Xbox One Scorpio May Not Get Any Exclusive VR Games, Microsoft Implies

They may instead be looking at just having VR modes and augmentations in existing games.

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xbox one scorpio

When Microsoft announced the Xbox One Scorpio, what was hidden behind all the talk of the console’s monstrous specs was the simple fact that developers would still be beholden to the existing Xbox One, which is categorically a weak machine- Microsoft disallows, apparently, any form of exclusives for the Xbox One Scorpio.

It’s a shame, but it makes sense, too- the Xbox One is less than three years old right now, and will only be four when the Scorpio launches, and it was an expensive machine too. Microsoft probably can’t afford angering all the customers who bought that machine. But when one considers the stated goals Microsoft have for the Scorpio, one begins to notice some kind of a contradiction.

Speaking to The Guardian, Xbox head Phil Spencer discussed the Scorpio, as well as how he hoped it would help Microsoft get an in on virtual reality, which is generally perceived to be an exciting new frontier of technology.

“I think the capability in the consoles that are on the market today to play high-fidelity true console-like experiences in VR … they’re just not powerful enough,” Spencer said. “To deliver the experience that console gamers expect, that’s really a six-teraflop problem at least. You kind of need to get there.”

That’s all well and good, but the contradiction should now be clear- given that, by Spencer’s own admission, the base Xbox One console is incapable of doing VR properly, and the Scorpio is necessary to play VR games. And yet, Microsoft have said there will be no Scorpio exclusives. So what does this mean? How does Microsoft plan on reconciling these two, seemingly contradictory notions?

“I will say, we’re very focused on console games and what console gamers want, and I see VR as something different,” Spencer said in response to the question. “Like, other people might try to say, ‘VR is the future of console gaming.’ I’m not saying that. I’m saying if you’re an Xbox One console gamer, we are so focused on making your experience the best experience you’ve ever had with the best lineup of games. We’re not getting distracted.”

What is the implication, then? VR exclusive modes for existing games on Scorpio, but no full VR experiences? We don’t know, but Microsoft’s Mike Ybarra had a bit more to add on the matter. “We’re focused right now on what we announced on Scorpio, but Xbox Live and VR opens a lot of doors that we’re looking into for sure,” he said. “The opportunity of VR and Xbox Live together is boundless – we’re just starting to consider what that will look like. We have teams looking at what’s coming and how we apply that.”

Given all this, it sounds more like – honestly – that Microsoft don’t actually have a VR strategy in place yet, and that they are opting to get VR capable hardware out the gate first. Apart from that, it doesn’t sound like they know for now how they plan to approach VR as far as content goes- but sooner or later, this is a question that they will need to consider more thoroughly, that’s for sure.

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  • Virzio

    There’s plenty of time left for them to work out their strategy for VR.

    • Mark

      Yup, they don’t need to make a bunch of promises on VR that they can’t deliver. Now with that said, I do think they should look into allowing PC devs to bring their VR games to Scorpio. This way they wont be accused of buying exclusivity, while also serving us Scorpio owners games that our console can handle, rightly so.

    • Doggystyle


  • Starman

    No one really gives a sh*t about VR but fanboy sites…like this one, and Sony …

  • Corey

    Eh…..I have no desire for VR anyway. I just want to play games on ultra settings with the Scorpio. Don’t even care that much about 4k. It’s cool…..but would much rather have maxed out settings and effects and game world than 4k anyday.

  • HaCkEr_Fc

    Xbox Scorpio will get VR exclusive games

  • Troy Marcel

    I’m not going to waste my money on a VR headset.

    • Doggystyle

      Duh. You were just told by your mixed message loving uncle Phil in so many words, that you won’t have a valid reason to buy a VR headset.

      “We ain’t got no VR games, we just sitting here lying to your stupid face, and trying to act like we got some VR games. If you really want VR games and major league baseball, then you should go get yourself a PS4, like I did. Uncle Phil just loves me some PS4”.

  • Ryans452

    As someone who just tried PlayStation vr, it’s pretty darn cool now I can’t say it’s the future of gaming as in replace standard tv gaming, but a new category of gaming much like the pc, the handhelds, the flatscreen, and smartphone gaming vr is just another way we choose to play video games and very impressive, it didn’t even feel like a 3D game it felt like a lucid dream it felt that real. Like I said it is the future of gaming but as in a new type of gaming. It’s just a new way that we choose to play video games, much like if you want to play a computer game, a handheld game, or even a console game it’s kind of like that. But now we have a new genre and I think vr is definitely here to stay. It’s just a new gaming platform.

  • Mr Xrat

    And now Xgimps are right back to not wanting VR, right on cue.

    Another embarrassing reversal by Phil. Chances of them getting their lines straight by the all-important holiday?

    • Doggystyle

      LOL. Hilarious!

  • stillwaitingforgreatness

    So compared to the Scorpio ps neo vr will be?

  • Merlot

    Ps Neo vr will be weak and fail because it cant handle it adequately. Scorpio will be able to handle vr and will support 3rd party devices the same as capable pcs. Sounds like the smart way forward for MS and avoids the backlash Sony will get.

    • Joseph Walker

      Have you played it??? No… PSVR will do fine. MS is just lost with the actual development of VR and they need to rely on a 3 third party to supply it…


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