Xbox One Fall Update Will Make User Interface Faster To Use, Tons of New Information Revealed

Xbox One platform manager Richard Irving details the various ways the UI will be sped up this Fall.

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Of all the features that Microsoft has added to the Xbox One since release – including support for external hard drives, dedicated servers for Party Chat and even backwards compatibility in the next few months – there’s been one common complaint surrounding the user interface. That is, it’s rather slow. We don’t even mean it should be loading up in two seconds rather than three. Oftentimes there can be quite the delay in launching an app, ranging several seconds, and that extends to generally navigating the user interface as well.

However, it seems all that will finally change when the Fall update goes live. GamingBolt’s Leonid Meikhov had a chance to speak to Xbox One platform manager Richard Irving at E3 2015 about the same. During this time, a demonstration of the user interface’s various aspects was showcased and Irving revealed a wealth of new information.

Irving cut to the chase immediately when he stated that the, “Brand new Xbox One User Interface experience that will be going out this fall and is really focused around speed and getting to things faster.

“Our design point of the new Xbox experience is speed and making all of the things you do on Xbox Live, both in and out of the game much faster. What is familiar is that the user can go left and right through the categories, but we have added a vertical scroll element that takes you deeper within the category.”

“So as you can see my recently played games and apps, I can now scroll vertically through it and when I reach the end of the list, I can find another game in the collection that is ready to be launched and just below you will find pins. And remember we want everything you want to do on Xbox One to be faster so we have some great accelerators. Hold the left trigger and I’m right at the top of the list and when I hold the right trigger I am right at my pins.”

What exactly does that mean for your average gamer though? “So one scenario, I am on Fable Legends right now and I want to play Minecraft which I know is in my pins. I just pull the right trigger and I am in my pins area and I just hit A and am ready to launch Minecraft.”

There’s a lot more to the pins than just launching games though. “One of the things we are changing is that as you can see in my pins are contextual items and so the animated avatars and gamer pictures represent my friends that are online and are playing this game right now and I can join them and play. We also have a quick link to the Game Hubs.

“Game Hubs are a feature that we shipped earlier this year and they are aggregation of all the social information on Xbox Live about a particular game so activity feed, Game DVR clips, achievements, leaderboards, all of the stuff in one place. What is neat about Game Hubs is that game developers can control them and when they do that they will be able to post announcements in the activity feed and amplify content. But they will also be able to publish headlines directly on the home screen. So for example, the Fable Legends devs have released a new heroes bundle and they can announce it on the home page or the Ori development team has released a new patch and they want to reveal the details of that.

“One of the things that our fans really wanted was as they were making this content about their gaming history such as screenshots, Game DVR, achievements, leaderboards and they are making these big narratives about a particular game so they need faster access not only to the content but also be able to share them faster. So you see the link here and I can share achievements and I just press A and I see the list of content and the same goes for screenshot and GameDVR and I can even write a comment to brag about it to my friends.”

When asked if screenshots would automatically be taken when Achievements were unlocked, Irving responded, “However, it will not take screenshot automatically whenever you unlock an achievement. You would still need to double tap the button.

“So I just shared that screenshot and it will go to my activity feed. The community area includes an evolution of the friend’s area compared to the current Xbox One home. So you can see my activity feed, the screenshot I just shared and using the vertical scroll, I can see a Game DVR clip from a friend; I can see an animated text post that we have decorated with an avatar which adds more vibrancy, and even friend’s suggestion.

“So strengthening your circle of friends on Xbox Live and helping you make more friends is something that is very important to us so we are adding friends’ suggestion right in the activity feed. When I respond to those suggestions by adding them as friends, my activity feeds gets automatically updated with my friend’s content which is super cool.

“Another feature is the Trending area which is about what is happening globally on Xbox Live. So I can scroll through it and see that Fable Legends is the most talked about game right now and Minecraft is the most popular game. We are also working to amplify players that are using Xbox Live more. For example we have players who edit a lot of Game DVR clips and broadcasting very popular Twitch streams, gamers who are reaching milestones like 1 million Gamerscore so we want to amplify those accomplishments on the home page itself.

“A lot of fan requests such as ‘Hey, I checked my friends list a lot and I just want it to load faster’ or ‘I want messages to be faster’ so you will see those icons to the left of the home. So I scroll to the left and I get the guide, which is similar to the one found in Xbox 360 but it’s reimagined specifically for the Xbox One. You can see friends list, notifications, messages, and even settings that I may want to manipulate while am playing the game. Of course, I will still be able to snap apps.

“So imagine if am playing Fable Legends, I just double tap the Xbox button and it slides out on the top of the game. You will see the game did not scaled down, you did not saw any loaders for the friends list to load, and it’s instant and responsive.”

That’s some fairly good news for players who like to launch parties or send messages and play games side by side. “One of the important things is to party up with friends and play multiplayer. In my friends list I can now start a party, I can send an invite so now I have a party status so I can go back to playing my game and can check my party status. Same thing with messages, I can see my full conversation history and also record a voice message and send it across. I can go back to gameplay which is all super fast and easy.”

Though there will likely be other features added to the update as we approach the Fall, speeding up the Xbox One’s user interface in nearly every aspect and area of the Dashboard is the top priority for Microsoft right now. Whether it will catch up to the speed of the PS4’s UI remains to be seen but at this rate, it looks to be a very significant improvement over the current status quo.

What are your thoughts on the upcoming Fall update for Xbox One? Let us know in the comments.

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  • omarcominyo

    Needs to be quicker and let us check for game patches without having to start the game. pre loading patches needs to come to both consoles too

    • MadMen

      Like the pre loading patches idea, windows 8 and 10 already do this, would like to see this feature come to xbox.

    • omarcominyo

      The size of patches these days it can be a few hrs until you get to play the game after putting it in the machine!!

    • MS

      The PS4 already does it. As soon as a patch is available it starts to download it then will install it when its done whether its the digital download or disc version.

    • David

      I believe this update does let you check the patches now.

    • omarcominyo

      Where is it? I’m on my xone now and it’s nowhere to be seen

    • David

      Sorry I was referring to the major fall update when it’s released. When the UI is redesigned I believe there is an option that lets you check the patches.

    • omarcominyo

      Good to know, cheers:)

    • TwinStripeUK

      Errm, it already does that (and has done for a while). You might need to enable it in your settings though…

      My biggest gripe is that it downloads the patch and then won’t let you ‘manage’ the game until you’ve inserted the game disc to finish off the remaining 1% of the patch install.

      As for digital titles, it just does it in the background.

    • omarcominyo

      Can’t find it. Wish they’d let you turn that awful thudding sound when you navigate the dash too!! Drives me mad!!

    • TwinStripeUK

      Power & Startup > Automatically download updates and purchases.

      You have to have Instant On for this to work, otherwise what’s the point (how can you download automatically when the unit is powered off)??

      If you really don’t want to leave it on standby, just set it for ‘instant on’ and then switch it off at the wall when you’ve powered down…

      It will patch automatically when the unit is on regardless of whether it’s in ‘Energy Saving’ or Instant On’ – if it’s for a disc in the drive, it’ll stop any play session and update it.

      If the game isn’t in the drive, it’ll patch and the game icon will display an ‘Installation stopped!’ message across the bottom of it.

    • omarcominyo

      It doesn’t patch automatically though that was the whole point of me making the comment to begin with, I spent over 3 hrs playing a game the other day, then went to play pool nation(which is on my hard drive) at which point it told me the game needs updating 1st, then started the update download. The exact same same thing’s happened twice b4 when I’ve gone to play Forza horizon 2 too(and they’ve released a new car pack). On PS4 you can check for updates for any game in 2 button presses whether the game disc’s in or not!

    • TwinStripeUK

      What can I say? I works for me (and a lot of other people too), so I guess it must be something to do with having it in energy saving mode.

      I can tell you that it DEFINITELY works while the machine is powered on and in Instant On mode, so if that isn’t working for you it must be something to do with your setup.

    • omarcominyo

      no there’s loads of people on my friends list who’re frustrated with this too

    • MS

      The PS4 automatically preloads patches (as soon as a patch is available it automatically starts downloading) and you and also manually update it yourself by pressing the “option” button and selecting “check for update”. So what are you talking about?

    • omarcominyo

      The PS4 doesn’t pre load patches, it doesn’t load them until the game is put into the machine, I’m talking about PREloading them before you even have the game so that you don’t have to wait hrs for the 8GB day 1 patch to install before you can play the game! THAT’S what I’m talking about!! That’s what I’d like to be able to do!!

  • Ucouldntbemorewrong

    That’s great, hope it’s at least same speed as PS4 UI.

  • aaron

    Personally I saw the new interface look, and I’m sad to say it looks like its reflecting the ps4. As a Xbox fan, this was disappointing. And who cares if things take 4-5 second’s seconds to boot, people are crazy with this instant crap. Anyway anybody need invite to preview program, send me a message on Xbox one, tag is Insanityman01, and have patience, I’ll get you out an invite in 24 hrs or sooner.

    • GamerJudge

      “it looks like its reflecting the ps4.”

      WHAT? You need to clean those eyes of yours, it looks nothing like the PS4’s.

    • Jen Jackson

      yeah that looks nothing like ps4 ui.

    • Kinect

      Yes it does. They put the games in a row and added developer info beneath each icon. That is an obvious copy of the PS4 UI.

      Admit it. You look like a fool.

    • GamerJudge

      I’m not admitting anything because it isn’t true, so stop trying.

    • GamerJudge

      They look nothing alike.

    • archfiendx

      Actually they do. Microsoft put games in a long list and added game hubs (short cuts) beneath each game, just like the PS4 UI. The only difference is that the PS4 is horizontal and the Xbox One is vertical. It looks like a vertical PS4 UI.

      All Microsoft did was take the original Xbox One title UI and made it more like the PS4 UI.

      Stop damage controlling. You look silly.

    • Terminator

      LOL! XbotMK1 you try way to hard and you are getting sloppy with each comment you make. While you are add it why dont you use another one of your puppet accounts to see if they do anything.

      Oh and they dont look anything alike so deal with it PS Drone.

    • GamerJudge

      Riiiggghhht. Well you keep telling yourself that if it helps you feel at ease. You, Kinect, XbotMk1 all are well known die hard PS fanboys who only have eyes for anything Sony related and love to lie, misinform and be hypocrites.

      No point in continuing this conversation with people like you.

    • ByAnyMeansLegendary

      When in actuality they’re following the Windows 10 design scheme. Idk where people are getting this “It’s looks like PS4 UI” thing from. Just because you can scroll down?
      A major difference from these 2 UIs look, are the actual features. And PS4 features does not add up and/or resemble to even make such a statement.

    • ByAnyMeansLegendary

      On PS4 don’t you scroll left to right for every app and game? Then down to see more info? And up to access the menu settings or something like that? And hitting the PS button takes you out the game to where you can’t even see it anymore?
      How does that resemble a dedicated guide menu on the left, that overlays over the game whenever you double tap the guide button? Going left to right to access activities, stores, etc? And down on the home tab to see different games and pins? and the game is always visible.

    • AMDefunct

      If anything PS4 is copying Windows touch interface with the big square icon scheme.

  • XbotMK1

    This was incredibly funny to read. Microsoft are such liars and a joke.

    First of all, they’re copying the PS4 UI. Anyone who denies that is a Microsoft fanboy. Once again this exposes the countless fanboys who’ve been bashing the PS4.

    Second of all, nobody asked Microsoft for “Game Hubs”. “Game Hubs” is the same thing the PS4 UI had since it’s reveal. They stole a feature from the PS4 and slapped a name on it and are acting like it is their idea.

    It’s good they’re speeding up the UI, but don’t try and pretend like they’re “listening to fans”. They’re just mimicing the PS4 UI and proving why the PS4 is winning.

    • David

      Lol you’re hilarious man

    • Guest

      And you’re even funnier looking but looks and everything. You’re hilarious man.

    • David

      Stupidest comment I’ve read in awhile lol thanks for that.

    • Paul Josephson

      Listen I have both the PS4 and the Xbox One. I have seen the planned interface changes they planning for the Xbox One and does not look like a copy of PS4. Sure there are some familiarity but it is not like there ifinite ways of displaying a game icon/box on the screen. How it works (other than click to run) is different. Each console has features the other had before the other so don’t give me your fanboy (revisionist history) talk that PS4 is above it all and first with everything

    • Guest

      Wow, hostile, sensitive and defensive. Yet he’s the fanboy? You might wanna look in the mirror,…emotional fanboy.

    • GamerJudge

      “Wow, hostile, sensitive and defensive. Yet he’s the fanboy? You might wanna look in the mirror,…emotional fanboy.”

      This comment really defines you very well too.

    • MS

      Right, right, try again fanny.

    • GamerJudge

      Well I wasn’t talking about you….unless you forgot to change accounts for MS to Guest I don’t know why you care.

    • Ben

      Same as the PS4 will the abilty to pause and resume games even when you turn off the console. XB1 had it at launch day, PS4, nah lets wait a year. Ha! And tell me, what are they copying, I’d like to know.

    • Guest

      Hey stupid, Sony announced the suspend/resume feature sine feb of 2013, you dumb moron. Gawd some of you fanboys are so dumb!

    • Kinect

      Yeah, Microsoft coppied suspend/resume from the PlayStation Vita.

      Sony hasn’t coppied Xbox One. All Microsoft has done is copy the PS4.

    • Daniel Gaines Jr

      Xbox had it from day one.

    • Hughman Horn

      No one asked Microsoft for game hubs? Said who?

      WiiU had game a game hub a year before PS4 launched so what’s your point?

    • Guest

      His point is that MS copied Nintendo, doenst matter if you claim that Nintendo had it first. And Nintendo having it is like nobody having it since its such and unpopular dead console that nobody has.

    • GamerJudge

      Oh it does matter because both MS and Sony “copied” Nintendo thus making the statement “they stole a feature from the PS4” nothing when that feature wasn’t on the PS4 first.

      “And Nintendo having it is like nobody having it since its such and unpopular dead console that nobody has.”
      That’s BS, a lie and very ignorant of you to try and mold it to fit your weak comment.

    • Hughman Horn

      True, and I also buy all consoles so I don’t care who follows who as long as someone comes up with new useful features.

    • Daniel Gaines Jr

      I have all the systems.

    • d0x360

      If you wanna talk about stolen features why not mention some things Sony has ripped off from Microsoft. The list is extensive

    • Guest

      And the list is even more extensive of all the thing MS has stolen from Sony. Oh and you should thank them for GWG (which still gives you 2 less games and costs $10 more), and f2p without having to pay for Live, because you know before PS4, MS would have never allowed that. And the removal of things like Netflix and IE from behind the paywal. Taking screenshots and the list goes on. So f’ck off with your dumb fanboy garbage and don’t run any of your “im a PC guy” bullsh’t cuz you’re obviously a MS fanboys. You’re just to stupid to realize you aint fooling no one.

    • Daniel Gaines Jr

      How about the games are just better on xbox. I own both and play both. I even enjoy both, but play xbox more.

    • GamerJudge

      I want to know what feature do both Xbox One and PS4 have that are NEW, out of the box and not a clone with makeup on them to make them look original? Because when I see what both consoles have I see PC features just with makeup on them.

    • Triton

      I hope its not too much like the PS4 UI, because then CE-32883-4 awaits.

  • Jacob Emerson

    Good we need a better UI anyway and dude just get a cheap xbox live gold code. There are plenty of places that give huge discounts on xbox live gold codes. for example it took me all of 4 seconds to find this place giveawayman(dot)com one and done!

    • Guest

      Yeah we definitely needed a new UI because the crap it had before was complete and utter sh’t. Good riddance to that garbage.

  • GamerJudge

    I have enjoyed Xbox One interface even when being slow sometimes but making it faster is welcomed.

  • d0x360

    I have no evidence to support this because I won’t have the new dash for a couple more weeks BUT one of the things I hope they are doing to speed it up and its likely that they are is saving some of this data to the hdd and silently updating while in rest mode. Right now alot of things are slow because it currently pulls new data every time you launch something, it also checks any save data vs cloud save data (non user facing data like settings) all these things slow apps down. Of they store most of this data it can load instantly and update as required after its loaded and already showing

    • MS

      How do you check what update version your game is on? So for emaple if i wanted to check which version of Witcher i am on?

    • d0x360

      Well…I’m not sure you can. I know on pc which is where I play witcher 3 it says the version number on your save files and I believe on the main menu screen. You can assume any game is the latest version if your console is online because from the 360 on they check every time a game boots and in the case of the Xbox one it pushes updates automatically and the ps4 does a check on boot I believe.

      If you mean operating system version not game version you can check in the system settings.

    • MS

      No, i meant the game not the FW, and i own both and the PS4 will check when you boot up and while you’re on if the update is just released it will automatically tell you and start downloading it the lastest update). But on X1 i cant find the game version for the life of me. I dont think it has it all which is a glaring omission. Im just hoping im wrong and its there somewhere.

    • d0x360

      The Xbox one is better at updating than the ps4 so if it update was released you have it. As for version numbers…there is no major reason why a user would need to know. All they need to know is that it has been updated since you last played which can be checked in the my games and apps area. If it was updated since you last played there will be a small icon in the top corner indicating an update. As for version number specifically there is no way to know other than just straight up knowing that if the Xbox is connected to the internet anything installed on that Xbox is kept updated 24/7 as long as the system is either powered on or you have configured it to download updates in rest mode.

    • Guest

      What are you stupid? And next you’ll be telling me that I don’t need a icon to show me how much battery life I have left, since it was also missing that at first too. You really are pathetic you know that. The way you sit here and defend MS and make excuses for them. And spew your fanboy biased nonsense just to defend them. Pathetic!
      And what drug are you own where you think the X1 does updating better than the PS4? More stupid nonsense. The PS4 if left on standby will automatically update and install the update and do multiple updates at once too. And If you are playing a game and an update becomes available it will automatically start downloading the update and install it while you’re playing a game, doesn’t matter if the game is on a disc or digital download. And the PS4 can download multiple updates at once, whereas X1 can only do one at a time. And you can also do a manual update on the PS4 something the X1 doesn’t do unless you start the game, which the PS4 will also do. And the P4 will gladly tell you which version of the game you are on. Which you claiming to be a “PC guy” should know damn well how important it is. So stop trying to pretend its not, just to defend your beloved X1. So explain to me how is the X1 better at it again? Oh that’s right, you cant!

    • GamerJudge

      “The Xbox one is better at updating than the ps4” Not really, both are equal when it comes to updating. The only difference is that one releases bits of new features and fixes every month while the other releases one big package of new featrues and fixes in X amount of time (in 3 months, 4,5 etc)

    • d0x360

      Btw if you think being able to check a version number is important go to the Xbox Forums and tell them. Nearly every change to the dash since launch has been based on user feedback. They gather that feedback from their official forums.

    • It says it in-game from my experience.

  • otherZinc

    LMAO! The PS4 user interface is a pos! Compared to the XBOX ONE from day one. GTFOOH! LOL.

    • Guest

      LMAO! The X1 user interface is a pos! Compared to the PLAYSTATION 4 from day one. GTFOOH! LOL.

    • Malacath

      OMG, How old are you?
      Grow up

    • omarcominyo

      It’s too slow and laggy, how is that acceptable in your eyes?(especially for a software monopoly like msoft) if a game was slow and laggy would that be acceptable too?

    • Daniel Gaines Jr

      Games still suck more 0n ps4 and lack of apps suck. wish they would improve, because would like to use the same apps regardless if I am on my xbox one or ps4


    The biggest complaint I have about my xbox one is the UI speed. I am glad this is getting fixed.

  • Trevor

    Stop assuming your paying Customers are Fans. I am the Former.

  • hiawa23

    I already prefer its interface to the PS4 so more awesomeness from MS. Thank U..

    • artistofwar

      Thanks for making me laugh.

    • hiawa23

      Not sure why my preference, my preference, would make you laugh or garner a response from you. Different strokes, no response was needed at all. Will leave it there.

  • Triton

    Im going to use Kinect and Cortana for almost everything, so this is only a bonus for me.

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