Xbox Teasing A New Announcement For Next Week

‘New week, new chapter.’

Posted By | On 15th, Feb. 2016 Under News | Follow This Author @Pramath1605

Xbox One Elite

We already know that Microsoft will be hosting an Xbox and Windows 10 games showcase next week, but our hype for the event got tuned up significantly thanks to a bunch of new tweets made by Xbox Ireland and Xbox France on Twitter- new tweets that hint at a new major announcement coming up next week.

In particular, Xbox Ireland’s tweet seems to show off an Xbox One Controller inside a book, teasing a ‘new chapter.’ This seems to hint to me, more than anything else, that they are teasing a new Alan Wake game- which makes me pretty excited. Another adventure starring the writer? Yes please. Especially since the original game was great.

Whatever this new announcement is, we will find out soon enough. We’ll also know whether the new game, if it exists, is an Xbox One exclusive, or if it will be coming to Windows 10 PCs too. Now we just wait for Microsoft’s event to spill the beans.

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  • Crapgamer

    Every Xbox One game is coming to Windows 10 PC’s! and probably eventually Steam. It’s so glorious! #Win10Fam I feel as if I’m so special in the eyes of Microsoft, first class all the way. Phil Spencer for President!

    • Jugo94

      I doubt the games will be going to steam at all.

    • sgt_hammertime

      I think if they join both and make it 1 platform then in the end it’ll work out better, cross buy cross play shared data, stream.

    • Alistein

      I thought that was what they were doing 1 platform playable across and on multiple windows 10 devices. Pc is just one of many windows 10 devices eventually through their cloud computing network windows 10 will become available on Hd tvs and smart tvs even phones, this way you play your games on the device that best suits you. Console gamers will probably get an upgradeable console , pc gamers get their pc and mobile and tablet users get similar.

    • Alistein

      I doubt that. All the games will probably come to windows 10 as it becomes the platform and xbox one becomes a windows 10 device but going to steam defeats the purpose for windows 10.

    • Starman

      Never steam ,

  • Brian

    iam all for win10fam, but dont put the games on steam…..keep it xbox/wind10

    • Alistein

      Putting it on steam defeats the purpose for windows 10.

  • Mark

    Pramath they wont announce a new Alan Wake yet, still gotta get Qbreak out the door. It’ll be some feature or service they announce..

  • One With Shadows

    If I had an Xbone I’d take that thing and trade it in BEFORE they make this “announcement”. Got a feeling it won’t be worth anything after they do.

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