15 Boss Weakness Gamers Blatantly Took Advantage of

You ain’t so tough, are you?

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Those big bad bosses that make or break a game are almost always massive set piece moments, some of the most memorable points on any video game, and the harder the better. Having something to triumph against is a better way to give your players pride and accomplishment than any loot box, but those truly memorable bosses, the ones that stick out in your mind, have that extra hidden weakness or strategy. Something you wouldn’t believe upon hearing it, but once you try it you just have your mind blown.

Taurus Demon – Dark Souls

Dark Souls is the alpha and omega of hard bosses, and the Taurus Demon, one of the earliest bosses in the entire Dark Souls series to introduce you to just how honest it’s going to keep you and burn that “You Died” screen into your retinas, is no pushover. But there is one advantage players have against the Taurus Demon. He’s really, really dumb. An easy AI exploit involving the towers at either end of the arena will let you repeatedly plunging attack the beastie for an easy win.

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