15 Amazing Uncharted 4 Secrets You Probably Didn’t Notice

Nathan Drake’s final adventure is littered with amazing secrets.

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Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End is full of amazing sequences, moments, characters, you name it. However, before the game was even released, it was hyped up for its secrets, mostly due to a leaked Easter egg that paid homage to Crash Bandicoot. What other amazing secrets lie in await to be discovered? How do you pick up some of the more elusive trophies scattered throughout the game? Let’s take a look but be warned – spoilers upon spoilers are in bound.

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Crash Bandicoot

Perhaps the coolest Easter egg right off the bat, which isn’t all that hard to access, is the ability to play a level of Crash Bandicoot. That too on the classic PlayStation One – it even uses the D-Pad for control since the game is emulated and the first DualShock didn’t have thumbsticks when the first Crash released. Make sure you beat Elena’s high score or face the damnation of mockery in the process.

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