Xbox One’s Backwards Compatibility Will Cause Large Migration of Xbox 360 Fans

Aaron Greenberg expects a “pretty massive migration this holiday”.

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Backwards compatibility on the Xbox One, allowing it to play Xbox 360 games, is around the corner and will be a part of the New Xbox One Experience come November 12th. Speaking to GameSpot, Microsoft’s Aaron Greenberg believes it will herald a fairly large shift by Xbox 360 fans to the console.

“There’s tens of millions of Xbox 360 fans that are out there that are still playing on Xbox 360 and they’re waiting for the right time and the right reason to migrate over to Xbox One.

“Whether they’ve been waiting for the first true next-gen Halo with Halo 5 or if they’ve been waiting for solutions like backwards compatibility, we do expect to see a pretty massive migration this holiday of those fans.”

As for the titles that will be available, it’s looking to total 100 games though a definitive list hasn’t been released. “On the first-party side, with our content, we’ve said that we’re doing everything we can to make our first-party games lineup available.

“And on the third-party side, we’re making this available to all our third-party partners to participate. We hope that they will all participate. If folks do want third-party partners to participate in the program, they should ask them and encourage them to participate”

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  • theduckofdeath

    I’m in the preview program. It is pretty cool how it works. Two things I would like — more titles compatible NOW. The other is disc-less play. OK, you don’t trust everyone. Just ask me to insert the disc once a month or so, not every time I play.

  • BillPinkNye

    Seems like they’ll be waiting a while to migrate. Less than 30 titles that work with BC when they claimed around 100. With exactly two weeks left before they launch the new dashboard, I highly doubt there will be even close to 50 titles.

    • Gabriel Porto

      In the interview, the guy says the other 70 titles will be announced before Nov 12.

    • BillPinkNye

      I did not know that. Good news.

    • Coffee High

      That was for preview members. We had thirty to try it out, but the beta test is done now. We are now testing NXOE functionality. Those who signed up looking to get BC first were probably disappointed, but it wasn’t supposed to be about bragging rights.

  • Michael

    Take notes , sony. This is how BC is done. Not by making ingredients customers pay for it.

    • Mr Xrat

      Actually no, how the Wii U does BC is how it is done. Not this lazy emulation two years into the gen.

    • bewareofZ

      Didn’t quite work out like that did it, PS4 still outselling XB1 and the margin is increasing.

  • Mr Xrat

    Goes to show how bad your library is when you need to attract people to your new console with last gen games.

  • Montgomery Wick

    People have very short memories,like the old saying `Only as good as your last 30minutes`.
    The start of MS XboxONE was a disaster,Controlling second hand games market,or trying to and the console needed to be on internet to play games,anyone with an ounce of common sense would realise people wouldn`t be happy,but thats there mentality but if they had there way,you wouldnt be getting anything,believe me.
    Sony arnt perfect by any means but they stepped up and done none of these.
    Retro gaming is not a step forward,if you wanted to play `proper` xbox360 games you kept your Xbox360,and you can pick them up for next to nothing now,its a no brainer.
    Why would i want to buy a console and play last gen titles,just get my old console out.
    Would i get PSNow?no,as i already have a ps3,so whats the point. PS3`s are around 50 Pound with games.
    I think whats happening,trying to make something from nothing,trying to get the customers back that they let down,and we should all think why this happened??being greedy and to controlling in the market and if they took control again,it would happen again.
    Reading the specs,its not even true backwards compatible?its a download when you put in your xbox game but maybe this will change when it become available,so how is that backwards compatible,just `Emulation`
    Many cool groups on the market have already done this to a point.
    Ive always had Xbox360`s , original xbox and ps3,but xbox lost me when they tried to sell me a console with strings,i was done for the first time about 12 years,just a ps4 will do me now.

    • Lar Dub

      If I can still play my last gen games on my current gen console (that has less miles on it) so I don’t have to worry about breakdowns, or hardware parts/console discontinuation…all while benefiting from not losing my previous investment and not having to have another box next to or under my TV…why not?

      Not to mention getting the HDMI port back and being to donate my old console to less fortunate family or my local children’s hospital.

      …and before any of the console snobs start banging on me for donating “old last gen” hardware…I have also purchased and donated 6 current gen consoles (two of each…) as well. Funny thing about kids with cancer or facing other life or death sicknesses…they couldn’t give a rats rear end what their playing on or how old it is. As long as it words.

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