Xbox One Was The Second Most Searched Term On Bing Under Devices In 2014, PS4 Not In Top 10

Microsoft’s Bing have published a list of popular search terms of 2014.

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Microsoft’s search engine Bing has just published their most searched terms of 2014. As expected, the search results were dominated by the usual list of celebrities and world events but under the Devices section, Xbox One was the second most popular searched term on Bing with iPhone 6 taking number one.

Xbox One is the only gaming console that featured in a top 10 list which is dominated by tablets and mobiles. This is also a possible indication of the rise of casual players who play games on the move. Interestingly, the PlayStation 4 is no where to be seen in Bing’s top 10 results. Of course, we were not expecting the Wii U to be listed but given that PlayStation 4 is the leading console out there, the results are surprising.

On the games’ front, Destiny was the number one popular searched term with games like Titanfall and Watch_Dogs making up the top 10 list. Interestingly, Grand Theft Auto 5 was the 5th most searched Xbox One game on Bing in 2014. Talk about popularity 14 months later.

You can check more of these interesting figures across several forms of media and categories over here.

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  • asbofive

    Aaaaaand……BULLSHIT!! If you believe this was not “tweeked” by M$ then we need to talk aboot my bridge for sale.

  • asadachi

    This would be relevant if the results were from Google.

    • HalfBlackCanuck

      I agree but only because people who would search on Bing would likely be more adverse to buying other MS products. I don’t think, like @asbofive:disqus, that it’s fudged numbers. Again, the source of the numbers is skewed toward the already-entrenched MS crowd

    • bardock5151

      IPhones default search engine is Bing.

    • Jay Deez

      answer of the year award goes to you .

    • DarthDiggler


      For about 3 minutes after it’s out of the box then it’s changed to Google.

      Bing sucks.

    • bardock5151

      Everybody I know leaves it alone because it works very well. You just don’t know what you’re talking about.

    • DarthDiggler


      I am sure the 17 users of Bing are proud. 🙂

  • andre

    Come on GB, articles like this affect the credibility of the site.

    • Seifer90

      This site never had credibility to begin with.

    • DarthDiggler

      That is mostly true LOL. Pretty much 95% of the game news sites out there stink now.

  • Seifer90

    Oh look, another click bait article, Bing is owned by MS for god’s sake.

    • bardock5151

      Bing is also the search provider for Apple.

    • Seifer90


  • jacksjus

    Well apparently a high search doesn’t lead to high sells so why is this news?

  • abberjam

    Nobody was searching for PS4 cause we’ve all got one already 🙂

  • Manoj Varughese

    Alright…where are we heading to with that info? Where is the actual relevance?

  • Funny

    So then, about 10 persons searched for Xbox? Who uses Bing? Oh wait! Xbox users, because it’s built in to their ui….smh

  • Jason Mounce

    Microsofts’ Bing tells us Microsofts’ Xbox One was the most searched. Congrats. rofl.

  • Arron Clements

    Just when you thought the barrel couldn’t be scraped further….

  • RA3030

    So let me see if I got this straight…..Microsoft owns and runs BING the search engine and they own and run the Xbox One and “they say” the X1 was the #2 most search device in 2014……, and this is somehow important in any way? That’s really kinda sad Microsoft feels the need to put this kinda thing out there. Just so sad.

    • bardock5151

      Google puts out their most searched terms, why not Microsoft? It also isn’t limited to devices, they detail lots of different categories, basically you’re getting uppity over nothing.

  • dapaintrain

    Fake. We all know j law nude pics was the most searched in the past year.


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