Xbox One New Models May Have Been Ousted By FCC Filings

But hang on just a moment before you assume it’s a Slim revision, or the Xbox 1.5.

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Is the Xbox One Elite (or Xbox 1.5) happening? Phil Spencer has floated the idea previously, although he later partially retracted the statement. But that’s all that we have heard on that front- there haven’t been many rumors or leaks regarding a revised Xbox One with better specs, like there have been for the PS4K.

On the other hand, there is a rumored slimline revision of the Xbox One, one which possibly removes the disc drive, which we have been hearing about for over a year now. Look, what we are getting at is, new Xbox hardware is definitely in the pipeline- we just don’t know what it is.

But we do know it is coming, and today, some substantial evidence for it emerged. NeoGAF user ekim has discovered filings for two Xbox One models identified with model numbers 1682 and 1683 in the Federal Communication Commission’s database. We don’t know what these models are, but we do know we can’t access these filings in full until the end of June- which indicates that there might be a new model being announced at E3.

What will it be? We don’t know yet, but hopefully Microsoft go big, much like Sony did with the PS3 Slim last generation, after the PS3’s less than stellar start.

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  • papatuelo

    No new models pals!

    1682= XBOX ONE controller.
    1683= Wireless adapter for PC.

    Document related to 1682 states two different models: A) Premium – with audio B) Base – without audio. The name is quite clear “Dual-band Wireless Accessory Radio”. My Xbox One controller reads IC3048A-1537 / C3K1537, the label on those documents reads IC3048 – 1682 / C3K1537

    Document related to 1683 states that MT7612U is inside this product, it is a mediatek wifi module which is USB 3.0 compatible, the same one you can find inside the XBOX ONE wireless adapter for PC.

  • Doggystyle

    Its probably a refurbished model with Nyko intercooler duct taped on the outside of the case, and it comes with a broken elite controller and a 2 month warranty for $200.

  • One With Shadows

    Get your wallets out people. Microsoft will soon be accepting donations.

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