15 Big Reveals That Could Happen at the Rumored PlayStation Showcase

There's a good chance that we'll end up seeing several of these rumoured announcement, if a showcase does indeed happen.

Posted By | On 25th, May. 2024

15 Big Reveals That Could Happen at the Rumored PlayStation Showcase

Though it’s yet to be officially announced, it’s looking likely (based on multiple recent leaks from generally credible sources, at least) that Sony is soon going to host a PlayStation-focused event. Whether its a PlayStation Showcase or a State of Play presentation (or perhaps something else entirely) is what there isn’t much clarity on, but that the company will soon have a big event to present with multiple new announcements and updates is something that everyone seems to be taken granted at this point.

So assuming that this event is indeed happening, what exactly could we hope to see it bring to the table? Thanks to a combination of leaks, educated guesses, and just pure hope, here, we’re going to speak about a number of announcements that we think have a pretty good chance of being given a slot at the event.


The wait for Silent Hill 2’s remake has been long, and though PlayStation said earlier this year that it would launch in 2024 itself, Konami itself has yet to make that official. Recent leaks have claimed that that will change soon, with the company allegedly readying up to showcase the survival horror title at the supposed PlayStation Showcase soon, presumably with a release date. Hopefully, not only will we be getting another Silent Hill 2 trailer soon, but it’ll also actually be, you know, good, unlike the first one.


Fellow upcoming Konami remake Metal Gear Solid Delta: Snake Eater is another game that there’s plenty of excitement around, in spite of the fact that we haven’t seen an awful lot of it. Again, however, PlayStation said earlier this year that the MGS3 remake would be launching this year, so assuming that that’s still the plan, we’d be surprised if we don’t get a new trailer for it at this purported imminent PlayStation event (at the very least).



Announced at last year’s showcase as one of several major games bearing the flag of Sony’s live service push, Fairgame$ has unfortunately not generated a great deal of buzz- a lot of which is down to the fact that we’ve seen all of 0 seconds of gameplay for it. The game has no release date or window yet, so it isn’t like Sony or developer Haven are under too much pressure to show anything right this instant, but after its cinematic announcement last year, this year’s showcase (if one does happen) would be the perfect stage for a gameplay reveal.


Fellow first-party PlayStation live service game Concord is another game that we’ve functionally seen absolutely nothing of. Last year’s showcase brought with it a CG announcement trailer, but we have no real idea of what the PvP sci-fi shooter actually looks like. Sony recently reiterated that the game will still be releasing this year, so we’d be more than a little surprised if the rumoured upcoming showcase didn’t feature a gameplay reveal and release date announcement for Firewalk’s shooter.



Bungie of course has plenty of irons in the fire right now, especially with Destiny 2: The Final Shape’s release now not too far away. You’d assume that that’s what the developer will focus on at any major event in the near future, but could a gameplay reveal for Marathon also be on the cards? Admittedly, the chances of this are relatively lower compared to some other games we’ve included in this feature, especially with the game having no official launch window, but one can always hope, if nothing else.


After the excellent one-two punch of Astro Bot Rescue Mission and Astro’s Playroom, the demand for a new entry in the franchise is high, and the demand for that entry to be a full-fledged 3D console platformer seems to be just as high. And as luck would have it, if recent leaks are anything to go by, a new Astro Bot game is indeed going to be announced sometime in the near future. Though not exactly a premium flagship IP, Astro Bot has more than a few fans who’d be ecstatic about the prospect of a new full-fledged entry.


Demon's Souls

Bluepoint Games has proven its value to the PlayStation fanbase several times over with remakes of Shadow of the Colossus and Demon’s Souls, though with its next project, the studio has said it’s developing original, new content rather than a remake, contrary to what many may have expected. What exactly will that project be though? That, of course, is the big question that we don’t yet have an answer for. That said, with Bluepoint’s last release – Demon’s Souls – being nearly four years old at this point, one has to wonder whether the time is nigh for the studio’s next big game’s announcement.


If four years since Demon’s Souls means Bluepoint will hopefully be getting ready to unveil its next game, can the same be said for Sony Bend as well, given the fact that the studio’s last release was Days Gone five years ago? Granted, the studio did spend some time after Days Gone’s launch moving from one now-shelved project to another (including a Days Gone sequel pitch that was rejected), but has the studio been at work on its new IP long enough to be ready to begin talking about it, at least in some capacity? That’s the hope, at the very least.


ghost of tsushima cover

From God of War Ragnarok and Horizon Forbidden West to Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, iterative second instalments in Sony’s flagship franchises have typically not taken quite as long to develop as their predecessors did. Does that mean we can expect Ghost of Tsushima to follow that same pattern? The open world samurai epic launched in 2020 after six years of development. Does that mean its sequel will be ready for launch in the next year or so? And if that is true, can we expect an announcement sometime soon- perhaps even later this month?


Sony has continued to expand its presence in the PC gaming space with major first-party releases, with 20204 itself having brought with it multiple successful PC launches for PlayStation in the form of Horizon Forbidden West, Ghost of Tsushima, and, of course, Helldivers 2. And if reports are to be believed, the next first-party Sony game set to launch for the platform is God of War Ragnarok. The action-adventure title launched for PlayStation roughly a year-and-a-half ago at this point, which would suggest that a PC release sometime in the latter half of 2024 would make sense. Does that mean an announcement is coming soon though?


Horizon Forbidden West

It seems like we have leaks of a new Horizon game being in development every few weeks. The most recent reports claimed that, believe it or not, LEGO and Sony have collaborated for a LEGO-themed Horizon spinoff. Called LEGO Horizon Adventures, the game is allegedly going to be a LEGO take on the franchise, and though little else is known about it, it is supposed to be announced in the not-too-distant future. An announcement at the rumoured showcase, perhaps? It’s certainly a possibility.


This isn’t as much speculation or an educated guesses as much as it is pure hope. Housemarque is one of the newer additions to Sony’s first-party portfolio, and has already proven itself to be one of the most talented studios in that lineup with the incredible Returnal. Excitement surrounding whatever it is that its next game turns out to be is high, based purely on Housemarque’s track record, but is that mystery game going to be announced anytime soon? Honestly, we have no idea- but we’d love to get at least a peak at it.


Marvel's Spider-Man 2

Courtesy of unfortunate leaks, this is a game we pretty much know for sure is coming at some point in the near future. Insomniac’s devastating data breach in December revealed that the studio was at work on another Miles Morales-style Spidey spinoff, this time focusing on a playable Venom. As per the leaks, the game is targeting a 2025 launch, which means there’s a non-zero chance (at the very least) that it gets announced at the rumoured PlayStation Showcase (if it does happen).


Capcom works overtime to ensure that we never go too long without a new Resident Evil release, and though it doesn’t look like 2024 will have a new RE title, it’s looking increasingly likely that 2025 won’t follow suit. Recent leaks have claimed that Resident Evil 9 (which, intriguingly enough, is supposedly set to feature more open world elements) is targeting a January 2025 release and is set to be announced soon. Every single mainline RE game over the last several years has been announced at a PlayStation event, so we wouldn’t be surprised if RE9 gets unveiled in the coming days at another Sony showcase.


PS5 Slim_02

Incessant leaks and reports over the last several months have claimed that Sony intends to release a PS5 Pro later this year, with leaks touting a number of technical and hardware advancements. Whether or not this generation of console gaming needs that is a different discussion, but assuming that the aforementioned leaks are accurate, one would assume that Sony will be gearing up to formally unveil the more powerful PS5 variant in the near future. Will the PS Showcase serve as an appropriate stage? We wouldn’t bet against it.

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