Xbox One Exec On How Microsoft Managed To Overcome The Blunders of 2013

Microsoft India’s Anshu Mor also talks about the importance of entertainment for the console.

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It’s hard to believe at this point that the Xbox One is actually beginning to build momentum against the PS4. Though the latter still leads in sales, the console is selling strongly and has a good range of exclusives this season, including Halo 5: Guardians and Rise of the Tomb Raider. Remember 2013, when the console was universally reviled for its restrictive practices? We’ve come a long way since then.

GamingBolt spoke to Anshu Mor, director of interactive entertainment business for Microsoft India, about the company recovering and returning to the focus to games and services. What motivated the company in that direction? As Mor states, “The simplest answer to that is consumers. If you’ve seen what we’ve been doing with Xbox One, ever since the launch, you see the amount of features and functionalities that have been added in every update. The console is very different from what it was when it was launched and all of that is happening because consumers are giving us a certain feedback and what they want to see and we are implementing that.

“You would have seen the same thing in Windows 10, with this whole Windows Insider Program I think it’s a mentality that the organization thinks and believes in deeply, that listen to the consumers and if you know wherever we can you know tweak the product and the functionality to offer what the consumers want.

It’s not as though the entertainment portfolio is completely dead for Xbox One though. Despite the closure of Xbox Entertainment Studios, games like the upcoming Quantum Break are still incorporating live-action TV shows into their narrative.

Mor stated that, “I believe that entertainment portfolio is extremely important. When they see a single device which can do everything, now think of it this way – when somebody buys an Xbox they will not say ‘hey I do not play games on it.’ So they will play games, they just need to understand what kind of games that are available for them.

“Then they look at the TV integration part of it which is such a huge benefit because they’re in a household and all the people who are using Xbox One right now, just to switch between playing a game and just switching to TV is so, so simple and that’s a very cool feature and that too with voice commands. And then the entertainment content because we do believe that this audience segment which is very big on entertainment, right? They’re the ones who like their movies and their DVD, CDs and then music etc so it is undoubtedly extremely important.”

The biggest update that the Xbox One has seen thus far will arrive in November with the New Xbox One Experience that adds backwards compatibility for Xbox 360 games, a revamped interface based on Windows 10 and much more. What are your thoughts on the current momentum of the console? Let us know below.

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  • Terminator

    Wont be long before the PS fanboys come and say “Microsoft didn’t overcome their blunders because of their consumers feedback and what not but because they copied Sony and their PS4…same thing with Windows 10 blah blah blah”

    • Soul Less

      They had no choice to reverse everything they sale pre-orders and think MS would have changed anything had they outsold PS4? ROFL, naive much? Anyone who believes MS is an idiot.

    • Terminator

      Cool story.

    • Skydrian

      Anyone who believes Sony is somehow better or does everything just “4 the players” is an idiot as well, even a bigger one. Both companies do what they need to attract consumers. So what’s your point, huh?

    • andy

      Err its okay because you just said it there???

  • Mark

    Anshu, don’t mention TV!!!

  • theduckofdeath

    I want to know if it is (i.e. will it ever be) possible to play play-stream an XB1 game to a Windows 10 PC while someone else watches television? I’m tired of being nagged about playing Destiny for 12 hours in the living room. LOL

    • Skeet

      I doubt it’ll happen since the Xbox can’t run OneGuide simultaneously alongside a game. Unless they revise the hardware to allow HDMI pass through then I’m afraid your best option is to buy an HDMI splitter.

    • theduckofdeath

      Yes, I was hoping for a mode or option to passively transmit an HDMI signal while in PC streaming mode. No One Guide app or anything else unless you stop streaming. It should be possible.

      Otherwise, like you stated, I would have to use a switch or move the HDMI cable to go directly to the TV again (for the time being).

    • Skeet

      I picked up a splitter for about £10 on amazon that does the trick. Basically splits the HDMI from my cable box into both the XO and direct into my TV.

    • theduckofdeath

      I have considered it (there was one in place years ago), but that would inevitably lead to confusion amongst the others who use the living room, and cries of “something’s wrong with the TV!” if I ever failed to switch it back. ** sigh** I may pull the trigger, anyway.

      NTM, my plasma is 7-8 years old and only has 3 HDMI inputs. I would be losing one because MS won’t implement obviously desired behavior.

    • Mark

      A couple months ago Phil was asked about this, and he did say “It’s a feature worth looking into”. If it happens, will be next year as they have to worry about rolling out the new UI first.

    • theduckofdeath

      Last night I tried streaming Destiny to the PC again — this time in multiplayer. There’s no practical long term wired option so I used Wi-Fi (still mulling over power line adapters and their true performance).

      The setup had too much input lag. It feels OK until you’re in a competitive mode. We lost (a close Salvage match), but I was still able to be top on my team. Obviously, you wouldn’t want to play this way. This weekend I am going run a cord through several rooms and see how that goes.

    • Mark

      Haha. U are a determined man…..good luck man. Hopefully u find a solution.

  • berj79

    please ask him if they are launching the elite controller in India?


  • Soul Less

    LOL at this article, what momentum? Sales are down 17% YOY according to their financial;s just released and they continue to get dominated by PS4….

    • Grifter17

      Come On Dude ,, they are down because of Lagging 360 Sales … That’s in the report Too sheesh

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    • Michael

      Guy, you really dont wanna talk financials. Sony isnt dominating anything. You can’t dominate posting losses and in the red. Nice try anyway , pony.And the 17% comment is bs…lol

  • Tga215

    Nice story

  • HisDivineOrder

    “It’s hard to believe at this point that the Xbox One is actually beginning to build momentum against the PS4. Though the latter still leads in sales, the console is selling strongly and has a good range of exclusives this season.”

    It’s hard to believe because it’s not true. There is no momentum. At least not yet. So far, PS4 continues to trounce Xbox One in sales. Does it matter? Not as much as SOME people might have you believe, which is what makes you saying something obviously false all the more offensive.

    It doesn’t matter if Xbox One gets crushed by PS4 sales as long as it continues to sell. But dismissing the reality of the situation because you don’t like it is just as bad.

  • Mr Xrat



  • andy

    Simple, make the console EVERYTHING that made the PS3 awesome 9 years ago. Avoid horrible things that the 360 did that ripped you off at every chance they got.
    That is simply what has happened with Xbone, and yous couldn’t have gotten a better console for it. ^_^


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