Xbox One to Feature Backwards Compatibility?

Microsoft’s next-gen console hasn’t received a firm “no” on it yet (apparently).

Posted By | On 10th, Aug. 2013 Under News

Take this with massive grains of salt, but according to an Xbox One sales lead that DailyGame spoke to at a Microsoft store, the next generation console could be backwards compatible.

The unnamed sales lead stated that, “I know some parts of the E3 presentation got a lot of flak, but I don’t think everything’s set in stone. I’ve heard the backwards compatibility thing is still being ironed out and might happen. So don’t count on the answer being a firm ‘no’ just yet. They’ve really been listening to feedback, and that includes backwards compatibility for Xbox One.”

Given that the PlayStation 4 will be featuring backwards compatibility with PS3 games using Gaikai, doesn’t it make sense for the Xbox One to do the same? Of course, Microsoft hasn’t even revealed if its Xbox One will play Xbox 360 games. The backwards compatibility on the Xbox One could indeed rely on Cloud computing – it just hasn’t been announced or confirmed as of yet.

Nonetheless, stay skeptical and let us know if you’d really want to see backwards compatibility for Xbox 360 games on the Xbox One.

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  • Frankie Holt

    so a salesman many miles from cali told you this and you wrote an article on it?

    when the ceo of both companies stated that neither console would have it….genious

  • buddynugget

    They already said no compaitibility to play 360 games. As for cloud streaming like gaikai no I’m absolutely not interested unless the games I bought I won’t habe to pay for otherwise both companies can shove it lol.

  • Brian Bishop

    I doubt it, but it would be great if they did.

  • Zohak Diaz

    Take that Sony! Lol

  • mimit

    I have many reasons to choose disc-based games over streaming through clouds. Clouds nice idea but honestly sucks for all of us disc-based game collectors. We demand backward capability. Stop saying bullshits for not being able to do this and that. Bullshit, what year are we in now? And it’s almost year 2014. Advanced machines should be able to anything. PC has been backward capability before PS3 comes out. I still can play resident evil 3 on Windows 7. So for PS4 and Xbox One, for backward capability shouldn’t be a problem. Fuck those Microsoft and Sony.

  • Kyle Davidson

    PLEASSEE! i honestly find it so stupid for MS and xbox in general to be releasing games like for example, GTA5 so close to the XB1 release. it basically shortens the life of the newly-released games to a few months. granted what i’ve heard is that xb360 will have support still, but I’m getting rid of my 360 to make room for the XB1. My plan so far is to *hope* that games like gta5, and arkham origins will be released onto PC, at least that way i can play it for longer than a few months.


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