Xbox One X Benchmarks Reveal How Existing Games Will Perform At 4K Resolutions

It’s extremely impressive.

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We’ve heard so much about how powerful the Xbox One X is- but ultimately, the best demonstration of that is seeing it in action for ourselves, and understanding how it is working behind the scenes, if we cant. Most gamers can’t, of course- but the fine folks at Digital Foundry can, and they posted a lengthy video explaining how games perform on the Xbox One X versus the existing Xbox One S.

According to the analysis, Forza 7 uses up 77.8% of the GPU power in the original Xbox One to go up to 1080p and 77fps (the final game is probably going to be locked at 60fps). In contrast, the same game running in native 4K on Xbox One X uses 65.9% GPU power for 91fps (although, again, the framerate will probably be locked in the final release).

That resolution bump, framerate boost, and reduction in overall GPU usage should demonstrate by itself how much stronger the Xbox One X is- and it’s not just Forza 7, either. Gears 4 is at 84.1% GPU utilization on the original Xbox One for its 30fps frame-rate target at 1080p. On the other hand, running at 4K on Xbox One X, the game uses 78.1% of the GPU power. It’s kind of nuts.

Hopefully, then, this power is actually utilized in full by third party developers when the Xbox One X launches later this year.

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    Can’t wait for the beast.

  • Wei Feng

    Shame most of the games have to be upscaled from 720-900p

  • Mr Xrat

    After three weeks of massive disappointment and checkerboard 4K 30fps, here come the out-of-context benchmarks.

    What a joke!

    • Luke Skywalker

      where’s the massive disappointment? I haven’t heard anyone who had planned to buy changed their minds.
      also can you explain what you mean by “here comes the out-of-context benchmarks”??
      are you by chance insinuating that digital foundry are shilling??

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      Getting so worked up over a games console just because it is better than your game console is not healthy, why not just be happy with the console you have and actually play it instead of rushing to post some negative nonsense on every Xbox1X news item 24/7.

      Then when you have played your PS Protato you can then come back and tell us about all the things you think are better in the hardware dept.

    • Fweds

      Look who first poster is as usual, “MrXrat” AKA “Revolver ocelot” Sony’s number 1 Lapdog trying to damage control the amazing power of the Xbox1X.

      The games are ordinary Xbox one title’s running straight onto the Xbox1X without optimisation etc, well done MS.

      Poor old MrXrat, must be up most of the day and night to make sure he gets the first comment(Negative of course) on all Xbox X posts.
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  • Wei Feng

    Advertised as a true 4k “uncompromised” console but uses checkerboarding and upscaling, oops……..yet the fans can’t praise it enough.

  • Luke Skywalker
    • Mark

      Down into The Sunken for Xrat! Ahaha. Or is it the lower place? I dont know

    • Mr Xrat

      I was yawning at yet more underwhelming damage control for the checkerboarding movie player.

      Remember when that loser Corden said Battlefront 2 would be 4K 60? BF1 can’t do it! That’ll be $499 plus tax. 🙂

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