Xbox One Games Priced at £89.99 on Amazon UK

Next gen ain’t cheap by a long shot.

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xbox one games prices amazon UK
We’ve already seen placeholder prices for Microsoft’s Xbox One shot straight up to $899 on EB Games Australia, with controllers priced at $99. Could the prices for games – even if they are just placeholders – be any worse? Yes they can, judging from what a Reddit user just found.

On Amazon.UK, Xbox One games are currently up for pre-order. The two titles showcased most prominently after the console itself are FIFA 14 and Call of Duty: Ghosts, which go for a not-so cool £89.99. That’s $136 USD per game. Seriously.

But remember, these are placeholder prices. It could be possible that games end up costing £60 instead. Regardless, that’s still more than $90 USD for a single Xbox One title. And we honestly doubt that they’ll be priced the same games are currently (the Xbox 360 version of Ghosts, for instance, is available for £40 on pre-order).

What are your thoughts? Is the sky falling for Microsoft’s next gen console before it’s even released, or is it all just over-exaggeration?

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  • RonBurgundy

    At $899, and $90 per game, I’m OUT!

  • samus22

    so for most people to buy a game you have to work almost half a week to be able to afford a game, that is the most out of this world thing ever. so as well as the console costing a butt load there gonna charge out of there ass for a game, really do think they are making a big mistake if they’re going to cost this much even though me and my partner earn a good amount per month i wont even subject myself to this horrendous charge for a game JUST A GAME!!!!.
    for anyone who is interested i have an electronic turd for sale 299.99 for the turd and 298.99 for the charger im taking inspiration from microsoft thanks microsoft, now we can all live in slums if we buy your console and game


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