Xbox Scorpio Games Portfolio “Shaping Up Very Well” – Phil Spencer

Xbox boss comments on developers’ progress thus far.

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The Xbox One and Xbox One S are still very relevant to Microsoft’s success but with more than a year to go before its launch, the company has been pushing Project Scorpio pretty strongly. The so-called “most powerful console” ever will be one of the first major pushes for 4K console gaming along with supporting VR.

Though there are no “exclusives” for the console just yet (all future titles will work on Project Scorpio as well as the Xbox One, not including VR games), developers will still be able to optimize their future titles for 4K resolution. Xbox division head Phil Spencer talked about the same on Twitter and noted the efforts being made by developers.

“Portfolio is shaping up very well. It’s great that teams are getting up to speed with 4K gaming now on PC to prepare for Scorpio.”

Project Scorpio will release in holiday 2017 and though Microsoft hasn’t announced pricing, it will likely cost more than your average Xbox One. What are your thoughts on the souped up console and its chances for success? Let us know in the comments.

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  • Virzio

    Well, day one buy.

  • Psionicinversion

    I would buy it but seeing as it will be running at peasant settings and framerates I’m going pass. Volta will be out by then which even the mid range will destroy this box of crud

    • kma99

      Can you validate yor claim? The neo and Scorpio aren’t even out yet and people have turned into experts.

    • Psionicinversion

      Neo will be a 1080p machine thats it with maybe 4K on indies. Scorpio just not good enough. Spencer doesnt know anything about hardware so hes just saying stuff for the sake of it

    • kma99

      I’m a developer with no mandate on what my resolution should be. Hmmm make it 1440p with extra graphical detail and still havr plenty of power for 60 frames. That right there just debunked your idiotic post. Most developers will go for parody instead of putting in extra work like first party games. You’re supposed to be a pc guy, this shouldn’t be rocket science for you

    • Psionicinversion

      1440 isnt 4K though is it! thats the point. I think alot of the 60 fps games on scorpio will be upscaled 4K

    • kma99

      Ok then since you work for these companies you can predict the future so you can go international and save everyone the trouble. Oh wait you don’t work for anyone and you are just speculating like everyone else.

    • Paul

      I think the real problem will be is if Neo goes for 1080p then there is no way Scorpio could look as good as Neo, higher resolution is all well and good but if Neo go for 1080p and ramps up the visuals a lot, it would end up making Neo look better than Scorpio if they go for 4k because they won’t be able to ramp up the visuals much if at all over then what the Xbox One can do, so yes it’s a higher resolution and will look shaper because of that but for most people, that won’t matter much, but ramping up the visuals a lot at 1080p 60fps will matter a lot more.

      When all is said and done, I think most developers with target 1080p 60fps on both Neo and Scorpio with the odd games thats lighter on the hardware at 4k.

      I mean, could you imaging a game at 4k and the same game at 1080p and how much they could ramp up the visuals at 1080p, I know which most will notice.

    • kma99

      They already said that 4k isn’t mandated. They can still drop it down to 1440 and crank out more visuals without any issues. We dont even officially know whats gonna be under the hood of these new consoles and we know that these machines get well optimize unlike pc.

    • Paul

      Didn’t Sony say that they can’t really do that because because it’s not a suitable resolution for tv, come to think of it, I don’t think tv’s support that resolution,, I suspect they will go for 1080p 60fps and upscale to 4k, I think thats what most gamers will be happy with, 4k can wait for the console after that, at least that will be able to do 4k justice whereas these don’t really have the power or will be too close to the edge, in other words, most games will look like PS4 and Xbox One visuals but at 4k and shaper, to me, that hardware can do far more at 1080p that will be noticeable to gamers.

    • kma99

      Tv doesnt support 900p but that’s the resolution Microsoft has had on a number of titles. I think first party studios will max out the machine while third party go for parody.

    • Paul

      Thats true but thats more scaling than native 900p and I suppose they could do that with 1440p as well but in the end it’s still 1080p or 4k depending how the scaling works, personally I’m not interested in any of that until they can do those resolutions natively because it’s like getting a DVD upscaling it to 1080p or 4k and thinking it’s like the Blu Ray edition which it’s not even close.

  • Nick

    Xbox need an easier to use User Interface. Something simple like a one button press to start a game.


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