Xbox One X Doesn’t Need Launch Exclusives, Says Mike Ybarra

He has a point- the Xbox One X does not. But the Xbox One itself does.

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Let’s talk about the Xbox One X- the console is currently doing remarkably well in pre-orders, which is great. However, on the games front, the biggest problem with the system, the utter lack of major exclusives, carries on from the Xbox One to the Xbox One X, too- in fact, the system will even be launching without a major showcase title for it.

However, Mike Ybarra of Xbox doesn’t feel as though Xbox One X needs launch exclusives at all- they would, in fact, be quite contradictory to what Microsoft is trying to achieve with the system.

What Phil [Spencer] said is right on this – it’s additive to the family we have,” Ybarra said in an interview with Eurogamer. “Our volume seller will be Xbox One S – it’s $249, it’ll be the thing most people buy. X is designed for the hardcore gamer who wants to play the best versions of those games. When I look at the Xbox family I don’t feel like we have to come out with six new games just for X, it’ll play everything that’s come out, backwards compatability will work on it, elements like that. I don’t know if we’re still in the world of having to have big, exclusive titles just for one box, versus the promise that games you buy will work and look even better on X. It’s up to the user to choose. And for us it’s more that choice element, rather than holding an exclusive and throwing it out with a console there.

Okay, so- I agree with the larger assertion of there being no Xbox One X exclusive games, in that, yes, sure, I understand Microsoft doesn’t want to burn bridges with the millions of Xbox One owners, and it wants to keep both systems inter-compatible. But I do think that Xbox One itself, on the whole, at large, needs exclusives- and this is something that Microsoft needs to address, and not sidestep like it has been.

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  • Dafuq Iswrong
  • Doggystyle ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

    How much longer before they start to dump support for that original 2013 disaster like they did with Kinect? Maintaining support for the original Xbox One will continue to hold them back.

    • kma99

      Bout the same amount of time it will take to drop the vr from sony and toss in that vita

    • Holeybartender
    • kma99

      Been out since Nov and just surpassed 1 million sold for a fanbase of over 60 million gamers lol. Wow they are selling like hotcakes.

    • Holeybartender

      As a peripheral and compared to other VR accessories,you bet they are.

    • kma99

      Move those goal post. You posted numbers now trying to justify its lousy sales

    • Holeybartender

      Here’s where the goal posts are,peripherals always sell far less than the user base.

    • kma99

      Here a post. You posted numbers I simply showed u that out of 60 million only 1 million of those actually bought it. Idk what you say that is horrible numbers. Btw you can pick up as many used vr as you want. Gamestop is loaded with them

    • Mr Xrat

      “Just surpassed” LOL that was months ago. It has more exclusives than the Xbone does as well. So does the Switch. Xbone is a truly tragic console.

    • kma99

      No the switch doesn’t you’re just repeating what you read in an article you fruitcake. So give us the updated numbers mr know it all

  • kreator
  • Mr Xrat

    Of course they don’t need games, Xgimps have been coasting on promises and bulls**t for four years.

  • stopbeingafanboy

    How is it ok to have LESS games??? I swear the moronic sh*t coming out of their mouths makes me want to trade in my XB1 and XB1S.


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