Xbox Scorpio: SDK Details Revealed, Bluetooth Support, New Info Coming Soon – Rumor

Possibly coming next Thursday.

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xbox scorpio

Jez Corden, a journalist working for website WindowsCentral has revealed that new information about Project Scorpio may be coming next week. According to Corden, the information will be revealed through a website (our assumption is it will be through Digital Foundry given their track record as far technical anaylsis goes) and the article will be going live on Thursday. WindowsCentral is one of the bigger Microsoft focused publications out there and they have previously ran a number of stories related to the Scorpio leak. But as usual this report should be taken with a grain of salt.

He also revealed that the Scorpio won’t surpass the specifications announced by Microsoft during E3 2016 which means the hardware will stick to 6 TFLOPS GPU, 320GB/s of memory bandwidth and 8 cores CPU. According to Corden, the Xbox Scorpio will also have Bluetooth support but won’t feature a Kinect port like the Xbox One S. Lastly, he revealed a bit about the Scorpio SDK stating that the dev kits have an LCD front panel that the developers can use to see statistics in real time

We will keep you updated when we have more information on this. Thoughts? Let us know in the comments below.

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  • Tactical Lag-fighting tips

    “Scorpio won’t surpass the specifications announced by Microsoft during E3 2016”

    Cool to see what the misterxmedia boys have 2 say on this.

    It’s not really 6TF but 10TF and will be unlocked with DX13 etc etc

    Since that mistercteam is trying to prove the xbox one isn’t a 720p-900p media box still.

    • Tactical Lag-fighting tips

      If this what they do with the Xbox one…..just wait until Scorpio hidden cores diagrams…

      This is from 3 days ago, he’s still trying to prove the xbox one isn’t this weak budget GPU, but a secret project for Scorpio!

      Link so you can read this funny stuff

    • C. Hoffer

      You forgot the extra cores they will magically unlock with dx13. 😉

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    • Tactical Lag-fighting tips

      wow, I’ve make a payment of $587 to learn this easy tip

    • kma99

      Yeah just like that 8.4 tf pro that mark cerny bragged about

    • shinningserpent

      lol right.

  • Troy Marcel

    Um the Xbox one s doesn’t have a kinect port.

  • Sp4ctr0
  • Mavericks

    I have a feeling it’s going to be The Verge on the revealing.

    they have a track record with Microsoft on exclusive previews. They had one exclusive with Xbox One S.

  • Mr Xrat

    Looks like another bust “scoop” from J*zz Corden the Xgimp loser to stop other Xgimps feeling despondent for another week.


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