15 Annoying Video Game Bosses That Summon Endless Waves of Enemies

“We’ll just wait here, I guess. He’s gotta run out of minions eventually.”

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Commanders, deities, demons – no matter which game you play, a boss fight is seemingly inevitable. That’s the proper thrill of it though. A boss fight is meant to be the culmination of your hero’s journey, an epic encounter to cap off the experience. Games like Shadow of the Colossus handle this trope deftly by featuring nothing but bosses and building to a dramatic climax.

However, there are some boss fights which rely on tough nuts and cookies to crack as often as they do mobs that endlessly spawn. Are they annoying? That depends on you but there are a good number of battles on here that could be irksome if you didn’t dispose of those endless minions during the fight.

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Skolas (pre-nerf) – Destiny: House of Wolves

Before he was nerfed, Skolas was one of the single most frustrating bosses to face in Destiny. Not only was a level higher, thus increasing the damage he dealt while decreasing your own damage, but he had a near endless supply of minions around him at a time. The mechanics of the fight were also extremely stressful with mines, the devouring essence and, oh yeah, Solar Burn and Arc Burn modifiers. A patch would make Skolas much more manageable along with having enemies appear at fixed intervals.

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