Xbox One Upcoming Driver Update Should Mean Great Things, Xbox OS Team Best In The World – Insider

He also adds that RAM restrictions won’t stop developer ambitions.

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NeoGAF user and industry insider thuway  revealed recently about how he’s looking forward to the next update for the Xbox One’s OS in the coming weeks and that it “should mean great things”. The nature of those great things is up for debate, but what else could be expected aside from better voice command recognition and improved performance?

“I am trying to get a good read on when the next Xbox One driver update happens. Should mean great things. Sometime in the next few weeks,” he tweeted.

He also added that the team working at Redmond were probably some of the best OS programmers in the world, which is a given since this is the company that helped bring us Windows. “Make no mistake about it. The team at Redmond working on the Xbox OS are probably the best OS programmers in the world.”

Earlier today, thuway had spoken to a developer about the biggest bottleneck for the PS4 and Xbox One with the response being memory. Given that both consoles have been proudly touted as having 8 GB GDDR5 RAM and 8 GB DDR3 RAM (along with eSRAM) respectively, there is some limit on the RAM allocated for developer.

However, he clarified in some new tweets that it was a simple answer being given and nothing more. “I should leave a footnote: developer who made RAM comment was not complaining, only giving a straight answer.”

While developers may be satisfied with what the Xbox One and PS4, we shouldn’t assume that their ambition stops at any specific number. “Developers are very happy with these next gen machines, but let’s not delude ourselves into thinking developer ambition stops at 6 GB of RAM.”

What are your thoughts on the overall OS of the Xbox One? Is it superior than the PS4’s or does it pale in comparison? Also, what are your thoughts on the performance that devs will be able to get out of RAM in the coming years? Let us know what you think below.

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  • angel

    The ps4 os could have been done in the ps3. The xbox one os is way ahead of the ps4 it actually feels next gen. Is sad that playing in the ps4 once you exit an application you have to re open it with xbox everything you open is there and it stays where you left off no need to reopen or relaunch game or app

    • Marcus Roue

      Sure and that overhead comes at a cost to both memory and processor cycles. I’ll take the simplified OS from the PS4 any day. I want ALL that focus and power into giving me the best damn visuals and gaming. After all it is primarily a gaming console.

      The XBone is just confused and a mess to work with.

    • DarthDiggler


      Hey don’t be using reason and rationality here. 🙂 XBONE must assimilate all media and entertainment to fill in the gaps for all of NSA’s meta data projects. 🙂

    • Corellianrogue

      The Xbox One triple OS has dedicated hardware helping it and the memory it uses is rumoured to be actually less than the PS4’s. Sure it’s just rumours but even officially they both have the same amount of memory dedicated to games, 5GB. The fact is that the Xbox One’s triple OS is so much more flexible than the PS4’s, they’ll be able to do much more with it in the future compared to the PS4’s. No doubt the PS4’s will change through the years too but they just physically don’t have the same potential as the Xbox One’s. I guess MAYBE if they COMPLETELY changed the PS4’s OS from the ground up and used it’s existing hardware to run that upgraded OS they could do it but then the PS4 would end up less powerful than the Xbox One and it might not even be possible anyway since the existing games have to work with the OS so there are probably certain changes they can’t make.

    • Marcus Roue

      Wow I’ve seen idiots that buy into crap logic but you’re the most fanatical shill I’ve come across. All you’re spewing is bullshiet. Triple OS flexible? Uses less memory than PS4? Dedicated hardware for OS?

      Man just stop you’re embarrassing yourself.

    • Xtreme Derp

      Deranged wrong imbecile fanboy.

  • Kyle

    Will all you idiots stfu arguing you’re like little whine bags saying my console is better no mine is better. Its like I know you are but what am I scenario grow up..

  • Guest

    LOLing hard at the $0N¥ Paupers with their PauperStation Foul that is nowhere near the level of the Xbox One OS. You Paupers are desperate defending a PoS from a company that has an 80% estimation of being destroyed in the next two years. GTFO of business $0N¥ and you paupers better fall off the cliff with them, no life basement dwelling lemmings!

  • godlike1

    sony is on the verge of bankruptcy and for the last 10 years there brand symbolizes slave built machines that are built cheaply.. its dying.. id hate to be one of the pauper fools who actually bought a ps4

    • You are flat out wrong

      Go back to Twatter, Guy Brohski.

    • godlike1

      someones hurt..

    • You are flat out wrong

      Thanks for the input, Guy.

      Feels great knowing that 2014 will be the last year for the Shitbox brand.

    • godlike1

      yea it does aye 🙂 when sony goes bankrupt hopefully another contender comes forth..its going to be a great 2014 🙂

    • You are flat out wrong

      When Elop finally ditches Shitbox, do you think another company like Google or Samsung will buy it up wholesale or will the big publishers and tech companies just pick it apart for the decent stuff like what happened to THQ?

    • Corellianrogue

      How is he going to do that when he’s not the head of Microsoft and I’m pretty sure he never said he would anyway. And why would he? Xbox is incredibly successful and, unlike Sony, Microsoft don’t have a 79% chance of going bankrupt in the next 2 years, lol!

    • You are flat out wrong

      Yeah, nothing says “incredibly successful” like a $3 billion total loss over the last decade.

    • Corellianrogue

      You mean the division that Xbox is in? That also had the Zune and has the Surface which isn’t doing as well as Microsoft would have liked? It’s well known that it’s the Xbox section that’s making the most money in that division and is stopping the losses being worse because it’s making gains not losses! That’s why some experts say that it should be spun off so that it’s not dragged down by other things in the division. That’s where the whole “Stephen Elop might spin-off Xbox” thing came from.

    • You are flat out wrong

      He wants to spin off Xbox and kill Bing because they’re detrimental to MS long-term, not that they’re any good.

      Looking forward to seeing the losses it’s made this year after every desperate PR grab it had to make to make the console look good.

    • Corellianrogue

      Like I said, I’m pretty sure HE hasn’t actually said anything about it, just the speculators speculating what they think he might do for some reason. Saying Xbox is detrimental to Microsoft is insane! Over 80 million Xbox 360s sold with millions of game sales, an amazingly succeful Xbox One launch (regardless if the PS4 has sold thousands more worldwide so far, it was still the biggest worldwide console launch day in history and it didn’t even launch in all the countries that it’s planned for eventually) with a huge fanbase and brand recognition that’s very positive beyond rival console fanboys. They have all kinds of things planned for the future too like the Fortaleza Glasses and Illumiroom once the technology becomes affordable enough. They have interactive TV coming too. (Sort of already had a bit of it with Kinect Sesame Street TV and Kinect Nat Geo TV.)

      Only a rabid fanboy would claim that Xbox is detrimental to Microsoft. It’s like saying the “i” range of products are detrimental to Apple, lol!

    • You are flat out wrong

      $3 billion total loss in its lifetime. That is not successful. That is detrimental when MS is under pressure to perform after numerous botched hardware launches and its latest OS being savaged by critics and consumers. Fortaleza is, like Kinect, garbage and Illuminiroom is even worse – at least MS saw sense to cancel that. Nintendo and PlayStation have greater brand value.

      The only reason the 360 did half as well as it did was because of its year lead and PS3’s botched launch and even that was squandered. No one really cares other than a few million deluded Xdrones, regarded by all as the worst fanbase.

    • Corellianrogue

      Xbox hasn’t lost $3 billion. You just randomly call anything Xbox related garbage, LMAO! How are AR glasses garbage? The Oculus Rift is universally critically acclaimed and Fortaleza will be simlar except offer AR as well plus have Kinect technogly in them so they can be used away from the Xbox One for example. And Illumiroom isn’t cancelled, it’s just not ready to be released yet as the technology isn’t cheap enough for the consumer so they’re going to keep working on it until they can get it cheap enough. Of course they could decide to cancel it and just go with Fortaleza.

      So why has the Xbox One had a twice as good launch as the Xbox 360 then, since the PS4 was released at the same time? And how was the PS3 launch botched? Plus you’re a great example of Sony’s fanbase… unfortunately for Sony, lol!

    • You are flat out wrong

      “Xbox hasn’t lost $3 billion.”

      Yes it has.

      Oculus Rift is actual VR (same with Sony’s project) whereas Fortaleza is AR and will be rendered massively obsolete by the former two. Plus it looks terrible.

      “And Illumiroom isn’t cancelled, it’s just not ready to be released yet”

      Illuminiroom is as dead as the Dodo.

      Because when the 360 was released Sony hadn’t had their disastrous E3 conference in 2006 and since then Xbox has been able to metastasise like a cancer. It’s got a much bigger user base in 2013 compared to 2005. And did you completely ignore the first few months of the PS3? Demand was at rock bottom lows. It was awful.

    • Corellianrogue

      The Xbox “division” that they’re referring to is Devices & Services (previously called Entertainement & Devices Division or EDD) which has a lot more than just Xbox in it. It’s also things like Surface and Windows Phone. Go and look at Microsoft’s financial reports where quarter after quarter, year after year the Xbox 360 and its games & Xbox LIVE are raking in huge profits. (They also show bar charts of the whole division’s losses which exactly match those in that link and prove that those are for the whole division not just the Xbox part.) Plus that article says this:

      “Those number do include costs such as research and development, hardwareproduction, marketing and PR and more which makes his personal view skewed.”

      The actual guy talking about the divison having the losses has an agenda against consoles as he’s now making iOS games. It’s the old “Oh, well, consoles are basically dead now and the industry is all about mobile gaming.” that those who have jumped into mobile game development always trot out. Also it says that Sony’s Playstation division have lost $5 billion, lol! (I’m pretty sure they do in fact have a whole division for Playstation rather than just a “Devices & Services” type of division, but you can correct me if I’m wrong as long as you’ve got proof.)

      Once again you don’t understand what you’re talking about. Fortaleza can do AR but it can do VR too by just filling up the glasses with images the same as a VR headset do. The whole point is that the glasses are screens but unlike VR headsets any pixel on the screens can be fully opaque or transparent.

      Illumiroom isn’t dead, just currently too expensive (this article is newer than the one you posted):

      “Remember the Xbox IllumiRoom? A Kinect-assisted projection that allows a video game’s graphics to jump out of the screen? Well it just might see the light of day
      according to Microsoft Studios head Phil Spencer. Spencer warns however, that a unit would cost consumers “thousands of dollars.””

    • You are flat out wrong

      You claim to be into videogames that you have no firm idea of the existence of Sony Computer Entertainment, the subsidiary concerning PlayStation. Congratulations. Next you’ll tell me you don’t know Ubisoft exists.

      360’s decent profits have cut into the massive losses the Xbox made, but it’s not enough yet. Hence it’s still at $3 trillion. And yes, PS3 also did a lot to wipe out the profits the PS1 and PS2 made, but that doesn’t blunt my original point.

      And yes, Illuminiroom is gone. And to be honest, killing it is the best idea they’ve had all year. The entire project was stupid and laughable, as Cracked so wonderfully eviscerated it back in May.

  • Jason Mounce

    “Xbox OS Team Best In The World”

    LOL, I needed a good laugh for the night.

  • Kai Takeshi

    secretly all the sony fanboys want the xbox one, hence why they come onto a post regarding xbox one. they can’t wait to find out what is happening with the console and are just upset that their parents bought them a ps4. personally i’m not a fanboy of either console, i have both.

  • I have have both PS4 & Xbox One and if we’re talking which OS is better, I’d have to say Xbox One. It is certainly the more ambitious and forward thinking of the two. If the last generation is any indication, the PS4’s will remain largely the same throughout this generation while Xbox One’s will only get better with each passing year. Time will tell, but as of today…I am more impressed with Xbox One’s OS.

    • pkeeper10

      I agree, and well said. Both systems are excellent, but you’ve captured a critical nuance.

  • Marcus Roue

    No amount of driver updates can make up for the bottlenecks of XBone’s DDR3 memory. All developers have stated it is incredibly difficult trying to provide a balance between quality visuals and performance. This is a reason why most games on XBone are stuck at 720p. If you wanted 1080p graphics with 60fps then you’ll have to cut corners.

    Just look at Forza 5. They can achieve this because most of the background graphics become a blur when you’re driving. Games like CoD and Battlefield are more difficult since everything on screen is dynamic and you have to render at 1080p. The XBone just can’t do it.

    If gaming isn’t important, stick with the XBone and spend $100 more trying to tinker with the Kinect and your cable box.

    If you want an ultimate gaming platform go for the PS4.

    • Corellianrogue

      “No amount of driver updates can make up for the bottlenecks of XBone’s DDR3 memory”

      Lol! You have no clue.

      “This is a reason why most games on XBone are stuck at 720p.”

      15% of games released so far are 720p and 15% isn’t most. In fact most Xbox One games are 1080p because 77% are 1080p and 77% actually counts as most.

      “Just look at Forza 5. They can achieve this because most of the background graphics become a blur when you’re driving.”

      LMAO! That’s called MOTION BLUR! Hit the brakes until the car stops and the motion blur stops, because you’re not in MOTION any more.

    • Marcus Roue

      Your numbers are wrong and your arguments fall flat.

      I find it funny you don’t mention that most XBone 1080p games are only at 30fps.

      The holy grail here is 1080p 60fps. Two numbers the PS4 can easily achieve while the XBone struggles.

    • pkeeper10

      “The holy grail.” More like a red herring.

    • Marcus Roue

      I guess XBone owners like to remain in denial. As long as you don’t experience the better graphics and frame rates on another system, you won’t know what you’re missing.

    • Darkness690

      What do you mean like Killzone’s campaign running at 30fps?

    • Marcus Roue

      Killzone’s Multiplayer is 1080p @ 60fps where it matters. No one plays CoD: Ghosts for its campaign. It’s the multiplayer you idiot.

  • coolguyhero

    guys instead of fighting & debate …just wait & watch ……we will see what xbox1 & ps4 will bring in the future.who is going to enjoy more.

  • steward

    My boi bought a PS4, came over a couple times and played my xb1, then traded his PS4 and killzone in for an xb1 lmao

    • You are flat out wrong

      No one’s getting an Xbone, I’m afraid.

  • Durian

    I have both, had a weeks head start on the Xbone. The OS is indeed superior as it just seems more fleshed out and computer like (Windows 8)

    I remember how empty the PS4 OS felt in comparison, it does boot up much faster though.

    The browser on the Xbone is much….MUCH better, it can also stream anything a tablet can for instance. I still can’t find a single site that’s compatible with my PS4 for video playback.

    That being said I love both and things can only improve in the future right?


  • XanderZane41

    This isn’t even scratching the surface as to what’s to come. lol!! You think the games look great on the XB1 now, wait until the E3.

  • Michael Ganni

    Please help with subtitles. Are they planning on adding a user friendly system for subtitles?

  • John

    Trolls trolling trolls trolling shills for PS4

    anyone who claims to be a gamer would be playing on a PC anyway. Regardless of that consoles are meant for fun and to play with friends (at least in my opinion) and in my experience playstation has lacked in connecting with friends thus fun for me personally, so i have stuck with xbox again + my PC for those reasons. To compare consoles…one thing i never see playstation shills bringing up is microsofts cloud technology which they invest billions into and works tandem with xbox one to reduce CPU strain on the console and allow for gameplay that sony is not capable of with their inferior Gaikai.

  • You are flat out wrong

    “muh drivers will save the Xbone!!”

    Nah. It’s done, thankfully.


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