Xbox One Exec On Competition With PS4: ‘We Are More Comprehensive Than Any Other Console On Market’

Microsoft India’s Anshu Mor talks about the challenges of competing with the PlayStation 4.

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While the Xbox One may have released around the same time as the PS4 in Autumn 2014, it has a significantly lower presence worldwide. For instance, the PS4 released much earlier in India and Japan with the Xbox One still to launch in both territories.

With regards to India, Microsoft India’s director of interactive entertainment business Anshu Mor talked about whether the Xbox One would face an uphill battle in the country since the PS4 has been out since January. “Not really, for two reasons. For one, we believe our portfolio is far more competitive, not just on the games side, but the stuff we offer from an entertainment perspective. Whether it’s live TV, whether it’s voice commands, whether it’s the entertainment portfolio, I think we are more comprehensive than any other console on the market right now.

“Also, the fact that they’ve been out since January, you know, they’ve had issues – well, I wouldn’t call them issues – but they had to comply with some certifications and hence the consoles were largely not there in the market for many months, so there hasn’t been stock in the market for PlayStation. Right now, I’d guess that they’ve only had stock for three or four months.”

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  • Tga215

    I hope it do well over their competition is good but he ps4 is dominating

    • d0x360

      This is just getting started. Core gamers are buying now. It won’t be until the first round of real price cuts till we see the more casual sets start upgrading. By the middle to end of the generation the ps4 will most likely enjoy a small but comfortable lead. It will look much like the 360/ps3 sales trends but backwards.

    • Tga215

      I hope so a lot of people are still pissed from E3 last year and a lot of these sites are saying Microsoft should throw in the towel

    • d0x360

      Yea but most people who game don’t actually follow the news so that’s not a big concern. Plus the same happened with the ps3.

      As for gamers being upset I really don’t get it. First off who owns a modern console and doesn’t have it online? We lost out on sharing our entire library with 10 friends because of a once a day license check? That’s insane. I really don’t get how someone could be bothered by that. Game sharing was going to be incredible.

      I remember the big argument was deployed service members wouldn’t be able to play because they don’t have internet. That argument is stupid. They could certainty play. Instead of an online license check you just stick the bluray in the drive and that verifies you have the game.

      Then we have the trade in concern. That was also a problem ms had solved. It was simple. When you trade in a game the store would type in your gamertag at checkout and it would remove your access to the game. That simple. Even a mom & pop could do that cause it was all website based and I’ve yet to see a store that doesn’t have a computer. They could have even made it so gamers could do it themselves. Go to the Xbox site and remove the game from your list and viola you could sell it to a friend or whatever.
      Also being able to play your library without needing discs and also being able to download your disc based games online on other consoles was such a great idea. I was buying all digital games cause I hate discs but we got a second Xbox one so now I have to buy discs again so we can use them on either box.

      Gamers gave up so much out of fear and it was such a mistake. There really was no downside. It was basically steam but better and less restrictions.

    • Tga215

      True Microsoft had a great vision look at steam it’s all drm but nobody complains about that it’s funny now sony talking about tv it’s the best thing in the world it’s like the ps4 is selling off of hype And it’s really sad

    • d0x360

      Its some hype definitely but the ps4 is a good console. Neither of them have enough horsepower but they will get the job done.

      It just drives me crazy how ignorant some people are. They act like Microsoft or Sony comes to their house
      , butters their bread and tucks them in at night. Both companies are massive corporations who want your money and will pretend to be your best buddy to get it. The difference between the two is Microsoft has been delivering big time based on feedback and instead of seeing that as a great thing the fanboys yell and scream.

      First it was omg ms you are awful you gotta change this stuff. So they listen and change it and then the same people saybomg ms you are awful you can’t make up your mind. Its stupid. I play games to enjoy games. I don’t care what box it’s on as long as its fun. A business is a business and will be run as such. You gotta ignore all the corporate speak and let actions speak for themselves.

    • demfax

      You’re making up fanboy strawmen to make ms seem like a victim, which is nonsense. It takes time for bad PR to go away. Blaming potential customers only leads to business failure.

    • Vious

      lol looks like they’re ignoring you lol

    • Michael Norris

      You must spoon with you Xbone than,most of your comments come off very fanboyish.

    • d0x360

      How so? Having a positive opinion is fanboy now? I also have a positive opinion of Sony, and Nintendo…so which one do I hate and bash like a yapping monkey?

    • demfax

      Consumers don’t want always-online 24 hour DRM check-ins or anything of the sort. That’s the bottom line.

    • Ippoletta

      Consumers will only holding back gaming. it’s going to happen whether you sheep like it or not. till then enjoy hearing more studios get closed and more layoffs happening because cheap skates wanted to buy used.

    • Michael Norris

      Ps4 will be in the lead all gen.Sony has more games the indie support is better and the gaming side of the console is better.

    • d0x360

      OK? Does it matter? Did I say otherwise? Im fairly certain I said it would be in the lead the entire generation.

      As for more games…I disagree but that’s also irrelevant to the discussion.

    • demfax

      You think XB1 is going to start outselling PS4 globally and start closing some of the sales gap?

  • d0x360

    Can’t really argue with that. My Xbox one is on basically anytime someone is home. Its used for games and anything media related as well as Skype calls. My ps4 is only used for games. That’s not a bad thing on Sony’s part, Microsoft just did an absolutely fantastic job with software and services on the Xbox and it gets better and better every month.

  • cusman

    a) Netflix, Hulu, etc don’t work in India
    b) XBO offers voice commands only if you have Kinect 2.0
    c) PS4 offers voice commands if you have PS-Camera or any Microphone
    d) XBO doesn’t offer Live TV, it allows pass-through of HDMI

    The dude is oblivious, and also values TV/Entertainment more than games for a video game console. He better fix his messaging and focus on gamers and features that would attract gamers, or XBO will do just as poorly in India with gamers as it has done everywhere else.


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