14 Video Game Bosses Players Had To Defeat Within A Time Limit

Some bosses take a while to go down but others demand even less time for victory.

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Boss fights, right? You’ve heard it all about boss fights by now but there are still bosses left to make life difficult in all kinds of interesting ways. We’re referring to timer-based bosses who must be beaten in a certain window, lest you either fail miserably or die horribly. Let’s look at 14 bosses that must be beaten within a time limit.

Chaos Aeronite (Hard Mode) – Final Fantasy 13

What’s worse than a boss with a timer? How about one with an invisible timer? Chaos Aeronite is annoying enough on Normal Mode in Final Fantasy 13 especially since you need to stagger it four times in the first three minutes. Not only can the boss hurt you plenty, but if you fail to stagger it within three minutes, it flies away and must be battled again…which is when all of its HP has been regenerated. Did we mention that Hard Mode gives Chaos Aeronite approximately 57,750,000 HP?

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