporate executive doing his job and isn’t really telling the truth about what really goes on behind the scenes at Microsoft.

    • YuriFan

      This is just sad.

    • Tga215

      Just pathetic

    • Mark


    • DLConspiracy//

      He thinks he is better than those people. It really is sad.

    • Kidd

      Would you stfu Ps4 sold twenty something million consoles & you yourself are not going to get everyone to boycott Microsoft so stop.

    • GamerJudge
    • Mark

      Hahaa, oh man

    • Cenk Algu

      hahaha that was realy good.

    • JerkDaNERD7

      PS4 doesn’t need your defending, it’s selling well arleady. You’re just sad. lol

    • Kinect

      lol So true! XD

    • Sol Pro

      Looks like the insecurities about his ps4 against xbox is getting to him. He realized that ps4 has copied xbox from the very beggining trying to dupe everything xbox does and sell it as new like how china does. But japan being so similar to china there no question that they copy just like them. Sony’s culture of copy paste will end soon as xbox has the innovations and creativeness that sony don’t

    • Omnipotent
    • “[I]t’s a good thing for the industry that the Xbox One failed from the start.”

      I stopped reading at that nonsensical, revisionist history. Do explain how the fastest selling Xbox in history equals “failed from the start”. It is the exact opposite of that. On second, thought, don’t explain it. I don’t care to read whatever nescient response you vomit out this time.

    • OC Guy

      Why are you on a article about X1 when you obviously don’t like it?
      What kind of loser does that? Your life can’t be that pathetic, can it? I mean are you that invested in your Ps4 that you feel you have to actually defend it from other peoples opinion? Are you worried that the PS4 your mom bought you will actually be sad if someone out there says they like the X1 or Nintendo WiiU over it? Time for some therapy little guy.

    • plop6759

      Instead of constantly bashing Xbox, why don’t you actually tell us all what’s so great about the PS4. I personally have 3 Xbox One’s, all with Kinect, love the games and features and the fact that it has become the hub of whichever room I’m in. Yet I can do this without having to scour the internet trashing the PS4. Here’s 15 reasons why I would choose Xbox One over the competition. Note that I’m not attacking the PS4, simply pointing out the differences.

      1. It will play my Audio CD’s which the PS4 currently will not.

      2. It can connect up to 8 controllers for local co-op. The PS4 supports 4.

      3. Support for external drives makes it far more convenient to expand your storage than having to open up the console and physically replace the one that came as standard as is the case with the PS4. It’s also easier to carry my games collection to a mates house on a portable drive rather than having to lug my console around having to disconnect, pack up and reconnect each time.

      4. Kinect opens up controller free gaming options not available anywhere else whilst games like Fruit Ninja Kinect 2, Dance Central Spotlight and Kinect Sports Rivals can entice people who usually would never use a console to get involved. Also Kinect lets me select any digital content I own by simply saying “Xbox Go To Netflix” or “Xbox Go To Assassins Creed Black Flag” etc. It just makes everything easier.

      5. Running the TV source through the hdmi input of the Xbox One and using the One Guide and Kinect to control channel selection, volume and mute features with your voice still impresses after nearly two years.

      6. The USB TV adapter on an Xbox One will give you HD channels far crisper than the usual non HD over the air channels that many TV’s have as standard.

      7. Ergonomically the controller is by far the most comfortable available and the rumble triggers give great tactile feedback when playing. The new Elite controller takes this to the next level.

      8. Skype is built in to Xbox One. I’ve used it to keep in contact with friends working in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia as well as family in Australia which means I can connect with phones, tablets or PC’s without the device becoming an issue.

      9. Snapping is how the Xbox One achieves multitasking. Many of the applications like Audio CD Player or Skype can be snapped to the right hand fifth of the screen and work at the same time as you enjoy your main content (games, TV) on majority of the screen. So you can actually listen to a CD or watch TV whilst gaming or receive a Skype call without missing what you’re watching on TV. I’ve got a simple game called “Threes” which I can snap to the side and play while I’m watching TV on the main partition. Great for a blast between shows or when the ads are on.

      10. Backwards Compatibility lets you enjoy Xbox 360 games you may already own at no extra cost. This feature launches with the new update in November with over 100 titles available at launch with more being rolled out over the coming months.

      11. Games with Gold will become a more rewarding experience for the Xbox One from November when all future Xbox 360 games that become available to download for free will be backwards compatible so that means FOUR inclusive games a month playable on the Xbox One.(2 Xbox One titles & 2 Xbox 360 titles)

      12. Xbox Live is the most stable and secure multiplayer gaming service which Microsoft has invested heavily in and whilst not perfect is still comfortably ahead of the competition, especially concerning DDOS attacks and personal data protection.

      13. Windows 10 will bring with it a fast new streamlined interface and introduce universal apps from the PC to the console which will expand the console’s functionality.

      14. DX12 is introduced with Windows 10. Microsoft’s latest API is designed to be the most efficient ever and will squeeze more power from the Xbox One enabling future games to have more detail, run smoother and have more effects than ever before.

      15. The games. This is THE reason to choose an Xbox One now over the nearest competition. What exclusive first person shooter will be better than Halo 5 this year? What exclusive racer will be better than Forza Motorsport 6 this year? What exclusive third person shooter will be better than Gears Of War this year? What exclusive single player adventure will be better than Rise Of The Tomb Raider this year? What exclusive compilation will offer better value than Rare Replay this year? Not to mention Fable Legends and Gigantic both hitting before the years end for FREE. Plenty of older games worth picking up cheap like Dead Rising 3, Killer Instinct, Ryse Son Of Rome, Sunset Overdrive, Forza Horizon 2, Halo Masterchief Collection and Ori And The Blind Forrest. The line up for 2016 with Quantum Break, Crackdown 3, Recore, Scalebound, Sea Of Thieves, Gears Of War 4, Halo Wars 2 and Cuphead amongst many others ensures that anyone buying an Xbox One will not have to wait for greatness.(Okay, that was a little dig)
      I haven’t even included streaming to any Windows 10 PC or tablet on your network or the cross-buy incentives.

      Come on XbotMk1, try and sell me the positives of the PS4.

      Here’s Number One for you. Some multiplatform games run at a marginally higher native resolution on the PS4 than the Xbox One. Although it should be mentioned that quite often the framerate may suffer as a consequence of pushing a higher resolution.

      Carry on my son. PHEW!!!!!!!

    • kreator


    • Brent

      Get REKT as they would say LMAO….
      I own both, but I whole heartedly agree with this comment.

    • LGK

      You truly are the most pathetic Sony fanboy nutjob I have ever seen.

    • Michael

      Pony games…lol

    • Schroeder

      just an FYI, the same reasons your point out against XB – many can be said about the PS4 and older consoles. Why you bothered to type all of that out is beyond me. It’s not like anyone is going to praise you for literally sticking your PSboner into the disc drive, let alone care about your typical TLDR rhetoric. Early MSFT moves were of a different agenda, one that was reversed prior to launch. There for, everything since then has been of a better intention. And who gives a damn about where the games come from, as long as they’re good? From what I’ve witnessed, PS players haven’t actually been delivered much in the way of good games. So what makes it the holy grail of gaming? It’s not content, not power… Do you just like the look of it?

    • DLConspiracy//

      You know what? You are no better than any of them. You are the Yin to their Yang.

      Look at your long generalized speech that you wrote to segregate the gaming community into groups. Is that really what you want to be known for in this community? A person who feeds off the attention of trying to make people feel inferior than you because they happen to enjoy something you dont? You came into an article about xbox to write a speech about how you hate people who lIke it. Putting people on blast. Why? Because you are so much better? How embarrassing.

  • sgt_hammertime

    I am interested to see whatever new IP they have for next year. I have already pre-ordered most of the games I want for this year….still haven’t gotten black ops 3 yet….waiting for it to be a single again and having second thoughts about Star Wars.

    • Mark

      Yeah I’m waiting for Star Wars to enter the Vault in EA Access next yr. Also ReCore, Sea of Thieves, Crackdown, Scalebound and Qbreak I’m actually pumped for, all of em.

  • Tga215

    Well hope 2016 be a good year for the Xbox brand

  • YuriFan

    It will be hard for Xbox to disappoint me next year. So many new IPs as well as the Revival of Rare and bringing back Halo Wars, Just hope people don’t spam Tanks in this one.

    • Mark


  • JoinTheRest

    Dear Sony fanboys, apart from Bloodborne everything in the ps4 library is basically unplayable so you guys don’t even have the right to compare consoles heck Microsoft had more playable exclusives in the first year of the console life cycle. Nothing on ps4 even matches Killer instinct or Titanfall. Now go run away and pre order cod and all the other multiplats that us xbox owners can play to. And hope next year delivers another good game or two so that the ps library has 3 games worth playing in three years lmfaooooooooooooooooo I’ve owned both consoles since day one, my ps4 has been turned off since march lol what a joke of a library

  • Mr Xrat

    I sure hope a soulless rehash doesn’t “define the generation.”

    LMAO all these Xbox fanboy tears. Sorry, Fwedsy, your crap games and your empty promises aren’t going to save the dead brand you shill for.

    • Rockz

      What makes Halo 5 a “soulless rehash”?

      If it’s because it’s a sequel, then I guess Uncharted 4, Infamous, Gran Turismo, Souls games, and Mario are “soulless rehashes”.

      And what’s with all your bot account upvotes?

    • Guest

      It’s just another Derp alias account. Look below at his main alias…same up votes by the same bots.

  • BillyHoWCR

    Fifth installment? Sorry but just because the number 5 is after the next title does not mean that it is only on it’s 5th installment of the franchise. You still have ODST and REACH and then you have all the other HALO titles that have came out.

    • Guest

      5th in terms of the purist view (i.e. Master Chief involved) and not from the standpoint of just being in the Halo universe.

    • BillyHoWCR

      Master Chief centric you mean? Because Master Chief was technically involved in REACH.

  • Jasmine

    Thanks for the article. Just want to inform all folks who live outside US that Xbox One is a great media Player. If you want to access Netflix and other streaming stations on your Xbox One you can use UnoTelly as I do to get around the geo block. 🙂

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