Xbox One’s Indie Parity Clause Relaxed, “Devs Should Come Talk to Us”

Chris Charla says the company understands if devs can’t ship simultaneously on multiple platforms.

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Microsoft’s ID@Xbox indie policy for the Xbox One attracted a fair bit of acclaim for its improvement over the company’s previously draconian practices. However, it also attracted criticism when a parity clause was revealed wherein developers had to release the Xbox One version on the same day as other platforms.

Some developers who took issue to this, due to developing for the PS4 and signing timed exclusivity deals, were told they would be reviewed on a case-by-case basis but there were still issues. ID@Xbox’s Chris Charla has finally clarified the clause to GameSpot though.

“What we’ve always said is that developers should just come talk to us. If it’s a situation where a developer needs to ship serially on console because they don’t have the resources to simultaneously ship, we totally get that. It’s no problem.”

Microsoft may make a few extra demands for the Xbox One version though. “If it’s a case where a game is coming out significantly later on Xbox One than another console, in that case we just ask them to add something to the game that makes it fresh for Xbox players.”

Following the announcement of ID@Xbox heading to Windows 10, Charla also said that PC games wouldn’t have a parity clause. “Nothing stopping people making a game for Windows, it’s an open platform, but if they want help from us, we’re here.”

What are your thoughts on this? Another 180 by Microsoft or just a simple clarification of previously odd terms? Let us know in the comments.

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  • Mark

    Good or bad, I just think they want to keep some undesired indies away from the Xbox. Surely they want smaller games to drop on it, as they’ve invested in Max, Ori, etc. I remember Phil commenting on the fact that Live Arcade on 360 had subpar results……maybe it left a nasty taste in their mouths.

    Being honest, I don’t care about their indie policies, as I’m about to start puzzle solving in Pnuema tonight, and lookin forward to Ori, Cuphead and Below.

    • d0x360

      They just don’t want some ancient game that has been released on pc and ps3/4 to be released and then bomb. Its a waste of time for the cert teams the live teams the devs and worst of all say the game does bad cause everyone already owns it them that dev might say..well we had good sales on these 2 platforms so the xbox must not be a place where we can make money. Them they don’t make anymore games

    • Mark

      Yeah I hear u. Personally as an Xbox owner, I don’t feel slighted by their indie policy in the least. Below and Cuphead has me excited.

  • d0x360

    Another 180 by ms? You say that like its a bad thing. Everything they have changed they did so because FANS asked them to. No other company has ever listened to fan feedback at the level ms has been since Spencer took over.

    As for this, no its not a 180. They haven’t enforced this “policy” for 16 months so clearly it isn’t a big deal

    • Exactly. This isn’t a 180 and it isn’t even new. They’ve literally been saying this since the parity clause first came about.

    • I’m Flat Out Right

      Is that why Microsoft charged for multiplayer for 12 years without offerring anything in return? Microsoft just coppied PS+ after they got destroyed by the PS4.

      Is that why they dropped the Kinect only after getting dominated by the PS4? It took Microsoft two years to unbundle the Kinect even though people were complaining since the beginning.

      Is that why Microsoft tried to force DRM on you and told you to “deal with it or buy a 360” in response to feedback? Then Microsoft did a complete 180 only after their pre order numbers for the PS4 was smashing the Xbox One 14 to 1.

      Is that why Microsoft charges for Xbox Live on the console but not on PC? That proves Microsoft is scr*wing you.

      Fans and indie devs have been complaining about the parity clause for years, but Microsoft has realized they can’t bully indie devs anymore because they don’t have the sales advantage.

      There is no excuse you can make for this parity clause. This parity clause doesn’t benefit consumers in any way. It only benefits greedy Microsoft. If Microsoft hasn’t enforced this parity clause in 16 months, why is it still there id*ot? The only reason why Microsoft has been giving indie devs a p*ss recently, is because Microsoft is desperate for games and they don’t have the sales advantage to strong arm devs anymore.

      You’re trying to damage control Microsoft. Microsoft is not changing because of FANS. Microsoft is only changing because they’re losing to the PS4 and because Microsoft is losing money on Xbox. lol

    • d0x360

      Oh god dude stop being so god damn poor and get a job. Xbl is a better service so I’m happy to pay for it.

      Xbl I download at 15 MB/s
      PSN I’m lucky if I get 2 MB/s

      I’ll happily pay for the speed, security and better social features and multiplayer.

      Now take your fanboy crap and go home. Nobody likes you and never will and dem the fax

  • I’m Flat Out Right

    Then why does Microsoft still have the parity clause there if they don’t care if games come out first on PlayStation? That is because Microsoft is lying. Microsoft does care, otherwise they wouldn’t have the clause in the first place and they wouldn’t be requiring devs to add something special for coming out late on Xbox. Microsoft wants to bully indie devs into not releasing on PlayStation or PC first. They haven’t back tracked on the parity clause.

    Microsoft is just twisting the meaning and making exceptions because they’re losing.

    Microsoft wants indie devs to come to them and ask Microsoft, “Hey Microsoft is it ok if we release our game on PlayStation first?”

    Microsoft: “I don’t know, let me see your bank account”

    This parity clause is a bullying tactic that is meant to keep indie devs from going to PlayStation or accepting Sony’s help. How would Microsoft know if a dev has money to port? They wouldn’t. Microsoft has also allowed certain indie games to come to Xbox, even though those games came out on PlayStation first and even though those devs had the money to port to Xbox since the beginning. Microsoft completly contradicted their own actions.

    Sony tends to be proactive. Sony goes out and searches for indie devs and offers support.

    Microsoft expects indie devs to come to Microsoft and ask permission. Microsoft is lazy and reactive. They want indie devs to fund their own portting and Microsoft doesn’t treat them equally. Microsoft will only cherry pick games from developers that go to them first.

    Microsoft is a lying, greedy, corrupt, piece of dogsh*t company.


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