15 Dark Fallout 4 Secrets You Probably Don’t Know

This post apocalyptic nuclear wasteland isn’t a very cheerful place- shocking, I know.

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Fallout 4’s world is populated by a bevy of interesting characters to meet and places to visit. But as is often the case in huge open world RPGs, and more specifically, in Bethesda game, there’s a lot going on in Fallout 4 underneath the surface that doesn’t always meet the eye. This game is brimming with secrets, and some of them are darker and more messed up than the others. In this feature, we’re going to take a look at fifteen such hidden facts.


Fallout 4

Cricket is a merchant you may have encountered while playing Fallout 4, but other than her odd name and her gaunt appearance, there doesn’t seem to be much about her that stands out. As it turns out, though, there’s actually more to her than meets the eye. If you access the terminal in the Synth Retention Bureau wing of the Institution’s headquarters, you might notice a file named “known informations”. As you may have guessed, Cricket the Merchant is actually listed as an informant. Though she isn’t a synth herself, she often helps the Bureau with tracking down and providing information on known rogue synths.

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