Xbox One On Fire In China For Alleged False Advertising

Microsoft, stop messing things up.

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The Xbox One may have had a whole lot of positive momentum going into its launch in China due to being the first console to officially launch in the country since the PlayStation 2 (following the Chinese government’s lifting of the 14 year ban that prohibited sales of consoles in the country), and it may have actually enjoyed a successful launch too, but it seems to be making some customers in the country quite unhappy due to to alleged false advertising.

Apparently, the Xbox One was supposed to come with a subscription to BesTV included in the package, which would include domestic and international blockbusters, with two movies free to watch each month. However, it seems like this was not the case, and when consumers tried to return their consoles to retailers, alleging false advertising, they discovered they could not- not unless there was a hardware defect with the system, or unless they had purchased it within the last seven days.

Microsoft is aware of the issue, and it is working to bring the promised services to the console as soon as possible. As a gesture of goodwill, Microsoft has announced that it will give Xbox One users free BesTV memberships. Anyone who purchased the console before Oct. 10 will get six months of free video streaming; anyone who purchased after that date gets three free months.

Microsoft is making a lot of errors and poor judgements with the Xbox One in the region, but they have a bit of a headstart in the region, meaning they can effectively afford to make all these errors in judgement before they come back to haunt them. On the other hand, they are also providing an example to their competition of what not to do when they do eventually end up launching their own consoles there.


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  • d0x360

    Wouldn’t blame Microsoft for this one. They aren’t directly selling the console they are using a chinese distributor much like Sega did with the original master system in America. Sony is doing the same.

    Microsoft should be conmened for footing the bill here but im sure their lawyers will take it out on the company they are contracted with.

    • Michael Norris

      Quite sure if this was Sony you would blame them.Last time i checked Xbox one was a Microsoft device.

    • d0x360

      Quite sure I wouldn’t because I’m not a fanboy twit.

      What is wrong with you? What possible reason do you have to try to start and argument? Grow up.

    • Mark

      I was thinking similarly. But, u know I feel somehow, someway, MS should’ve been overseeing the whole process of subscriptions being bundled in with BesTv. They can’t afford bad PR like this so close to launch (September). Maybe they’ve a bit too much trust with their partners, but they shouldn’t. Stuff like this stays in peoples’ heads, and rightfully so.

      It is smart of them to foot that bill, yes. My point is, there’s so many road blocks they have to traverse in China already, that they have to control, the little they can. Still, this may have been in fact, BestTv’s incompetence tho.

    • Starman

      MS has no control over the decisions made by the distribute .that was part of the deal ….

    • Mark

      When I say control I mean for them to OVERSEE the process of the retailer packaging in the subscriptions……..


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