14 Video Game Bosses Who Will Defeat Players With Their Own Abilities

Can you face yourself and live? These 15 examples sure did.

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A gigantic titan? An enormous robot? Flying after an escaping mad scientist? yawn! Ok, boss battles can take the form of nearly anything in video games, and their status as climactic set pieces in most games make them some of the most memorable parts of our favourite titles. But the kings of kings, the ones who we remember months and years after we finish the game, are the dopplegangers. Those mirror matches or evil versions that take the powerful abilities that we as the player have mastered and turns them against us, usually forcing a creative rethinking of our own approach in the process. We’d like to celebrate some of those here, so beware of spoilers ahead and be sure to share your own in the comments below.


SA-X – Metroid Fusion

The Metroid series was creating atmosphere and tension from simple world design as far back as its inception, so when Metroid Fusion took the series on a slightly different path for a handheld game, their masterstroke was introducing the SA-X. The result of her infected Power Suit being pulled together by the mimetic X Parasites, the player is hunted throughout the game by the heartless creature with the full power of a endgame Samus. Powerless to harm the SA-X, should they hear the telltale footsteps and accompanying anxiety, the player can only run or hide throughout the entirety of the game, until the final showdown at least. 

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