Xbox One New Details: Play Media Files, HTML5 Support, “Developers Loving System SDK and Performance”

Major Nelson getting real with it.

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xbox one amd
Larry “Major Nelson” Hryb recently answered a number of questions regarding the Xbox One and managed to reveal some interesting new details along the way.

In regards to playing personal media files, Nelson stated that there would be a solution for personal media. As of now, nothing is confirmed. He also promises some new info on the headset adapter soon and that “It’s being worked on.” HTML5 will be supported on the Xbox One, with a browser experience somewhat like Windows 8. Flash functionality will be included, but HTML5 will be the main focus. You’ll still be able to use Flash-supported sites without problem though.

As for digital game codes at retail, Nelson stated that, “this is obviously something being looked at” (just don’t expect it at launch). As for matching with retail prices, he stated that, “MSRP will be the same on pricing for digital at launch”. Nelson also confirmed that there won’t be any extra USB-B port with the port only being on some development systems and not part of the final retail design.

That 8 GB of flash memory? Nelson has no idea currently, but will elaborate as his engineers provide more information. However, he stated that, “Developers are loving the system SDK and the performance.” Interestingly, the user is working on systems for both the PS4 and Xbox One and has stated that he found “little to no difference on multi-platform titles” with both consoles working well performance wise and having similar features. So developers are probably actually enjoying it.

When asked why some one should buy an Xbox One, Nelson stated that it was a device for everyone, with plenty for the hardcore and media fans alike and clarified that no features were created at the expense of others. So while there is an added emphasis this generation on TV, movies, sports and whatnot, it’s just as about the games as usual.

The Xbox One will be launching worldwide on November 22nd across 13 territories.

Source: Reddit

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  • EX+

    ‘Interestingly, the user is working on systems for both the PS4 and Xbox One and has stated that he found “little to no difference on multi-platform titles” with both consoles working well performance wise and having similar features. So developers are probably actually enjoying it.’
    I have a very hard time believing that, since Ryse runs at 900p native and all most all multiplatform games are being shown running on PC/PS4

    • Gekko36

      Seems to me you have a hard time believing that the sky is blue.

    • EX+

      Keep telling yourself that mate.

  • Jason Mounce

    He says Developers are loving it. Yet I don’t really hear developers openly praising it of their own free will. I find that kinda funny. Microsoft has to be the one saying that “Everyone loves it” of their own product, but not mention names.

    Then you go to PS4 and Sony, and it’s nearly every developer praising or leaving at least a comment or feedback, input about the controller, the RAM, the possibilities, the STUDIOS and DEVELOPERS themselves are doing the talking and not Sony going “Sony says that Sony devs and Sony-devkit-given studios love our Sony-made-products”.

    Call me presumptuous, but I just laugh and don’t believe the fallacies that Microsoft try to create by either making dubious lies or just exaggerating the appreciation that they’re BARELY getting in contrast to PS4. It’s ALWAYS Microsoft complimenting their system, it’s always their PR saying that people love it, it’s never other-parties, anothers words, anothers mouth, anyone else find that peculiar and suspicious?

    • Zohak Diaz

      Such a fanboy you are. Just get both consoles and try for yourself!

    • Johnny Neat

      How is the truth fanboyism? I wish everyone could get both or all in past cases, as I have always done and will do, but the economy & people’s personal choices don’t allow for that option. Now again, how is the truth ever about one side or another?

    • EX+

      He’s not fanboying. He’s speaking the truth.
      I don’t know why you have such a hard time accepting the truth.

    • Jason Mounce

      I own a 360, PS3 and PC but okay there Mr. Insecure.

      Why would I ‘Get Both’ when X1 has no games? Or if you want more precision, has zero games I’m interested in because I bet most games that Microsoft gets on X1 will be Timed exclusive.

      Buying both, buying an X1, is the most wasteful investment anyone could make. especially where I can’t give two sh*ts about Kinect. Yet I must pay for it as a mandatory add-on. $100 for an inferior console, buying both essentially also meaning to use $1000, excluding games, for 2 consoles.

      I buy consoles for Games. I’m sorry if speaking rationally upsets you because I don’t keep some kind of ‘Mystical Balance of the Force’ of ‘Magical Fairness’. Xbox One, is garbage and not worth the money, both in hardware and in current exclusives, emphasis on ‘Current’. I only got a 360 for Gears and Lost Odyssey, latter being more important than the other. What does X1 have? Halo, Forza, Titanfall, Dead Rising 3 which may as well be Timed exclusive too? (It’s made by Capcom, cmon). Halo, racers, and Titanfall do not interest me. Fable 1 and 3 interested me, not this new one until they show actual gameplay and the final design.

      So, again, outside of your presumptuous and half-fanboy-like reactions. I buy a Console for the Games, just because I’m criticizing Reps and PR’s makes no one a fanboy, you dunce.

    • Zohak Diaz

      Lol. Such dinosaur comments. Whether you like it or not the video game industry is moving forward. Kinect is part of it. Don’t like it? Good stick to your prehistoric ps1. I’m terms of PS 3.5 aka ps4. Its true is the most powerful console. But in reality those HUNDREDS OF INDIES look better on my Mobile.

    • Jason Mounce

      If my comments are dinosauric…

      Your intelligence in is prehistoric. Your mind is that of the Dark ages. Go back in your cave.

    • John

      *Sigh, I don’t even know why I’m bothering to say this. These developers who are praising the PS4 and Sony, who exactly are they? Why are they always anonymous. If we don’t know who they are then they are as credible as Larry Hyrb saying “Developers loving system SDK and performance”. I know that some developers might say working with Sony is great but I haven’t seen a non-anonymous developer that is developing for both systems say that the PS4 is better than the Xbox One.

      “, and it’s nearly every developer praising or leaving at least a comment or feedback, input about the controller, the RAM, the possibilities, the STUDIOS and DEVELOPERS themselves are doing the talking and not Sony going “Sony says that Sony devs and Sony-devkit-given studios love our Sony-made-products”. These developers are anonymous.

      Adrian Chmielarz? He doesn’t develop for the PS4 and the developers he mentions are all anonymous. And furthermore he says

      “Think about it this way. X360 is faster than PS3. Not just easier to program on, it’s faster overall (although PS is faster/better in SOME areas). And yet no exclusive on X360 looks like The Last of Us. Halo 4 looks great. Gears blew my mind in 2006. And still, the best looking AAA game of this generation belongs to the supposedly weaker platform.

      So if you think that the war is over because PS4 is 50% faster TODAY, then you’re delusional. This is far from over, and will probably never be over, at least not this upcoming gen.”

      Of course it’s ALWAYS Microsoft complimenting their system NOW because In my opinion (which you probably don’t believe anyway) these so-called “anonymous developers” that are praising Sony are probably not even developers. Not all of that at least.

      ” it’s always their PR saying that people love it, it’s never other-parties, anothers words, anothers mouth, anyone else find that peculiar and suspicious?”
      I find it suspicious that it the PS4 praises are coming from “anonymous sources”.
      Let the games do the talking. Not MS or Sony PR, not exclusive developers, but the games.

    • Jason Mounce

      You’re making a parade out of criticism to ‘Employees’ and ‘Suits’.

      Nowhere did I mention Power…..Speed…..hardware relevance. I just don’t like Microsoft PR and their damage control frenzy as of ever since the original 180-change.

      I get consoles for the Games and I had in no way, ever ‘boasted’ PS4 having more power or more speed. I however, would bet money that Sony’s Ice Team would make great use of their own hardware since Sony makes it so the tech team and Software team work in sync, unlike Microsoft who’re mostly comprised of PR and Suits who don’t know jackshit, I could bring up Albert Penello on Neogaf for just One example…. you could talk to Yoshida on twitter and get simple, reliable feedback without any weirdness or bull, the difference between communication is night and day and I respect that, simply.

      Anywho. As per any other generation if referencing power/speed. I liked N64/PS1 equally then PS2 more than Gamecube, but Gamecube to me having better games than Xbox(1) and then PS3 over 360, power of ‘current’ gen really not being on my mind. PS4 having a ‘Boost’, is a Bonus, and $100 less than the competitor. Many Boosts whether financial or otherwise. Only problem with PS3 to me is the low RAM amounts making multitasking dreadfully shat from the XMB and whilst in games….I hate slow UI’s….Buuuut- Other than that, I know PS4 will have the exclusives and the games that ‘I’ want to buy, rational, logical reasoning. Microsoft is all fluff and Clouds and hype and promise. Sorta like how Sony ‘was’ back at PS3 launch….they fumbled and recovered and learned and are gamer-focused, Microsoft is Casual-Wii-targeted-focus w/ the Kinect. They’re not catering to me, thus, I do not care for them or their petty tactics or whatnot. Whether they get Timed COD Map exclusive deals or otherwise.

      The summary is, I buy a console for its games and if they’re relative to my interest. If Lost Odyssey 2 went on X1, then I’d wait til X1 got a sku without Kinect, and a lower price that’d match the demand of me wanting a Single game, etc etc.

    • John

      You might not have mentioned the PS4 power but these “developers” who praise the PS4 and are apparently doing the talking on the behalf of Sony’s PR ARE saying the PS4 is more powerful and faster than the Xbox One.

      “Microsoft is all fluff and Clouds and hype and promise” test the console out before saying stuff like that. The cloud is no fluff. PS4 might have backwards compatibility due to the cloud and so could the Xbox One through Windows Azure. And I don’t remember how Sony was all fluff and promise back at the PS3 launch but that’s just me, I can’t really remember that far. And as far as the console being gamer-focused, the Xbox One can do all the “hardcore” stuff gamers want. It most, if not more than the PS4 can do (other than Vita and that touchpad and the light on the controller and share button; minor stuff in my opinion).
      Btw im sorry but I didn’t really understand the part about suits lol. I guess executives at MS wear them. But in my opinion you’re making it seem like Microsoft are idiots and I’ve heard toooo many people say that. Sony Ice Team probably knows how to make games on the PS4 look amazing. And so does Microsoft. Forza Motorsport 5 from Microsoft Studios. It is one of the few exclusive launch titles on X1 running at 1080p (oh great I hope I didn’t open the gate for another argument by saying that). So Microsoft gaming studios know the console well too

    • Jason Mounce

      I definitely know Non-Sony Reps are talking about PS4’s power/speed…..aka from a link I gave before in which Microsoft denied knowing the man, who was responsible for making Gears of War Judgment, Albert Penello said he didn’t know him. He on his own accord said the PS4 was faster. Do some more research, regarding your first sentence. I know for a fact many developers who’re outside of Sony’s 1st-party are speaking well of PS4, as they also were responsible for pitching in with PS4’s design, specs and the Dualshock 4….. like Bethesda, Capcom and others. Of course they of their own mind have high value towards PS4, they helped craft it basically. As also Gearbox Studios was one of the key people who also initially told Sony to go for 8GB GDDR3 instead of 4GB. My point remains this, without error, that majority studios and developers who Sony doesn’t own, likely have something good to say about PS4 without needing to be Told to say something good for those reasons and more.

      I’ll see how others test it, and how others review it before I choose to buy a console that still remains to have no games I’m interested in, and a sku without Kinect. However, keep in mind my criticism of their ‘Cloud’ is valid also based around the mystification that Microsoft hasn’t really revealed their full specs and are keeping a good deal of things secretive. Where microsoft fanboys would suggest this to be ‘Something good up their sleeves’. I see it as Weakness, they’re afraid of showing everything and are still tweaking things to ‘catch up’ to Sony ever since e3. This much most take and accept as what’s going on, and is why Microsoft didn’t have X1 on display at e3 and GDC and instead used PC-builds of X1’s hardware due potential heating issues (Possible). Which, all of this will get ironed out or be finalized and removed and we’d all find out at launch and the future. I’m skeptical, yes. Anyone who went and bought a 360 at launch ought to be skeptical and wary of a repeated-faulty-console like the 360 was…

      Not like I’m here denying Sony’s silliness at PS3’s launch. Gaikai and Microsofts’ Cloud should show promise. However, the difference is, Sony isn’t saying much on the features or promise of Gaikai and are keeping it under wraps whilst Microsoft is trying to push their Cloud service as something that will be mindblowing and revolutionary…..something to be skeptical about because they’re giving out promises of glory about ‘Cloud Power’ left and right just as much as Peter Molyneux gives promises left and right.

      As for ‘Hardcore stuff/games’ keep this in mind, demographically – Attached below.

      As for Microsoft Studios? yes, the same people that nearly ALL Indie developers considered ruthless, incompetent, greedy and to be horrible business practitioners….yes…those people? When I say, Suits….I mean of course, the people who aren’t developers, the people who’re PR-Stuntsmen, the ones who Talk and give speeches, but have no idea how to make a game. Suits are the people that Flex their muscles and get paid to be flashy or do damage control, to give Reputation to what the studios or company are trying to do or market. Microsofts’ PR/Suits have BAD reputation….and everyone with common sense or have been tracking the gaming industry like myself would know this already. Mentioning ‘Forza’ as your only example though isn’t a good argument, no it didn’t open up an argument, but you need More. As is for example, Ryse being an exclusive and X1 Showcase but being confirmed to only being 900p. As for what I’ve heard of Microsoft Studios in Employees, is that their Suits are asswipes and that their Gamedevs are nice. Majority from indie-complaints as to why many switched over from XBLA to PSN happily.

    • John

      Okay so I didn’t want this to be some long argument because I have a lot of homework to finish up. It’s 9:14 PM Eastern Atlantic time here. This is probably going to be my last post.

      That developer who helped make Gears of War Judgement, he is Adrian Chmielarz (or that’s what he wants to be called). He said himself the PS4 is faster (though he’snot developing for it) but he also said you are delusional if you think the “war” is over just based on specs. Bethesda, Capscom, Gearbox studies, if the developers of those groups praise the PS4 are they still anonymous? But lets say that what they say is true, why is Capscom making Dead Rising 3 exclusive to Xbox One? Why did Bethesda say “the Xbox One is a nice, robust machine” (though they also said cross platform is a nightmare)? And just because “anonymous” developers haven’t said anything good about the Xbox One doesn’t mean no developer likes it ( I never said you said that).

      Just Google or Youtube the cloud and Xbox ONe but be careful because you will get a lot of ignorant results. Go on the official Xbox channel and see what the cloud and Forza Motorsport 5 can do. Ms fanboys might see MS keeping specs as what you said but what you said is just another opinion as well. AND THEM KEEPING BACK Specs add to the rumor that the Xbox One has more powerful specs but due to an NDA they are not legally allowed to reveal the full specs. But its just a rumor so don’t fully trust in it. And of course there wasn’t a full X1 on display at E3, just last month they tweaked the CPU clock speed up 6%. At 2005 E3 they used Macs for the games. But one year later when halo 3 came out, it ran well on the Xbox 360. But MS said that at some Microsoft Stores the X1 will be playable so I think it’s done being built. And people who have had actual demos with the X1 say it is extremely silent. Look it up and MS said they’ve DONE tons of work on cooling with the X1 BUT SINCE everyone is anti-Microsoft no one will believe them.

      Isn’t the promise of Gaikai on the ps4 FOR BACKWARDS COMPATIBILITY (STREAMING ps3 GAMES)? And as for MS cloud push just look up what THEY THEMSELVES have said (not some random gamer)

      About this attachment: I see so there are more exclusive games for the Kinect than PS Eye and more exclusives for PS4 than X1. So its a matter of how many games that can run without Kinect. That is not the console’s fault (the X1 stand alone) but rather why people make more exclusives for the Kinect than the Xbox One? Not the console’s fault. But for hardcore gamers, this chart shows it comes down to the GAMES.

      “the same people that nearly ALL Indie developers considered ruthless, incompetent, greedy and to be horrible business practitioners…” disregarding the bias in that statement indie developers started hating MS during the Xbox 360 generation. But there are plenty of indie games on XBLA. Yes these “suit” people at MS have gotten a bad rep but that is because they have to do all the talking. For Sony their “suit” people (who probably don’t know how to make games either) don’t have to do the talking. Their “anonymous developers” do that for them. Aaron Greenberg of MS said that Ryse: Son of Rome will run NATIVELP at 000p but the Xbox One will upscale it to 1080p. According to him it looks great. But since he said the X1 upscale ALL titles to 1080p, then that would mean al games (at the very least exclusive) are at 1080p.
      Anyway I know for a fact that whatever you believe in will not be altered by me and vice versa. It’s been nice having this relatively civil discussion and now I have to do a PRS for Psychology. Bye!

    • X1ultimateGamer

      Idie devs bro they are the only idiots that would have been paid off by Sony with 50% BS more powerful then Xbox One story which I don’t believe one bit plus look at Ps4 titles Bahahaaha They mean 50% underpowered is more like it

    • CultureShock

      Actually, the facts point to just the opposite. While 3rd party DEVs are happy to be vocal on all things that make XB1 a superb platform for their games WITHOUT WARRANT via blogs, citable interviews and such, it seems to be a different story in regards the PS4. Internet rhetoric aside, I haven’t heard not ONE, and I repeat NOT ONE citable 3rd party DEV,
      EVER coming forward with a statement with words like ONLY CAN BE POSSIBLE, CANNOT BE DONE OTHERWISE, GAME CHANGING, all in reference to PS4 offering something new besides prettier graphics, which both systems are capable of doing. In fact those words are synonymous to XB1 these days.

      List of 3rd party Devs who went on record to state that because of ADDITIONAL infrastructure available to them, they can implement design elements that CAN’T be done on any other console.

      1. Joel Emslie

      2. Dominic Guay.

      3. Jon Shiring

      4. Josh Bridge

      Here’s the latest Group General Manager EA, skip to 17:29 – 18:13

      And Swery65, the creative mind behind “D4: Dark Dreams Don’t Die, another 3rd party DEV, as usual, citable source unlike sources for ps4.

      He says, ” I always strive to create game mechanics, stories, and settings that blur the line between games and the real world, and when I saw the Kinect hardware, I knew it was the missing piece to my puzzle.”

      These DEVs are all citable for XB1. I don’t know any 3rd party DEVs who’ve made the same claims for ps4. If you have one that’s citable or on video or blogged about ps4s game changing abilities, please link me to one.

      Here are links to 3rd party devs that have came forward to express the perks of having their game on XB1. I promise you the list will keep growing.

      Stop spreading false information. It is said that ps4 fanboys don’t even love their platform. They just happen to hate yours.

    • Jason Mounce

      The flaw in this counter-argument of yours is your 3 links at the bottom are instead 2 links annnnnd….they’re BOTH from Respawn…..aka the people who’re trying to make a flagship title on X1….of course they’re going to praise the system -_- That’s not a counter-argument, it’s their job to speak well of X1….

      Your ending-sentence is pretty laughable though. You get defensive then declare me a fanboy and that I’m spreading misinformation?…Oh cmon now. Grow up and stop clinging to a hypocrisy of defending a company and being zealous for Microsoft just because I’m criticizing PR. When I say what I’m saying, you can’t use ‘Word of Mouth’ of people who’re making exclusives for X1, it’s logical to presume that Microsoft wants them, or asks them to give publicity in the form of praise for the hardware they’re working on for media spin. Hence why I put emphasis on saying I want Third-Party devs word of mouth who’re working on Both consoles simultaneously who are ALLOWED to speak bluntly, without CENSORSHIP. You’re literally using censored praised as a form of legitimate counter-arguing which is just, Wrong.

      When I spoke in my original post. I especially had in mind the post of:

      If you understand this story alone. Take that in mind, PR being a douche. A developer who had made Gears of War: Judgment, an Exclusive 360 title and Albert says “Dont Know em” – whilst he speaks his voice, obviously, that he finds in his professional, unbiased opinion that PS4 is overall faster. It’s opinions like that, that matter whilst you have to clearly filter out those who’ve either been Told to speak well of a console, Paid to speak well of a console, or are trying to be neutral, censored and hush-hush because of NDA Contracts or because it’d land the studio or employee in the mud if they spoke negatively before the consoles have even launched….

      EA especially, though are being given deals by Microsoft, are trying to play on an Even, Neutral playing field and thus their comments on PS4 and X1 are invalid if we want to be in the focus of Valid statement/praise of any kind. EA and Activision and devs like them have to stay in the middleground.

      As the consoles launch and games comes out, we’ll see how the feedback, input and criticisms come to be. Damage control, however, will hinder most of what people say unless they know there’s no consequences if they speak against another.

      Use your head, and stop being a hypocrite and/or an idiot by labelling others as a fanboy when you yourself are a fanboy. Aka. Pot calling the kettle black.

    • ShowanW

      First off both systems will be amazing… Your argument is all over the map… And Gears of War: Judgement sucked.,,
      I’d rather Mark Rein or Cliffy B give their opinion over that guy…

      If a 2 consoles can both do “hardcore” gaming… And one decided to go nuts adding other functions to the console, how is that a BAD thing?

      Actually both MS & Sony are going nuts with non gaming features because both realize that for $400-$500 gaming alone is NOT worth that much loot.. Bang for your Buck as the saying goes…

    • Jason Mounce

      Both are amazing? Did you happen to use a time machine and play both of them first hand? No? Oh, I see. 😛 Both ‘Might/Can’ be amazing…Sure! Again, games sell the console and so far PS4 just happens to have a more glimmering lineup planned Thus Far, and ‘imo’ as some people get Hardons for Killer Instinct, Halo or Titanfall while I personally don’t care much for them just as much as I barely care about Killzone

      My argument is quite fine, thank you. 😛

      Gears Judgment sucking is subjective opinion, doesn’t invalidate who made it or the team behind it. As for personal-spite to other-people, what did Adrian do to make himself somehow Wrose than Cliffy B of all people? rofl. Cliffy and Phil Fish and the others like them are not really the kind of people to listen to, I’d even add John Carmack to the list of “Who to not listen to in comparison” ever since his MegaUltraTexture facade. They all seem to just have hissyfits and stubborn opinionated whining sessions at equal levels….

    • ShowanW

      Did I say both ARE amazing..l or did I say both WILL BE AMAZING?… I took the to time to actually Read what you wrote… And all you did is respond to what I did NOT say..

    • Jason Mounce

      ‘Will be’ implies you KNOW it will be without fail….implying you know the Future outcome. ‘Both are amazing’ is Present-tense….

      No, what I said still makes sense, you implied you know something will be awesome, when you don’t know. Which is why I poked fun at your Future-tense post of saying you know they Will Be Amazing, when you can’t know that for sure…. Saying ‘Both are’ is Present, ‘Will be’ is Future. Past-tense at that wouldn’t make sense.

      You see what I’m seeing now?

    • ShowanW

      And who is to say I did NOT see either console, up and running… Who is to say I haven’t been to PAX, or Xbox One road tour Major Nelson is doing… But that is neither here nor there…

      I will give both Sony and MS the benefit of a doubt, Considering, the PS1,PS2,PS3, OG Xbox, and 360 all were awesome…

      And just to let you know, I am NOT a fan of racing games, but FORZA is drop dead beautiful…

    • Jason Mounce

      Well, ‘Did’ you?….

      All had some charm, down the road or at the end of everything.

      Well, just remember that you need to look at images that aren’t a part of the editor as it had been proven quite easily that the image-studio or whatever it is in that game that showcases screenshots is rigged to be a higher fidelity than that of the game itself, which sorta is a bitchslap in deceptiveness imho. It will surely aim to look great as of course, it doesn’t have a shitload to process unlike other genres, that much is a given. That is more or less why I’d go to use other game-genres as a benchmark of ‘Beauty’ or Artistic capabilities. All racing games equally can look beautiful no matter which does it, GRID? Motorstorm? GT? Forza? Gotham Racing? All the same visually to me. I just wonder where the END is, I don’t think we can go too much further in Driving-game photorealism, hah.

    • ShowanW

      Track records give validation… To me Carmack hasn’t been on his ‘A-game’ in quite awhile, but his track record gives him credibility…

      Most who have been weighing in are mostly anonymous developers.. And a few Indies developers, developing exclusively for PS4…

      I will NOT deny the PS4’s raw horse power, and the it’s ability, to brute force pretty graphics… But there is more to a game than that.

      If Xbox One games are close enough in graphics, then what is the problem.

      If Crytek didn’t tell people Ryse was running at 900p, NOBODY would have known.. So call gaming journalist wouldn’t have even known… Because its to close to call it out…I personally don’t like the gameplay (from what has been shown so far) of Ryse.. But to say that the graphics are short of stunning, then people are just hating…

    • Jason Mounce

      I used to think that way, then I took a—….Hah, no, just, ever since he stubbornly trashtalked PS3, Consoles in general, constantly talks trash while under-delivering, Rage was a flop….. I’ll give him some respect once he pulls his head out of his ass, his credibility to me WAS because of his track record…..but, he’s sorta just going downhill and until I see otherwise, my credibility was already lost :/ Eh.



      None? In terms of Specs…. features/goal/demographic-catering(Casual over Hardcore), Microsofts track record of bullshitting and exploiting, misinformation-usage, deceptive marketing tactics, keep me from not wanting to invest my money to feed their corporate-greed-like plate and agenda. All companies do what it takes to make profit but, at least with Sony? They make it feel like they give a shit about their consumers :/

      Someone would’ve found out….likely from Neogaf or reddit…rofl, there are always those crazy people who COUNT, EVERY, PIXEL…. then pour fuel on the flames.

      I hate Ryse, or show dislikeness, moreso to its gameplay mechanics, the concept, the design. Too much QTE, too COD-objective-hold-your-hand-like, where mission objectives are always plastered on the screen, always telling you what to do, when to do it was essentially all I saw from gameplay footage at e3. I can’t say that left a good taste in my mouth, in contrast, I did love Shadow of Rome on PS2, a hack’n’slash Gladiator, story-driven adventure game, was awesome.

    • CultureShock

      “they’re BOTH from Respawn”

      My bad on putting that link twice, but that link shares the thoughts of BOTH Titanfall’s lead artist Joel Emslie and Watch Dogs senior producer Dominic Guay, shedding new light on the positives of working on the XB1 platform. What is important is that it is clear that XB1 brings something new to CONSOLE gaming that ps4 don’t.

      You said, ” Yet I don’t really hear developers openly praising it of their own free will. I find that kinda funny. Microsoft has to be the one saying that “Everyone loves it” of their own product, but not mention names.”

      That link alone proves that you are lying.

      “When I say what I’m saying, you can’t use ‘Word of mouth’ of people who’re making exclusives for X1,…”

      Is Watchdog an exclusive XB1 game? NO it’s not! Now for the games that end up being exclusive, they point out the reasons why.

      For Jon Shiring, it’s because out of the two, MS went out and actually invested in solving their problems to better help them realize their vision. They said it on their blog. They said, “This is a really big deal, and it can make online games better. This is something that we are really excited about. The Xbox Live Cloud lets us to do things in Titanfall that no player-hosted multiplayer game can do. That has allowed us to push the boundaries in online multiplayer and that’s awesome. We want to try new ideas and let the player do things they’ve never been able to do before! Over time, I expect that we’ll be using these servers to do a lot more than just dedicated servers. This is something that’s going to let us drive all sorts of new ideas in online games for years to come.”

      But you don’t want to hear that. That falls in the line of some conspiracy theory for you. The fact is Respawn, a 3rd party DEV said that, and it’s a big deal, whether you like it, or agree with it or not. They went to both Sony and MS according to their blog, and it was MS who delivered the GOODS IN THE END! Hence the REASON why Titanfall is on the XB1. The platform offers something new
      that CANNOT be done on any other CONSOLE at the moment (Not including PC). It’s all there.

      Again, that entire blog from Respawn proves that you
      are lying.

      That link you shared about Adrian Chmielarz, in the end, doesn’t prove that gaming experiences on the XB1 will be a horrible experience. That 50% number has been repeated numerous times. You don’t keep in mind that these platforms have different ways to solving problems, and at the time, the DEV kits were not, and still not yet optimized to take advantage of either system. That’s why I called you a fanboy. You took that info and just ran with it like some 8 year old who don’t know better, and then you’re telling me to grow up?

      All that talk don’t mean anything when the fact is
      Forza is running @1080p 60fps, on hardware that is supposedly 50% inferior and falls behind driver optimization. While Drive club struggles to achieve the
      60fps mark on a system that is suppose to be 50% superior in every which way. WOW! Don’t you question that? And don’t say because of all the additional things that are being implemented in Driveclub either, because most of that requires procedural generation, a technique that the XB1 trumps ps4 on.

      For you, it’s only valid when anything said about the XB1 falls in line of what Adrian Chmielarz says. On the other hand, anything said that suggests that XB1 may be superior in certain aspects is fishy, like when Jon writes a blog on why he chose the XB1 to deliver what can be one of the most important game of 2014. Or something’s
      not right when the group general manager of EA praises the XB1 online gaming experience and suggests that it will be the best place to play their games?

      As far as me calling you out? The shoe fits. All your attempt at mature talk don’t hide that fact. I’ve proven that you are a liar and quick to succumb to internet rhetoric.

      The only thing that you said that made complete sense is “As the consoles launch and games comes out, we’ll see how the feedback, input and criticisms come to be.” Not all that other garbage you tried to convince people to believe.

    • Jason Mounce

      Summed: “Whatever makes you sleep better at night”.

      I can tell no matter what I say, you’ll remain delusional and uptight with your righteous means of calling people a liar while just being a bit WAYYY too emotionally attached to Xbox/Microsoft, way too defensive, can’t be bothered arguing with someone who’s deranged. Just another fanboy, Ehn. Oh well.

    • CultureShock

      The truth is, even though I love reading on the latest on video game tech, I don’t play video games like that. I’m not invested in either one. I just like calling out people like you who love to go online and just lie to make yourself feel better. It burns you to know that what I’ve said is true. You are full of yourself and it makes your day when you go unchallenged. You’re not fooling anyone.

    • Jason Mounce

      The truth is, you’ll believe whatever you want to believe and no amount of talking, arguing, or anything of that sort will sway you. You’ll shove pseudo-intellectual, nonsensical and opinionated concepts down on people and if they reject you, ‘They’ are in denial and how you seem to scoff this all off is, by me seeing that you’re infact stubborn and argumentative and inaccurate in your claims, that if I don’t put effort in arguing with you that I am somehow Upset by the Truth.

      You’re a Cancer, and I rather not feed your ignorance and your inability to conceive your own arrogance, that’s why I refuse to continue this. Whereas you think I’m here to fool people, I can easily say that the only one being fooled, is You, with yourself. I run into your type alllllll the time, very cliched kind of person and I’d rather avoid going in a downward spiral where no mutual understanding is possible and the outcome is a pissing contest that you’ll start zealously in defense, righteously thinking yourself in the right and never in the wrong. You’re predictable and thus, I take my leave early and you take it as a Victory in itself which proves me right by thinking I’m feeling ‘Burned’ when I honestly rather am looking at the time and wondering what game I should play next on the PC I just built up.

    • CultureShock

      My dude, what are you babbling about? Nothing that I wrote as a rebuttal to your posts in regards to these consoles are my selfish opinions. You can find that info on the web. I caught you lying. It is as simple as that. I proved it by pointing to articles that show otherwise. I didn’t make those up. Every thing you now say I am, is a reflection of you. Ask yourself, “WHY DID YOU LIE!?”
      SMH >_<……I'm done.

  • Jsblazed

    I think it’s funny how people still think PS4 is just a power house. Xbox has more potential down the line the PS because of how the system is built -Sony did go the cheap route… in the end the PS4 will just be a generic version of the Xbox1. And to your Ryse comment- why can’t Drive Club hit 60fps@1080p? Forza5 can- and it actually looks like a next gen game, unlike DC.

    • Saul Martinez

      What are you talking about? All first party PS4 games run natively at 60 frames and 1080p. Ryse is trash, an utter wanna be of dark souls but with romans and time freeze. It honestly does not look next gen graphically or gameplay wise. Your comment as to the PS4 not being a powerhouse when its RAM capacity is triple than that of the xbox one makes no absolute sense. At the guys of inside gaming daily created 2 PC’s with specs completely identical to that of the consoles and the games the PS4 PC ran could play better than those of the xbox pc specs. Its also a poor argument to compare racing games because racing games have been the same for the last ten years and graphically they are only impressive at the car detail level.

    • will

      You have no idea what ure talking about all ps4 1st party is not 1080p60

    • Jason Mounce

      Well, Killzone is confirmed to be, Driveclub ‘May’, Planetside 2(if that counts) is going to be maxed and at 1080p, 60FPS possibly. Knack likely will, if Killzone can, Knack clearly could. Not sure about Infamous Second Son, but the point at least remains that they’re ALL 1080p where even Ryse is, apparently at 900p and not 1080p and if Sony 1st Party devs are to be mentioned, we have to understand that most of Sony’s 1st party haven’t shown what they’re working on yet for us to really know for sure.

      I don’t personally believe that Sony will try to aim for ‘all’ games to be 60FPS, but likely aim to make everything 1080p. 60FPS takes a toll on visual clarity or AA or draw distance in most circumstances. I’d be fine with 30-40 lock.

    • Gabrielsp85

      Killzone only in MP every other game is 30fps, people are talking about Ryse being 900p and The Order 1886 is gonna be 800p

    • Jason Mounce

      Wut. There’s like, absolutely NO INFORMATION about The Order, where the hell would 800p come from?! rofl. This coming from some kind of rumor-mill in an Xbox forum? xD

    • Gabrielsp85

      Have you been living under a rock or under Sony’s dick, it’s on Sony official blog , they re using a 2:40:1 aspect ratio which is 1920×800

    • Jason Mounce

      “Living under Sonys Dick” . . . .

      Is there a need for such impalpable immaturity? How old are you exactly? lol

      Well, if someone asks you “How/Where/When” the response isn’t usually a: “LOL UR TAKING SONY PENIS ITS ON THIS SITE” – and you instead give Sauce, Source, Links, something called proof to validate your argument. Not act out like a child or a Pewdiepie Fan.

    • Zohak Diaz

      well said!

    • X1ultimateGamer

      Nope it’s true I’ve read it plus all Ps4 games don’t actually near 60FPS that’s all PR talk

    • Jeremiah Enrile

      RYSE 900 p, killer instinct 720p hahaha ENJOY!!

    • Jason Mounce

      Such beautiful evidence I was given. “I read it.”

      That solves all my problems of asking for evidence. . . for all I’d likely take it, you’re a cheesy fanboy who slapped the keyword of ‘Gamer’ under your username as a disguise to fool others. All I’ve been getting responses of, are from easily-upset 12 year olds and delinquents who can’t form a proper response.

    • X1ultimateGamer


    • Jeremiah Enrile

      laugh it up with these!! XD i can sense the dread in your heart hyahaha

    • Marcus Roue

      There will be more titles that have 1080P @ 60fps on the PS4 than on the XBone.

      The XBone is struggling to even put out games at 1080P let alone at 60fps. Let’s face, the XBone is weaker in hardware.

    • X1ultimateGamer

      More titles Huh what kind moron are you ? you mean more Indie titles Sony has forgotten your first party titles their focusing on Indie games so deal with it

      Plus there isn’t any innovation with Ps4 whatsover just a upgraded ps3 really

    • Jeremiah Enrile

      yeah keep telling sourself that. anyway what are you?? a stock holder for MS?, an employee? a disguised steve ballmer?? or just a poor old fanboy?? Sorry bro, you cannot “convince” the world about getting an Xbone. goodluck with your advertisement of xbone. yeah keep fighting the good fight loser. all your games when it launches will be mediocre at best. and after 2-3 years. no more exclusives for you like 360. you will only play “multiplats” hahaha

    • Marcus Roue

      Please don’t go full retard.

      Here’s a definitive list of which titles the PS4 and XBone will have 1080P:

      I can hear XBone fanboys crying. 🙂

    • gbg

      PS4 games are garbage. If they were so great why are you raving in an Xbox article

    • Saul Martinez

      Not “down the line” I mean what does the xbox have other than titanfall (which is a timed exclusive)? Gears of war is literally dead, the story has been closed and the series milked. Halo is really not the same anymore and Halo 4 failed to live up to its predecessors. I used to love the xbox line up but with PS4’s exclusives consisting of the order, infamous second son, and killzone, it just really seems PS4 has better titles to offer. Oh im not raving im just responding to a users comment that xbox one has “more potential down the line” than PS4 when its system specs are stronger and developers are finding more promise with the PS4’s specs and online policies.

    • Fit

      Keep believing that. “titanfall (which is a timed exclusive)”
      Halo 4 was better than Reach and ODST. Although I agree GoW was killed because of GoW J.
      But games like Project Spark, Sunset overdrive, Fable Legends, Quantum Break, Crimson Dragon, Killer Instinct, Dead Rising 3, Forza, and not to forget multiplats that will perform better on X like CoD ghost and BF4, which will be recieve content first a month early.
      Saying ps4 has a better line up is just stupid. Killzone, a mediocre fps dead series thats never been recognized… there are way better alternatives at launch if your seeking a Fps game, Drive Club… I don’t need to explain that one when Forza is obviously going to be a thing, Knack… yeah Project Spark is a thing no explanation, then Second Son, it’s not even based on the main guy and I personally think it’s going to disappointment with the story. The order looks really interesting and Destiny will get exclusive content I believe.

    • X1ultimateGamer

      Titanfall is not timed exclusive and you can keep dreaming it will ever come to Ps4 , plus half Ps4 first party titles are timed exclusives plus Warframe LMFAO

    • Jeremiah Enrile

      They are not timed exclusives bro, Titanfall?? Pffft COD + Gundam = titanfail. Hahaha. Ultimategamer huh?? an ultimategamer chooses the “stronger and best” console out there. let me spell it out for you oldie, P…S…4

    • Jeremiah Enrile

      look at these bro hahaha i cant stop laughing

    • Drewidian

      At the end of the day, I think it will come down to the developers capabilities. For me personally, these systems seem to be more than capable of running upgraded versions of today’s gaming experiences, but the Xbox One is the only console that seems to have some potential for new experiences. I’m getting both probably for different reasons but since I have a family, I’m getting the Xbox one first since it seems to meet our wants best.

    • EX+

      WTF are you yapping about exactly? What secret sauce does your XBO have in it that gives it more potential down the line? And how the hell did you get that many agrees? And quick question: Why is KI running at 720p?

    • X1ultimateGamer

      K1 isn’t running at 720p you fool get your facts straight before starting with the trollish comments FFS

    • Jeremiah Enrile

      yes its running on 720p, only “upscaled” to 1080p. wheres your proof or link?? oh thats right theres none old fanboy

    • X1ultimateGamer

      Umm wrong google is there not that hard to use Hey

    • Jeremiah Enrile

      by using google you made yourself look like a fool. here it is

    • X1ultimateGamer

      Knack runs 20FPS and is upscaled at 820p

    • Jeremiah Enrile
    • Jason Mounce

      Okay, now I know you’re a truly desperate and pathetic little troll. Though, I’d not even go to say you’re really a ‘Troll’ as you may take that as a compliment. You’re simply a grown man(Presumed via avatar) who likes to act like an 11 year old over the internet.

      Good hobby you got there bro. Going on gaming websites and randomly providing misinformation and waiting for reactions….is your life really That miserable? Honest. You should find better things to do with your life than attempt to annoy others through your childish antics.

    • X1ultimateGamer

      LMAO so true and well said Ps4 trolls are so butthurt it so funny to just read they’re childish comments

    • Jeremiah Enrile

      Better being childish than being “Insecure fanboys” like your self. so your comment “Ps4 lmfao bye bye and all their games run 15fps if that” is not childish?? Hahaha your posts are funnier. your an old man and yet you sound also like a child.

    • X1ultimateGamer

      Who’s insecure Me LOL remember we have the beast of a console and you have well the childish one

    • Jeremiah Enrile

      Beast of a console?? what?? “DELUSIONAL” hahaha can’t accept it?? just accept it bro and it will all be over soon. just stop haha your the only xbot that denies facts. other xbot i argued with atleast admitted PS4 is more powerful. Heck even MS admitted that indirectly. why can’t you??

    • Zohak Diaz

      Just collect another $500 from welfare and buy an xb1. Agree?

    • Jeremiah Enrile

      No sorry dude, do yourself a favor and advertise your gaybox somewhere else.

    • Jeremiah Enrile

      this is really a beast of a console hahaha

    • Guest

      LOL, quoting NeoGAF just shows what a little faggot you are. Pauper!

    • Jeremiah Enrile

      Hahaha bro, that the best you got?? Faggot?? that info was legit, straight from greenberg himself. Whaat? cant believe it?? i see your world cruumbling hahaha. So sorry MS let you down.. again!! LOL but keep believing brother and fight the good fight haha

    • Zohak Diaz

      did you drink your medicines mr loser? lol

    • Zohak Diaz


    • Zohak Diaz

      Go back to Japan dude

    • Jeremiah Enrile

      Go back to being a gigolo, you look like a fag. look at this

    • Zohak Diaz

      Nice pic!

  • kreator

    XBO FTW!

  • Drewidian

    Microsoft…. Please add .mkv support. You would solidify the Xbox one as a media power house.

    • Death Dealer

      This and emulators (like on Windows 8) will make the rest obsolete in no time.

    • Cole Carey

      I’ve been waiting for .mkv on anything mainstream… for… forever… I think…

  • Demetre HG

    Ps4 lmfao bye bye and all their games run 15fps if that

    • Jeremiah Enrile

      Yeah keep dreaming. try harder, 15fps?? atleast try to be more realistic. PS3 doesn’t even have a game that runs on 15fps. Insecure fanboys will always be insecure. sorry but PS4 hardware still better than xbone

    • X1ultimateGamer

      Ummm child all your games are basically Indies Games where your first party titles oh wait you have 3 LMFAO

      Ok I made a mistake they actually run at 25FPS if that look at that crappy Deep down Geez as if that crap runs anymore then 10FPS

    • Jeremiah Enrile

      Hahaha Look “Old Man” just like i said, keep dreaming. doesn’t change the fact that PS4 is still powerful. laugh while you can because it will be another PS3 trashing the 360 all over again. Oh yeah we have 3, because these 3 games is “enough” to blow all your exclusives. sorry but Killzone shadow fall and driveclub are running on 1080p genius. want a link?? “Anything to justify why Xbone is better” right? so that you can sleep good at night

    • Jason Mounce

      Last time I’ll put it out there, whether you’re the person in your avatar or it’s just a stock image.

      You ‘really’ need a life, or a better hobby. You’re not funny, you’re not accomplishing anything, you’re trying-too-hard, you’re too obvious, you don’t even show any form of intelligent life.

      Let me give you a little lesson on ‘How to troll’. A ‘real’ troll, is an intelligent person pretending to be a dumb person for reactions. The issue, is that like yourself, you’re an Idiot, pretending to be an even bigger idiot for reactions…..that doesn’t make you a pro, bro. You’ll be fed by others from what you say, sure…but I don’t really think you being a tool for petty little entertainment at this value because your father neglected you or that you have low-self esteem and your only escape is to, as a typical bully-archtype. “Make others feel more miserable than yourself to get your high”.

      I pity you. It makes me question how pathetic your life must be, to be an individual in your shoes where your strongest form of relief and comedy, is through being a Tool and a random douchebag over the internet. Go in the corner and think about what you’ve been doing wrong in your life.

    • Jeremiah Enrile
  • Jeremiah Enrile

    This thread goes to show how xbots “deny” PS4 is more powerful. no matter if its only 20% or even 1% better, still the bottomline is, “Its still better than xbone” accept reality guys. Insecurity will get you nowhere.

    • MicDude

      I disagree, it’s not a matter of ‘if’ the PS4 is more powerful in terms of specs. Everyone knows no matter how much they try to deny it that the PS4 is more powerful based on what we know. We do not know is exactly how much more powerful the PS4 than the Xbox One despite all the percentages and numbers that have been thrown around; until we get a full spec list for both consoles we will not know. Also, we do not know if the differences in power will translate into noticeable differences both graphically and performance wise. That also remains to be seen.

    • Jeremiah Enrile

      Like i said, BRO, even if the ps4 is 30%, 50% 70% or even 10% powerful, “It is still powerful Nonetheless” get it?? i did not say we know the exact but the bottomline, PS4 has superior specs. easy to understand

    • MicDude

      What did I say to set you off?

      I see no reason to continue the conservation if you are just going to be an asshole to everybody that doesn’t agree with you

      Good day 🙂

    • Drewidian

      There’s more to the system than just raw hardware specs. For example, the XBox One has a dedicated audio processor, custom CPU with ESRAM and even the Kinect has its own dedicated processor, whereas the PS4 has to process all of its data through its CPU and GPU. The XBox One uses Direct X11.2 and has a lot of system optimizations based around that engine, which Microsoft has a lot of experience with, whereas this is Sony’s first attempt at an x86 based Playstation console. On the other side of that coin, the PS4 has less OS overhead than the XBox One since it is running one OS but uses roughly 3.5 GB whereas the XBox One uses 3.0 GB dedicated for its “3” operating systems.

      Either way its going to take real world testing and game optimization
      to see what the performance is like. As for real world actual game
      play, Forza will run at 60 frames per second at 900P and Drive Club will only run at 30 FPS at 1080P. A lot depends on the developer and their capabilities.

    • MicDude

      You are preaching to the choir there bud. Raw power isn’t everything. Personally, I have never really cared about specs; as long as the games are great, who really cares, right? All the internet wants to talk about right now are the specs and which console is better. Which is a pointless argument IMO. I’m happy with putting my thoughts in even if they are different from the masses. But, I digress, both consoles will sell well; why debate on which will sell more, which has better specs etc? When you are playing games, do you think ‘Man, that Integrated GPU is tearing through this game?’ Because I don’t.

      Sorry for the mini rant. It was directed towards the internet as a whole and not you in particular.

    • JerkDaNERD7

      You cant just take out ONE component and claim 50% overall ya ignorant douche bag.

      One component is just a sum of it’s many parts. And 50% in MCUs don’t count for overall “POWAH” (speeds).

      If anything, Xbox One’s architectural design is far more balanced and highly optimized for performance. The only reason it’s ridiculous to make assumptions…BECAUSE SONY HASN’T RELEASED ANYTHING BUT SPECS. No designs, NOTHING!

      Ask yourself why they didn’t show up to Hot Chips along with AMD and Microsoft to showcase their APUs capability. Also in why they are only using x86 design for game development and why they had to upgrade from 4gigs?!

      It’s suspicious in how they haven’t released anything yet I don’t see PoS fanboys considering that FACT!

      You can put a v12 on a Volkswagen it still wouldn’t make a difference against a high performance v8 car…not suggesting that the PS4 is the Volkswagen, but going by your logic that is case in your point of view.

      Microsoft has showcased more than enough about their design and with full confidence and how efficiently balanced their console is.

    • Jeremiah Enrile

      Anything to justify your console of choice douchegay :p. calling me a fanboy makes you look like a hypocrite. Bro just accept it is more powerful. you xbots really can’t stnad it can you?? blah blah blah yes balanced specs but still “inferior”. i guess you will even downplay the GDDR5 if i mention it. 1.8 teraflops is still > 1.3 teraflops. bro just accept. and if you can’t, then fine, i’ll see you at PS4 and xbones launch. then can’t wait to see you post your “Dissapointed” comments or possibly still praise your console even though gaming sites will prove multiplats and once again “first party” sony games will dominate

    • JerkDaNERD7

      Your comment alone states you as a hypocrite!

      Simply because you haven’t stated any counter-facts, and couldn’t be concise in explaining simple points, instead wasted a moot point on a whole paragraph. LMAO! Typical fanboy “blah, blah, blah”!!

      This isn’t a 1:1 winner in points ya mook! It’s all about who can have lower latency and have “SUSTAINABLE” power and keep the pipes fed.

      I build beast PCs, and if anything only PCs should worry about large components…because it always has a big OS and other background software running. Consoles is all about high optimization.

      Mark my post ya maggot, games are going to look great on Xbox One, and starting next year Xbox One will rise like the Sun.

    • dirkradke

      The truth is you and the JerkDaNERD7 are both wrong. I see nothing either in the exclusives or multi-platform games that makes either system better or worse. Right now all either of you have is a bunch of talking points on paper. It was the same sort of talking points about the PS3 being more powerful this generation than the 360. Supposedly the 360 won the current generation of console wars for whatever values of win. It is the games that will determine what console puts out the best games. That contest will take years with the ultimate winner being the consumer.

    • Jeremiah Enrile

      Whaaaat?? 360 won?? EEEEEEEeeeeennnki WRONG!! saleswise, it sits on third place globally, and on graphics dept, it lost too, VGA graphics of the year award 2008-MGS4, 2009-Uncharted 2, 2010-God of war 3, 2011-uncharted 3. and then this year alone 2013, PS3 has “20” exclusive games!! while 360 has 3 exclusives this year. What?? wanna link?? from VGchartz and IGN?? and VGAs?? deny away if you can. thats the truth.

    • dirkradke

      I have both a PS3 and 360. The only game I haven’t played that you mention is God of War. I found nothing better or worse as far as graphics, A.I. or actual gameplay when comparing the 2 consoles. Hey, believe what you want and if your truth isn’t my truth the universe will still be in balance. It is such Cosmic Karma.

    • Jeremiah Enrile

      Cosmic karma?? hahaha now your using to this to deny the truth?? haha pathetic bro. you may own a PS3 but you don’t know what to look for or you just have no “taste” in gaming. i want to put up the links but you will just deny it and say both are equal. hey whatever makes you sleep better at night

    • dirkradke

      If you want the last word I will graciously allow it.

    • X1ultimateGamer

      Geez here go again with that Fake Pr story keep telling yourself that kid we look at your games LOL so hard at the true 50% underpowered PS4

    • Jeremiah Enrile

      Keep dreaming and “denying” old man that PS4 is still powerful than Xbone. if PS4 is 50% less powerful, then that means xbone is 150% lower hahaha.

  • TruthsRhArD

    ud have to be pspoor or asian to want a ps4 aka xbox cheap knock off

    • Zohak Diaz


  • edd

    NO TO XBONE !!!!

    • Guest

      No to $0N¥ PauperStation N4Gtard NeoFAGs! DIE!

    • Jeremiah Enrile

      Your trying too hard man. take a break. or just watch gayporn. you want some comfort?? hahaha. sorry i don’t comfort faggots. just go in the corner and study some faggotry

    • Guest

      Take you poor gook eyes and FUCK OFF!

    • Jeremiah Enrile

      Better being poor than being a FAGGOT!! haha. eeeewww stay away from me Faggot!!

  • Jeremiah Enrile

    Hey ultimategamer oldie, get a load of this

    • Guest

      Manila on the Philippines? Yeah, a pauper! Poor you!

    • Jeremiah Enrile

      yeah keep using fake accounts. FAGGOT. atleast im not “ASHAMED” to hide myself. you must be really really handsome.. only to faggots hahaha

  • Guest

    $0N¥ Paupers are poor in the mind and in the wallet. Continue hating paupers! It’s going to come back a million fold very soon and we’ll make sure you all die for it, like Jermiah and Jason here.

    • Jeremiah Enrile

      LOOOOLL Hahaha your upvoting yourself?? Pathetic hahaha. sorry FAGGOT. Ex-Box- DONE!! ;P. my gook eyes is better than your swollen eyes. i guess you must be really ugly to sign in as guest?? pathetic. thats the best insult you got??

    • EX+

      Don’t mind him.
      The facts are to facts. The XBO is $100 more expensive than the PS4, weaker and it’s gonna fail.


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