15 Excellent Examples of Level Design In Video Games

Creating an immersive and entertaining level is no small feat but these games make it look easy.

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Level design is one of the most underrated yet important aspects of a video game. A great level can draw a player in like nothing else, accentuating and amplifying the experience. What are some examples of excellent level design in video games? Let’s take a look at 15 here.

Half-Life – Surface Tension

Half Life

Surface Tension is many things. It’s perhaps the biggest level in Half-Life and a culmination of Gordon Freeman’s escape from Black Mesa. But the brilliance of its design is perhaps underscored by how chaotically controlled everything is. Marines are fighting aliens as helicopters, tanks and turrets litter the area. Freeman must battle all of this, surviving ambushes, navigating across cliffs and much more. It’s tense, exciting and highlights the stellar AI.

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